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'Brutal Pandemic Reality Check': Top CDC Official Gives Grim Assessment on Coronavirus Containment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/brutal-pandemic-reality-check-top-cdc-official-gives-grim-assessment-coronavirus

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I don’t think we beat this thing. Flatten the curve to keep medical resources available, yes, that should be the priority. Absolute victory ain’t going to happen. The most vulnerable must choose how best to isolate and those that interact with them must accommodate their needs. Ultimately, there will be herd immunity amongst the more healthy segment of the population–and that will be a good thing. Depoliticization needs to be a major priority as of yesterday. Let the epidemiologists take charge. Covid-19 should be fought rather than fought over. It is time for us, all of us, to act like adults. We have seen that leadership is not coming from above, so it must come from below, but it must be grounded in calm, mature, steady tones that acknowledge the foibles of human nature–which we know we cannot really change.


We are beyond the tipping point here - get used to the reality that you won’t be able to travel out of the country for another 7 months minimum. Get yourself and your loved ones good n-95 masks and do your best to stay healthy amidst this orgy of neglect and stupidity.

Until there is a unified enforceable plan from the federal government, America will have multiple covid hot spots over the next 2 years (if the virus doesn’t mutate) and we’ll be unable to contact trace due to the large numbers of cases and non-existent enforcement.

I get to traverse the minefield of Arizona where the imbecilic governor has yet to declare masks be worn statewide, he just closed down bars-gyms-theaters-etc… but didn’t close down restaurants with bars??? I drove past a large chain restaurant yesterday and it was packed to capacity, people nearly climbing over one another. There is no enforcement for not wearing masks, none - people get a printout to “educate” them on the importance of wearing a mask.

All of this is occurring as hospitals have surpassed the breaking point and are enacting protocols whereby life and death is determined as soon as you walk through the door. Over 65? sorry. Pr-existing condition? sorry. No insurance? sorry.


The reality facing people in the US is more cases and more deaths caused by community spread. The politicians and the narcissist in the WH have failed the populace. Even if the medicals are given free reign and money, the barn door won’t be closed for months, I agree. The virus is on the loose and doesn’t care what tRump, Hazardty, *ucker, or anyone else says. Moderatus wears a mask and takes precautions to protect himself from the adults that do not. Good luck to you, WiseOwl.


Remember in February when you thought "Gee, I wish I had (done) (bought) (planned) (stored)… ‘x’ "? Well I think you have a second chance in the next 60 days to do all those things you wished you had done earlier. I think the second wave, coupled with an upcoming economic depression, and the very real potential of widespread political violence, will make the first half of the year seem like a vacation.

OBTW, everyone seems to think it a foregone conclusion that, sooner or later, an effective vaccine will be created. This is by no means an assured conclusion. Viruses mutate very quickly. Made up of ribonucleic acid (RNA), as this genetic material exists on a single strand, unlike a double-stranded DNA, it easily gets cut up and remixed once broken. This enables viruses to mutate quickly, meaning that any cures or vaccines made for a specific RNA may quickly become obsolete. How effective is the seasonal flu vaccine? about 40-60%. How effective is the vaccine for the common cold virus? trick question, there isn’t one.


Magical thinking is the American way of dealing with crises. Like a blind pig finding an acorn in the forest, sometimes we do pretty well. Otherwise, we fumble around in denial as our so-called leaders do the same. And make sure we give lots and lots of tax payer money to bail out the too-big-to-fail businesses while small home town firms go under(are there any mom-and-pop businesses left out there in Big Box Store Land? I can think of a couple here in Port Huron, and a handful in rural northwest Ohio, but otherwise it’s franchise stores coast to coast).
Yes, we’re stuck for the duration. This is not necessarily a bad thing, We may discover the power of small community groups, to inform and help each other once the first large die off hits.


I think that is an excellent insight for our short-attention-span population, which shifts to pure fantasy when confronted with reality.


I’m pretty sure that a retrenchment toward small communities, many of them rural–as opposed to stacking us into taller and taller piles in cities–is the wave of the future, and that if so we will be much better off for it.


The virus ran through me back in March with the slightest of symptoms, just above detection limit in nerd speak. I prepared for it for years primarily by eating food that my grandmothers would have recognized as such, walking the hound, etc. Not everyone is in the position of having a strong immune system and I hope that they have good strategies and cooperative partners going forward. Even though I am no longer a player in the game I still wear a mask to lessen social tension. It’s simply the right thing to do.


There will be more deaths. But the mortality rate, despite the huge surge in new infections is currently dropping. Maybe there’s a lag and mortality rats will catch back up. Or maybe, because the infection age group is skewing ever younger, the mortality rate will keep on dropping. I’m going with B.

Meanwhile, young people should do old people a favor and stay away from them.


Can you share your age group? Thanks.

Need my fingers and toes almost three times over.

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How do you know you had COVID and not some other virus?

Why didn’t she speak up when there was still time to do the right things and prevent deaths? The damn thing is rampant now! :tired_face:

When authors of these articles give the covid statistics they should preface them with “that we know about” or “that have been reported”. These numbers have to be just the tip of the iceberg given how little testing the US has done in general and how easy it is for hospitals to list covid deaths as being something like pneumonia, heart failure, or whatever other massive organ system failure that the virus caused that killed the people making up these stats.

I think red states like the one I live in are more likely to misrepresent the severity of this crisis and give people a false sense of security so they don’t take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. My state (KS) has only tested about 6% of the population over that past four months - which is shameful - so when you look at the national stats it is way down the list of number of cases and deaths. I doubt we’ll ever know how bad things are. The bodies will just keep piling up here and KS gov’t leaders will just keep sweeping this under the rug.


I’m sure she would have spoken up, and probably did speak up. Unfortunately, nobody was willing to give her a platform, or even listen back in January.

Remember, our system runs on money. Both Repubes AND Dems are out there grubbing and don’t want to turn off their big donors. The ‘media’ makes sure their owners don’t come under a spotlight. So, the ‘economy’ had to be ‘considered’.

Also, as a society we secretly admire flim-flam. Remember the play, ‘The Music Man’? It was a big hit, and everybody ‘loved it’. Most people love the idea of social status with minimal work. Most consider people that choose to provide a service for the benefit of the ‘whole’ to be ‘patsies’. Many people don’t engage in an activity that actually produces something they need. They don’t gather or grow food, they don’t produce clothing for warmth in the winter, and so on. Instead, they take a share of those essential goods as payment for ‘services’. Some of those services help, most simply leech. Why are the leeches so much wealthier than the producers? Our society needs a ‘reset’ button, and it might look like ‘jubilee’.

It would be nice if the ‘reset’ came as a result of our foresight. However, Nature has been doing ‘resets’ ever since ‘life’ emerged on our tiny planet, and it looks like our species isn’t any smarter than the red tide. If covid-19 isn’t a sufficient wake up call, I don’t know what is.

We have seen North Korea kill this covid beast (first death on the same day as the US) and New Zealand. Why aren’t we demanding the same response using the same methods? Scandinavia is a very good experiment. Sweden followed the US model, Finland, Norway and such didn’t. So, now that the ‘results are in’, why aren’t we following the winners?

Kabuki theater and Greek Tragedy are great entertainment, however the end is known at the beginning. We (in the United States) now live in a Kabuki world. We know the way because the outcomes of other societies are clear. Yet, we are mesmerized by our entertainment and ‘suspend reality’ We ‘wish’ for a different outcome from afar (as members of an audience) without engaging in the rather dirty work necessary to change the system that failed so profoundly.



I live in Tennessee.

However, it isn’t just ‘red states’ that have a problem.
To get a handle on the problem, tests need to be given to a sufficient ‘random sample’ of a population. This (to my knowledge) isn’t being done. Instead, the ‘trump’ method (don’t test because the numbers will go up) is in effect around the country.

The Trump gang is a reflection of our society. We want to be ‘happy’, and so we ignore inconvenient truthes. This works in the short term, but it’s like putting a band-aid on a cancerous ulcer (as we are currently being forced to see). The ulcer needn’t be feared, but it should be attended to with appropriate concern instead of being covered up.


I think you are being too optimistic about the herd immunity thing. This virus has been shown that it can rapidly split off into different strains to get around immunity. But I do agree we need to accommodate the needs of the vulnerable. Too bad the government have no intention of doing so.

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And hopefully this helps open some eyes on how little our government truly cares for us and how we need at the very least a general strike, if not outright revolution.

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A good precaution both for you and those around you, especially since the likelihood that virus mutates…

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