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Brussels Attacks: When Will Our Outrage Lead to a Radical Change in Our Policy Response?


Brussels Attacks: When Will Our Outrage Lead to a Radical Change in Our Policy Response?

Kerri Kennedy

One week ago, I was in New York City at Quaker House, meeting with with heads of European organizations to discuss the future of global peace building. Yesterday morning, I awoke to the horror of yet another atrocious violent crime.


The problem with peace is that when someone is holding a gun pointing at you that it is hard to make them listen to what you have to say when you don't have a gun pointing at them in return.

I am not justifying war and agree with everything said in this article but while reading it, I kept on thinking about the terrorist cell responsible for the Brussels attack and whether they would listen. This article is addressed to the other side - to us the victims of terrorism. It is also about the victims of our Mideast endless war - what we call collateral damage and so forth. This article is addressed to the victims of murder on both sides. The end result were innocent deaths - one targeted intentionally though innocent and one regretted because they were innocent but no less also intentionally targeted just the same.

But the terrorist cell is pointing the gun and they are not listening to words of peace. The truth is that we need peace but the facts are that neither they or us are acting with peace in mind. We are involved in combat but it isn't even a war anymore. They bomb a train station and airport not a military base. We send a drone with death from above and wipe out a wedding party! Terrorism by mass murderers and another kind of state terrorism in return.

Maybe there is a need for an understanding between both sides. Yes we need peace but peace is hard to justify when you are being attacked. Maybe what we need is an admission by both sides that neither can ever win. Maybe it isn't peace that is needed but only an absence of killing... But just maybe that would be enough?

A ceasefire as a prelude to talks? Are their even talks possible? Talks as a prelude to peace. All we have no is the killing.


End the United States' Imperial Agenda and you'll end terrorism.


What outrage, may I ask? What percentage could it be that really gives a damn? 1–2% of the (American) population? Most groups on the Left (or liberals) are mostly concerned about moving up within our System of Shiny Stuff, not screwing it up.


There is no justification for mass muder of innocents. There is no justification for terrorism.


There is no justification for terrorism. These people were totally innocent and targeted because they were innocent. That is plain murder.


Screwing it up? What does that mean? We want to improve and correct not screw it up. The intent of your comment is not clear.


I wish we could give up our imperialism. But WAR is so much more fun for our Military Industrial Complex!


I agree, there is no justification for terrorism. However, when you threaten a foreign government saying either their leaders bend to your will or you will invade their country, topple their government, kill their leaders and hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in the process, that is the definition of terrorism. The United States, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other US allies engage in state-sponsored terrorism. The main difference is by using missiles, bombs dropped from aircraft, and an invading army to commit terrorist acts, it results in far more civilians killed than by strapping bombs to one's body.

Someone needs to stop the terror and I suggest it be those who started the terror. We have colonized the middle east, supported undemocratic regimes, and bombed and occupied when it served our interest. This has been the norm for over 200 years and it is time we treat the citizens of the middle east with respect rather than as targets for drone assassinations and regime change.


bfleury - AGREED!! If world news organizations covered the bombings the US and its allies do like they cover the bombings "they" do, there wouldn't be enough time to cover them all. We slaughter innocent people in the name of fighting terror on a daily basis. We've murdered over a million innocent people in the last 15 years alone, all in the name of "security." It's disgusting how their murders don't even show up on the corporate news radar.
Obomba has authorized more weapons sales than any other president since WWII. I can't believe he's outsold the Bush administration, but the record is public knowledge. The US and its allies are the biggest terrorist organizations on the planet. Hands down. The blood of the Brussels victims are on their hands.


I am sorry you think that starting by agreeing that there is no justification for terrorism will then be an excuse for justifying terrorism. I realize that the prolonged period of dumbing down has a deleterious effect on people's reasoning abilities but in short ...give me a break. Thanks.


So which terrorism is there no justification for? That of ISIS? That of the US? Both?


Weapons purchase has worked to a limited extent in our cities. A weapons purchase in Africa and the middle east could work wonders. If we had a magic wand and could restore sanity to congress it would be simple to tax the securities exchanges that are trading a quadrillion dollars a year out of shear boredom. A 3% tax (they are currently taxed at 0.00042%) would raise $30 trillion. Use every penny to repurchase weapons for remunerations like $1,000,000 for surface to air missiles, $1000 for rocket launchers, $500 for any kind of gun, $10 a lb for ammunition, etc. After a few months we could cancel the tax and let them go back to shorting loans to poor people designed to fail.


And then the MIC could well them more and then we could but them back at reduced prices for "used" items - such a deal!


So try to understand the point that you are promoting here? You are justifying terrorist attacks on innocent people. These people did not bomb, send planes, tanks or missiles now did they? Not some 'they' or 'them'...these people ** were innocents. There is no justification for the deaths of innocents whether by state sponsored endless war, drones or by evil men who purposefully targeted innocent people. But see that word >>> **Purposefully - intentionally - targeted completely innocent people - these are mass murderers and not warriors or combatants. That would take courage to target military forces btw. These terrorists targeted travelers...anybody in the area at the moment. Just plain murder.

So go somewhere else to spout justifications for death but it is not welcome at progressive sites. We support the truth and are against war and especially this neocon endless war disruption of the Middle East but We do not support or try to justify terrorism by anybody

We want peace and justice. You are confused.


"A successful strategy will amplify the voice of courageous peace builders: ..."



And then you have the rightists and other jerks, who believe guns are grownup toys: "Bang. Bang. Zing, pop. Bang. Look. no blood. Hey, Ma, where did you put my bullets?"

And Ma, if she is bright, will have hid them well and plan to spend the next few years teaching her blood-thirsty little critter saner ways to deal with conflict. No doubt an arduous task, but one which may lead to a safer world for her grandchildren.

Learning to live peacefully is a "cradle-to-grave" undertaking.....or journey, if you prefer to think of it that way.


I'm not doing anything of the sort! What I'm saying is that murdering innocent people is wrong, even when our own nation does it, but our bombings are not seen in the same light as "their" bombings. ALL murder is wrong. Period. End of story.

The US bombed a hospital for over an hour in Afghanistan and bombs innocent people like that on a daily basis. Where was the global outrage when the US bombed Fallujah using depleted uranium and white phosphorous? The birth defect rate in Fallujah is thirty times that of Hiroshima. Google "Fallujah babies" and see what kind of damage our criminal government caused. I am outraged at ALL bombings of innocent people, not just those in Brussels.


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You are establishing a quid pro quo relationship that provides a rationale (the same one used by terrorists) for terrorism. These people had nothing to do with the incidents you cite. That is the meaning of innocent. These terrorists might just as well went up to an Innuit village up in the Arctic or an Indigenous village in the Amazon and murdered people in those places! Those people are also innocent.

Let me put it another way. Explain why these people were murdered? Why were they murdered and not someone else. Btw I said both were wrong didn't I? All innocent deaths are murder but these deaths specifically targeted innocents. To me this is like targeting the hospital or targeting that hotel where reporters were staying. Specific targeting of innocents is terrorism.