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Brussels Maintains State of Emergency as European Crackdown Grows


Brussels Maintains State of Emergency as European Crackdown Grows

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Brussels remained under lockdown for the second day on Sunday as authorities continued to search for the suspects behind this month's attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

Belgian officials, who have repeatedly rejected criticisms of their security measures, are expected to meet later during the day to discuss whether to maintain the state of emergency amid fears of a similar attack.


And now it begins: the police state. Everyone thought it was going to be the Devil or the Antichrist or some gibberish of another Hitler or something to that effect. Now we know, all it took was a fake war started and supported by the same people that said they would keep us safe. See how easy it is to control humans, thanks to Facebook, Google and telecoms analyzing all human behavior to take advantage of our weaknesses, just like a parent manipulating a child. Good job sheeple...good job. Stand their with a thumb up your arse because thats all your good for, supporting fanatics and facists...f@cking good one.


I cry foul. First you take off with MY line: "Now we know, all it took was a fake war started and supported by the same people that said they would keep us safe"...and then you use it to bludgeon all good people by referring to them as sheeple.

Were the Greek people sheeple because they didn't (yet) have the monetary power to offset or overthrow the German Central Bankers?

Is the Black community (inside the U.S.) sheeple because it doesn't have an organized system of penalties--enshrined as law--nor the firepower to offset the imperialistic moves of The Guardians (a/k/a police) who do use Excess Force to maintain the order amenable to the Ruling Class?

It is a natural human response to recoil from harm, or run.

Those who think they can fight back when State Terrorism represents an enormous threat are delusional.

You cannot meet force with force and change the paradigm. Whomever "wins" merely replaces the prior dominant baboons.

So you steal my line to pass off as your own and "coincidentally" use it to push the #1 talking point that I reliably oppose--that of spreading blame out over The People, that great ocean of souls.

A post of this nature does 2 main things.

First, it pushes a punitive narrative that is Old Testament (and thus resonant with typical fundamentalist Christians and/or authoritarians loyal to a Big Brother style system) in asserting blame. Its subtext is: "sheeple deserve what they get."

The second premise, although not nakedly laid out is that of the Agent Provocateur. The individual who insists that people FIGHT back.

That way, all his armed goon pals can really practice their firearm aim on local targets.

Here is my line posted 5 hours ago:

"What hit me is that the same entities spreading weapons obviously know that more and more "terrorist" events will result. Thus they expect citizens to turn to them--the ones that created the terror by in essence fertilizing the ground and planting just the right seeds--for safety and security."

Like most cowards, you will pretend you never read it. But it's not the first time I packaged this particular insight in this particular manner.


I wonder if all these European countries still think it was a good idea to invade another country based on lies?


If one takes a longer view of history they realize that the colonialism of former eras and generations is now showing signs of blow-back.

The dominant story and surface assumption--that it's Terrorist blow-back--itself stems from the seemingly observable fact that actual outside Terrorist Organizations have pulled off these simultaneous shows of horror. But have they?

The same pattern took place in the U.S. 14 years ago and how many recognize it for the likely false flag that it is?

Elites make the decision to invade other lands and use the financially limited circumstances of those they conscript to do the fighting.

Elites make use of major inroads into trauma-based mind control and through their general control of public media, repeat the story lines that feed into the manufactured frenzy.

To judge the everyday citizen of Europe for these expert machinations and manipulations is misguided.

What it does do is protect power... and the agenda of World Domination (through a New World Order) that's behind it.

How else might we imagine that the same people who gamed the system to cause enormous losses to everyday working families would still hold positions of power, prosperity and prestige?

How would it be possible that those media mouthpieces who made fraudulent cases for war would hold their positions and titles in order to enact a repeat performance?

How, too, would war generals who only succeeded in making the world a less safe and more dangerous place while spreading calamities continue to wear uniforms and direct troops?

This is all a reflection of a toppling over of Justice, The Rule of Law, the Press acting as independent watchdog on the typical known abuses of Power, corrupted economics, and so much investment made in weapons and the armed robots prepared to use them... on any who, due to the influence of all of the above, may be consigned as the NEXT NECESSARY Enemy/terrorist/enemy combatant/insurgent/bad guy, etc.


Wow are we full of ourself, and that my friend is why I pay you no mind also it takes you ten times the words to say that which needs far fewer.


And as the seas rise, the ice cap melts, the fire grows, the droughts continue, so will refugees grow.

As the population increases at three additional people per second, the refugees will grow.

But let's pause for a moment to blame the police or the government, or the corporations or the infidels or someone. Because it couldn't possibly be the desire to breed and shop without considering the limits to growth causing all this mayhem.


Thank you for making note of the evidence.

Words are slightly altered but the message--which is a specific insight--was indeed lifted, and I do find that this happens often. It's done by posters who show no attribution while using borrowed ideas in attempts to prop up the very ideas (and positions) that I detest.

I am not imagining this. I maintain a computer file--a record of where this type of thing is quite evident. Passing another person's insight off as one's own IS theft. Period.

And when a poster who has no credentials as a writer (below) seeks to suggest that I am protesting out of arrogance, rather than a form of theft, it shows very little understanding, sensitivity, or honesty.

This is inexcusable--from Nineteen50

"Wow are we full of ourself, and that my friend is why I pay you no mind also it takes you ten times the words to say that which needs far fewer."

The reflex to coddle the person who has violated another is another indication of that tag-team idea I've spoken up about for a LONG time.


Of course mission accomplished until they realize that they are eating themselves.
What on earth are they going to do? Have a police state for ever? If that is the plan then they will not survive because all the shopping and dropping will stop.

Maybe that is a good thing in the long run which the elites have not yet figured out.


Oh please don't be too hard on them they were threatened by the Empire of the USA. You do what we say or else.


Siouxrose11, I have been following you for a long time. I believe you are knowledgeable, committed, and purely motivated. I also believe that if one truly comprehends the enormity of challenges we presently face yet still invests time, energy, and faith in shining a brighter light on our demons, they might damn well better be full of themselves because there is little-to-no strength or support from our compromised and crippled society.


Another prescriptive approac to English. Question is did you get the message?



Either way, the terrorists win. Crack down on security and everyone loses their freedoms, life is more uncomfortable and cumbersome. No security crackdown and the terrorists easily blow up more stuff. The terrorists win either way. I don't know what our security agencies were thinking when they went and armed and trained these guys. Well Ok, I know what they were thinking but I don't want to think about it.... If there's a way we can pull off the increased security without spending more money on military contractors, we should try to take the money out of the measures.


It all sounds very eerie, like ghosts from the past reappearing.


Trying to keep an open society is a noble goal, pretending that there are not terror cells motivated by a certain religion is stupid.


Not a crack down, a lock down. All a gruesome mess. But the Islamists in Europe must be weeded.
If only our little Bush had not been elected by a supreme court of a certain poor repute, no Iraq, probably no 9/11, no Afghanistan, no crazies on the loose in Syria.


You should Sioux for copyright!


Wow, you are so egotistical. I didnt read anything from you, but thats how you egotists are, everything about you. I read the article and made a statement. I would never read or want to read your crappy egotistical view point.