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'Brutal and Shocking': Outrage After Paris Police Violently Evict Hundreds of Migrants From Tent Encampment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/brutal-and-shocking-outrage-after-paris-police-violently-evict-hundreds-migrants


“Some of the older children caught up in what critics are calling a violation of their free expression could be charged with “defending terrorism” for saying things like the teacher would still be alive if he had not shown the cartoons.”

They got that right.

France has had this problem for a long time.


And it’s not just France:


Maybe, just maybe, for once immigrants fought this hard for human rights and justice, in their country of origin/home and rejected religions based in and on violence and sadism, they would not need to migrate to countries where they very often fail to live up to the social contract of obeying local laws, and working to make the community you live in a better place to live.
I see zero accountability here for the true origin of their suffering, which is their own religion and their own culture of sadism, violence, human trafficking/slavery, and sexual violence against young girls and very often young boys, sanctioned by and revered in their religion.

We the western world is great at condeming “THOSE” people (plural).
So why is a white criminal who rapes a child is identified as “HE”, instead of “THOSE” people that look like him?

Sadly, I too have caught myself referring to “THOSE” people. Its my american up bringing.

I suppose that’s because if a US citizen who had nothing to do with what we do to other countries, and perhaps even opposed our policy, was treated brutally when in another country, we wouldn’t like it if someone in that country tried to bring up true origins in the way you are attempting. I’m an atheist, but I can understand the utility of the golden rule.


How about some compassion?
The U.S. and others could have community, cooperative housing. Perhaps run like half-way houses to get people on their feet.
Or we can just turn them out to the street WITHOUT their cardboard mansions.

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Way to play the blame game, these refuges are from Afghanistan, I guess in your eyes the 17+ years of waged war in their country by the US for no reason, has had no effect on the plight of these people or their homeland.


" To think that we will solve social problems with police batons is totally delusional ". Exactly!
Are you listening world? How about America?
Do CDers know how many homeless people are living in their cities and communities? I was told that in Portland there are currently 37,000 unsheltered young and old folks, living in tents and sleeping in cars, etc. ( A usually reliable source but … ) If that’s even close to accurate information we’re in for a lot more troubling times ahead. Fairly unbelievable and scary, mostly.

This is the height of inhumanity – and also of foolishness – to remove housing (even if rudimentary) from those in need in the midst of the pandemic.

When will people understand that we are all connected? And, this is visibly true in matters of public health.