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Bruising Trump, Iowa Chooses Ted Cruz to Carry Right-Wing Mantle


Bruising Trump, Iowa Chooses Ted Cruz to Carry Right-Wing Mantle

Common Dreams staff

Far-right evangelical Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas has won the Republican Iowa caucus.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was the first of the Republican candidates on Monday night to congratulate his colleague Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for his first place win in the Iowa caucuses – a victory most notable for relegating national frontrunner Donald Trump to a second place finish.

With close to 98 percent of the vote in, according to the Des Moines Register, Cruz had garnered 28 percent of the vote while Trump took 24 percent, and Rubio took a likely third place with 23 percent.


Iowa to Trump: "You're fired!"
Trump to Iowa: "I could care less, because most of the voters in the rest of the primaries vote for whoever has the most TV commercials. I'll be back."


Nothing to see here. These results were as predictable as the tides. At the end of the day the rubes of Iowa's Republican Party voted for an evangelical.
I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!


This is a great day for the evangelicals as their Savior no doubt had a hand in this victory for Ted. As any zealous Christian will tell you Jeebus wrote the Declaration of Independence (not that damn deist, Jefferson) and he wants Cruz to be the next president so he can restore all of those "family values" and stuff in preparation for Jeebus's Second Coming. Since the Founding Fathers were all Christians (despite the lies in our liberal history books) it will be a great day for all Amurkans when President Ted assumes the power of the Lord and takes us back to where we long to be - the 18th century.


It does not matter which repugnant won Iowa, because the three front runners, Cruz, Trump and Rubio are all the axis of bible thumping, fascist evil. The quiddity is only which one can brainwash the most naive evangelicals and it looks like Cruz as of now, has that distinction.


A great day for the inmates because they have now taken over the insane asylum!


Carl Jung understood that there are very real archetypes that play a tremendous role in human nature. Jesus chose 12 disciples and Abraham allegedly fathered 12 tribes because 12 is the symbolic number of human TYPES that make up our world. There are countless variations on each archetypal theme, yet significant characteristics remain recognizable.

The #1 sign for authoritarian personality... and that typically revolves around a love of patriarchy and its fundamentalist traditions is Capricorn.

All of the following are (or were) Capricorns:

J. Edgar Hoover
Richard Nixon
Scott Walker
Ted Cruz
Rush Limbaugh
Carl Rove

I usually find a lot of support for the authoritarian state in Scorpios. In my research, it's the #2 position for the types of policies that favor the rich and punish everyone else.

In the Scorpio camp, these few come to mind:

Hillary Clinton
Joseph McCarthy
General Petraeus

Often, criminal masterminds behind the operations of entities like the MIC or Deep State are Gemini:

Donald Trump
George Bush, Sr.
Bob Hope

I did research on 22 serial killers and Gemini was the #1 sign on that list. I think this can be explained in part due to its implicit duality (good twin/bad twin), and also because as the Zodiac's first air sign--with air representing the intellect--water (in the form of the first water sign, Cancer) has not yet "entered the equation" to summon feelings like empathy.

(Allen Dulles with a sun-sign Aries had his ruling planet Mars in Gemini, and it was coupled with Neptune--for duplicity and deception, and Pluto--for dark power and acting in subterfuge.)

(I'd have to check my files for others, but I always found it interesting that so many of the individuals who did so much to undo Democracy and its protections, fell into the Scorpio and Capricorn "camps.")


When I'm bored, I sometimes watch documentaries about crimes. Some of these crimes remain unsolved or took many years to solve.

What struck me was how many of the subjects turned into movies involve preachers or pastors who murder their own wives.

A lot of scoundrels indeed do hide behind religion... or patriotism.


Cruz put on the religious mantle not too long ago. Guess his advisors said to amp up the "god" references going into and while in Iowa. Interesting how the older evangelical crowd can have the wool pulled over their eyes by some bible-thumping bigot masquerading as a potential messiah and one that looks/sounds/acts like a carny barker/snake oil salesman to boot. Open your eyes, Iowans...your future well- being and that of your fellow citizens is at stake...or do you not care?

What a trio: Cruz, Trump, Rubio. The Repug party has to reach up to touch bottom.


Of all the candidates, I can't get over the feeling that Ted Cruz is the embodiment of a smarmy used car salesman in the process of selling me a lemon, which he hopes will go unnoticed because of the plastic statue of Jesus stuck to the dashboard. Bleck.


You did not know Falwell endorsed him, not to mention the bible thumping pistol packin mama from Alaska!


" A lot of scoundrels indeed do hide behind religion....or patriotism."

Very, very true! I have always said that if I decided to become a con man that I would join an evangelical church; be the biggest flag waver in their congregation; become a pastor; and of course, become a Republican, because that is where the money is!


Cruz reminds me of President Garfield's assassin, Charles Guiteau who, after the fact, was classified as being a paranoid schizophrenic and/or bipolar. Guiteau's father was also a preacher who meted out corporal punishment, emotional and psychological abuse and derision on his son and siblings daily. Could there be a correlation somewhere? (Recently watched the American Experience documentary on Garfield's assassination - PBS.)

Agreed, Cruz is a VERY scary man but the mask of religion seems to be totally obscuring his followers/supporters' eyesight and impeding their rational thinking. Just what the nation needs, a messianic, misanthropic monster.