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Bucking Establishment, Elizabeth Warren 'Still Cheering Bernie On'



This is such BS that Elizabeth Warren refuses to support her candidate. She is manipulating her audience, and constituents for her own gain, ultimately. If she WERE a committed Bernie supporter, her public support would have meant more votes for him. Sounds like she is waiting around to see who wins the nomination and where she can line up for a job…No respect for her.


If Liz endorses Bernie and he loses the nomination, she will probably be ignored from then on. If she does not endorse Bernie, she will probably be ignored from then on. What to do?


Although cloaked with more opaque language, it would appear that you've taken over for the poster, LRX.


Stand up for what you believe in. How about that in a politician?


I think Sanders should pick a woman as his VP choice, Warren would have been my choice, but her failure to back Bernie leaves me with doubts,


In today's world, if a politician stands up what for he or she believes in and it is not the same as what their Wall Street customers believe in, he or she is done as a politician.

I think Bernie is only an exception for this election cycle, but I doubt if he could rely on steady public contributions to keep him in office. However, Bernie is our chance to change to publicly funded elections and fix the problem. Hillary will definitely not do that and lose all the WS graft. Liz should realize this, take a chance, and endorse him now.


I really believe that we have more of a voter suppression issue than a split vote problem. There is so much corruption being reported (not by the corporate media of course) from around the country it is incredible. VERY discouraging! I believe Bernie would have won so many more states if people had the opportunity to vote and if their votes were counted.


Ok now, let's all just sit back, close our eyes and relax a bit. What we're dealing with here is politics and politicians. These politicians are hired by us to take care of our business, two not necessarily related or compatible jobs.
I would say Ms. Warren is, at the moment, in primary "moda politico"and whatever that entails in her mind




Thank goodness everyone in government, particularly Sanders, does not have the degree of pettiness and spitefulness that you have. You even think she is obligated to tell you how she voted???


Not endorsing anyone is very arguably smart move. This allows her work and move about effectively as a senator with a minimum of political baggage.

She is free or endorse or not endorse anyone she wants.

You are greatly exaggerating the importance of this "endorsement", outside of Massachusetts and the "progressive"-o-sphere, what percentage of USAns even recognize the name "Elizabeth Warren"?


Not endorse anyone, obviously. It is smart and frankly has nothing to do with her work in the US Senate anyway.


"An endorsement will come 'at some point,' Warren said. 'No, [I] don't have a timeframe.' ": Before or after the nomination?


How about Sanders and someone who is competent not just someone who is a woman? Bernie might not make it through all of his term. We need someone who can take over. Maybe Jill Stein is competent or maybe not but I don't know anything about her. Do you?

And who cares if it is a woman or not or a black man or not? Let's get someone in there who can get done what needs to be done and not worry about race or gender which are of no importance whatsoever. All this other stuff sounds like reverse bias or worse yet political correctness. Both equally idiotic.


Tomjohnson and Petapowerful. Your points are naive and strategically ill advised. You should read naturboy's comment, which makes a lot of sense as I have also already expressed several times in this forum.
Elizabeth is way too smart to fall into the trap of laying down her cards prematurely.

As a matter of fact I am surprised, that she went as far as she did according to this article. She and Bernie are the two primary pillars of the progressive movement at this time. We cannot risk to lose theme both in one swipe, should Hillary win. And I am sure, that Bernie fully agrees with her position. To him his revolution is more important than his personal victory.


Sanders is more popular than the DNC that is playing favorite with Hillary wants to admit.
Warren is right about Sanders and Sanders is the only one running that is not tied to Wall Street and corporations. Sanders also polls the highest to win the presidency from all republicans running.


What corrupt ties does Clinton have with unions?


Bernie - Cynthia McKinney.


Say el, you're suppose to wait until someone mentions gender/race and THEN you can pretend to make a rational comment. Otherwise you'll give the impression of being kind of …..uummmmm.....biased. Know what I mean, el?