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Budget Office Report: Healthcare Repeal Would Strip Insurance from 32 Million People


Budget Office Report: Healthcare Repeal Would Strip Insurance from 32 Million People

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without replacing it could cost 32 million people their health insurance, according to a new estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released Tuesday.

The CBO estimated that if Congress votes to repeal the ACA—also known as Obamacare—keeping insurance market reforms in place without implementing a new healthcare law, roughly 18 million people would lose their insurance within the first year, and premiums would rise by 20 to 25 percent for individual plans.


If they keep it, they need to change it. It truly sucks in its current form. I know 3 working Mom's that don't qualify for ANY subsidies because they don't make enough money. That, and it did nothing to control drug costs or apply any tort reform, does not really have any cost controls at all as far as I can tell. That and lack of choice, my mother has to drive 70 miles ( which I usually do for her) just to get a doctor on the approved list, her old doctor is 12 miles away....but she didn't make the cut.


Liberals, Progressives, MSM, Common Dreams, Democrats, etc, insist on using the GOP moniker for the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: Obama Care. Alas.


Can you provide details? I know of no income floor in the subsidy. It is a tax credit that is paid even if the insured person owes no tax. But yes, the other points are valid.

Too bad so many people here helped Trump's election. Think of what we would be fighting for right now had Trump not won?


Yeah, as Chomsky recently wrote, does anyone call Medicare "Johnsoncare"?


People do not need Health Insurance.
People need Health Care.
They are not the same thing.


Yunzer, No one here at Common Dreams contributed an infinitesimal fraction of what the Democratic Party Establishment and their Main Stream Mouthpieces did to elect Trump. Let's be very clear about that. Had they not done the things they did, we would be talking about President Elect Bernie Sanders and his new cabinet and Medicare for all health plan.


The Republican Party wants the 99s to believe in snake handling Unicorns with medical degrees from Trump University. That's the plan.
Whatever you say about the shortcomings of Dimocrats, about almost anything, the Republicans have always been against healthcare as a humn right. They are owned by the conservative A.M.A., and Big Insurance and Big Pharma, etc.
I'm done frankly with phonyass reform gobbledygook speak. Screw them all, I say.
I pay the penalty every year for not having A.C.A. or any of the mandates, proudly. In 2017 it will be about $2100 and I'll eat cold, canned spaghetti before I give the insurance companies or the gov't a dime more than that, for lousy policies with high deductibles. Xuck them all!


Add to your point, if the person lives in a state that did not accept the Medicaid expansion, then the change needs to start at the state level. Thats not Obamacare's fault, but is on red state governors who sued to block Medicaid expansion and John Roberts, who found their case meritable.


Did your state adopt the Medicare Expansion provision? If not, then it is the fault of state government and not the ACA. My guess would be not.


Yeah, one pays for the other. People need health care and a way to pay for it so that means health insurance. It's obvious you need both.




Sorry, I budget for my health. So far, including two minor surgeries, in 8 years thats about $90 a month. I'd gladly pay $60 a month more for a policy which includes dental insurance. And, $40 more for helping the less fortunate. Along, with all my other. hidden or obvious taxes, that's it.
" If we can't defend this country on $350 billion dollars a year, it's time to get some new generals ".Retired Col. Anthony McPeak. Ipso Facto!!!!! Savvy?


Problem = Two traitors to the American people.
Solution = Two person gibbet.


Given the state of the evolution of our planet's environment, the human race and most plants and animals will have ceased to exist by 2025-2030. The transformation of the Earth is racing against the clock. At a certain point, if it hasn't already been reached, the demise of the ACA will be irreversible and irrelevant.


Since you refuse to explain who the traitors are; ya know, your comments are rather flaccid and limp.


Spoken like a true capitalist!
Doubtless a product of years of indoctrination.


Wrong guy. My bad. It was meant for Gibbet Man.


Please consider joining the fight for Single-Payer if you have not already:



Pucker up. I got just the place you can kiss.