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Bucking For-Profit System, Sanders Aims to 'Revolutionize' US Healthcare With Medicare for All


Bucking For-Profit System, Sanders Aims to 'Revolutionize' US Healthcare With Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a bid to "revolutionize" American healthcare by transitioning away from the for-profit status quo to a Medicare for All system that guarantees insurance to every American as a right, Sen.


I hope there are no hidden giveaways to the insurance industry in this bill. As long as there are not any, I am all for it if it is a true Medicare for All system. It’s long past time for this. I am not happy about the four year phase in though. What will those folks have to do in the meantime? And of course the whole plan actually has to pass Congress. But it is a start just introducing it and seeing where it goes.


My son spent 6days in a German hospital,emergency surgery,immaculate hospital,NO BILL WHATSOEVER. Hospital didn’t even have a billing dept. :heart:️ to you Bernie.


Ron Wyden: You will be representing the vast majority of your constituents when you sign on the the Medicare For All bill being presented to Congress today! WE ARE WATCHING YOU!


Every American should have healthcare coverage. But the Republicans will not a support a bill that would raise taxes. I don’t see this ever getting passed. There doesn’t seem to be any answer. Hillary Clinton’s plan in 1993 for universal coverage didn’t make it. The ACA has helped but it still leaves about 30 million people without coverage. The Republican have failed to come up with a plan a plan after 7 years of trying. And Trump in engaged in undermining the ACA by reducing outreach efforts. Well, the US still has the best specialized healthcare if that is any consolation.


The bill is dead in the water with a Republican controlled congress. And if we had a Democratic controlled congress. the bill would never have been introduced. This is a con job being run by the Dems to make themselves look progressive. Whoever runs on the Democratic ticket in 2020 will be all for this type of bill. If they get elected, then, oh gosh, what a surprise, they won’t be able to pass this or any similar legislation because of one phony reason or another. We’ve been down this road so many times with the Dems before. Why don’t people wake up and learn from past failed strategies? Support the Greens. Support social revolution in the streets. Support anything but this Democratic Party con job.


“We need to destroy once and for all the utterly preposterous myth that the so-called ‘free market’ will ever be capable of delivering the health system we need.”

Or the educational system we need, or basically, the government we need that money can’t buy.

Grassroots Direct Democracy


The one hundreth monkey happening in real time.

Bernie and the Nurses’ orgs out on this ‘affects-everyone subject’ is turning the tide on for-profit healthcare.

Hillary? nope. Bernie never stopped, Hillary, fighting and educating on this issue.


“Now is the time for Congress to stand with the American people and take on the special interests that dominate healthcare in the United States.” - so speaks, and fights, the true President of the US!


Actually Medicare for All is the ONLY answer left for real healthcare in the USA. If it was framed in an honest manner people would all demand it. While it may mean a higher tax it will also mean a far less out of pocket expense overall as people don’t have to purchase exorbitantly priced policies with high deductibles and copays. In that context one could argue they are actually paying less taxes. There is no doubt the corporations and many of their puppet politicians will fight this to the end but hopefully the citizens will rise up and demand this be implemented once and for all.


And also, don’t feed the Damb trolls selling their bullshit speculation and divisive rubbish…MoFo’s!


Today sent my second twenty-five bucks monthly mailing to Friends of Bernie Sanders, PO Box 391, Burlington, VT 05402. Just sayin’.



The fact that the DNC threw Bernie under their metaphorical bus in favor of a Wall Street stooge and warmonger, should tell progressives all they need to know.


I love you Bernie! Just imagine if Bernie had been elected POTUS instead of the selected one!


Hello Shanti - with all due respect, I think there are several distinct issues here. Agreed the DNC and HRC are corporate whores along with other Dem DINO sellouts. Sanders is trying his best to energize and educate the electorate - he is not a stooge for the corporate whores IMO - until proven so…not a “sheepdog” or any of the other labels nay-sayer trolls try to peddle to divide us.

The single-payer not for profit universal health care fight is an ongoing one and this is just the beginning - to say it will not be accomplished under the R’Con nutters is obvious, but since that happens to be true and thus is worthless is wrong.

I support issues and who stands for them and fights for them, not a “party” which is only a mechanism made-up of peple - some corrupt, complicit swine, and some not - some just weak and spineless - to effect real change we must unite, not divide…as of right now Bernie Sanders is leading and fighting, and deserves our support…just sayin. Keep the faith!


I hope there are no hidden giveaways to the insurance industry in this bill.

Two things: Yesterday I read somewhere (and now I can’t find it or remember where I saw it) that this is a multi-payer, not single payer system which includes the insurance companies and allows the rich to opt out. I’ll have to wait until the full bill is published to find out for sure, I guess.

The other thing is the timing of this. With Republicans in full charge of all three branches of government, does anyone think this has a snowball’s chance in hell to pass? Call me cynical (I am) but it looks like a great way to say “Well, we tried, and we failed. I guess it’s not practical, so let’s let’s let the market work now.”


Hillary Clinton’s plan was the Heritage Foundation’s plan, not much different from ACA/Obamacare. To call that “universal coverage” is a real stretch, and it was in no way a single payer plan.


I still can’t find the text of Sanders’ Medicare for All Act. If anyone can find it, please share the link.

My first impression is that this bill is more bold and uncompromising, and closer to Conyers’ eponymous House bill, than I expected. Margaret Flowers posted an open letter to Sanders recently, urging him to exclude copays and to reject a “multi-payer” parallel system. It’s possible Sanders heeded these concerns.

For God’s sake, if for once our so-called representatives got behind something which wasn’t larded up and watered down like Obama/Romneycare, a spasm of genuine democracy might eventually take place. Having been disillusioned a zillion times, I have to doubt that’s possible here.


Thanks for your reply and support for Bernie. I have supported Bernie, financially, in the past, and will continue to support him in the future.


What we “read somewhere” is not what we shoud be basing our support or criticism on…what the bill says and sanders own website, that says single-payer universal Medicare that the insurance, big pharma, and other for-profit parasites/corporations will fight against… please get the facts before speculating on what some faceless comment says is accurate…having a snowballs chance doesn’t mean shite - its about a long fight that should begin now, not some future date - I am cynical as well but prefer to fight the power, not undermine the fight…