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Budgeting the Good War, for 75 Years


Budgeting the Good War, for 75 Years

Robert C. Koehler

World War II never quite ended — it morphed.

Today we call it the status quo, or endless war, or we just don’t bother to notice it. Indeed, now more than ever we don’t notice it. It’s barely part of the 2016 election, even though we’re engaged in active conflict in half a dozen countries, toying with a relaunch of the Cold War with Russia and, of course, hemorrhaging, as always, more than half our annual discretionary budget on “defense.”


The US will become Israel, where the children have never known anything other than a state of oppressing permanent enemies. Today's college freshmen fit that mold. Very sad indeed...


The Game of Empire

"Over the decades they have engaged in an ongoing struggle to maintain military spending at breathtakingly high levels and avoid any sort of transition to something called peace."--Robert Koehler

i sure agree with bob that wwII never ended; it morphed. i read somewhere that during the first war to end all wars u.s. arms manufacturers saw that war on another continent could be very profitable. like smedley butler came to understand, "war is a racket!" that's pretty disgusting, isn't it? the u.s. now maintains a constant state of war, destroying communities, creating this horrendous refugee crises and killing, killing, killing--all to keep the capitalistic economy growing--at least for the few. of course, congress has not declared war since december 7, 1941. yet the fight goes on and on and on. i don't know who posted this, but i grabbed this comment from an old common dreams discussion,
"Do you know why congress no longer declares wars? Because US law limits defense contractor profits to 15% in time of war. Look up the law, Mike. It's still in the books. Truman got it passed and sent some greedy pigs to jail too."

i believe that most of us long for peaceful coexistence, yet the fear of a faltering economy holds us in greed's death-hold grip. somehow we need a whole new way of thinking, a revolution of the mind, about life, about money and about war. we must re-prioritize or this game of empire will end like london bridge--all fall down!


i thought about that just this morning while reading a tribute to tom hayden on consortium news. we no longer have journalistic integrity--we on the true left have to search for the few sites like this--because "journalists" have become mere propaganda arms for the empire. the few who hold the world by its purse strings have worked hard to criminalize and demoralize any peace movements. that's the lesson they learned from viet nam. they cannot eliminate us so they relegate us to a sound proof booth known as a "free speech zone."


During the Viet Nam era true journalists coined the phrase CREDIBILITY GAP. There was broad consensus that the US gubmit's credibility gap was wide enough to fly a B-52 bomber through. The military industrial complex (MIC) was considered a key driver of the credibility gap so after the fall of Saigon in 1975 they morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) to win the hearts and minds of US taxpayers and launch the era of eternal wars and occupations we have been in fro a quarter century. The US gubmit's credibility gap has, concurrent with the expansion of MIMIC, become wide enough to fly the entire B-52 fleet in V formation through.


That Military spending bloat has helped make the US Military a victim of its own excess. It now takes almost 20 years to get a new "Project" off the ground be it the next generation of ships or of Aircraft or of Military Vehicles. Each of these in turn grows ever more expensive and has as its endgame boondoggles like the f-35 aircraft , the most expensive aircraft project in history and a plane that has been grounded time after time due to things like cracks in the wings, fires inside the jet engines or the inability to fly during thunderstroms.

It has come up wth a"next generation" naval vessel ofwhich 3 to date have been built and which 3 to date have broken down and required towing back to port some on multiple occasions. Some of these new ships at a cost of 2 billion per are even subject to rust when they encounter salt water.

None of these add to US security in ay way shape or form. They do add billions of dollars in profits to the owner class and that one percent that invests so heavily in the arms industry.

On the other hand Russia and China both can get new projects implemented and built within a 5 year window and at a fraction of the development costs that the US Military spends.The S 500 missile system as example which is more advanced over the still deploying s 400 saw its development start in 2009 and the first of them enter service in 2014.

The US equivalent is deemed the THAAD system which is rated as markedly inferior. They started design on it in 1987 and only started deploying it 5 years ago.

Russia and China would not even be spending the amounts on their Military that they do were it not for the threats posed by the Hyper-aggressive US Military and the expressed desire of that Nation to dominate the globe.


Historically, it has required extraordinary events to make most Americans want to go to war. You have the sinking of the battleship Maine, the torpedoing of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 billed as the New Pearl Harbor, etc. Each event was promoted by the MSM as a vile attack by by a ruthless enemy that needed killing, and maybe his family too. Regardless of actual historical truth, it worked to drive Americans into a war frenzy each time.

OK, let's consider Joe Sixpack, purported to be the typical Trump supporter. He lost his job at the mill a while back and now works at Walmart for minimum wage. His kids couldn't afford to go to college so they joined the military. They go to Iraq or Afghanistan and come back all screwed up. The last thing he wants is another f'ing war. He looks at the Dems and the Repubs... They're all saying the same thing: More war! He hears on the news that the country is fixing to spend a trillion dollars on new nuclear weapons. He knows the wealthy are building multi-million dollar bunkers under their mansions. He sees Hillary poking at the Russians blaming them for everything. Hell, Trump looks like a life jacket to this guy, even though he's a total duffus.

The next couple of weeks are going to be a wild ride, folks. Black swans, they will be aflyin.