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Brussels Rally Denounces Massive Trade Deal That Would Be 'Hijack of Democracy'


Brussels Rally Denounces Massive Trade Deal That Would Be 'Hijack of Democracy'

Hundreds of people rallied in Brussels on Wednesday, where negotiators are holding their latest round of talks on a proposed EU-U.S. trade deal criticized as a "Trojan treaty" that threatens democracy and puts corporate profits above people.


When TTIP kicks in with it’s ISDS element (Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement) countries won’t be able to really decide anything and democratically representative sovereign statehood will be a thing of the past. The ISDS element will mean that any company can challenge in secret courts any law established by a government which they believe hinders with their capacity to make a profit and it can then be over-ruled or the country ordered to pay the equivalent to profits lost in compensation. So we the people can vote for whatever laws we want and it won’t make the slightest difference ever again.

Welcome to the new age of unbridled corporatocracy.

Good to see comments back on, though I got more work done when they weren’t!


Here at home in the US - we talk about state rights… we don’t even like our federal government imposing their will on individual states. In this proposal we will find Nations giving up their rights - submitting to a “world court” which supreme interest is the profit for the corporation - over turning laws and policy’s of nations which “affect profit”. The benefit is primarily to a “world corporation” their executive officers, and finally through investments to the stockholders, at the expense of the citizens - public health/safety - workers rights and most clearly environmental policy which “costs profit” to the corporation.


The main reasons why the EU and the Euro currency were created has been part of a long term plan for a global military and economic domination by the wealthy few.