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Buffeting Boeing CEO’s Rope-a-Dope in Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/02/buffeting-boeing-ceos-rope-dope-congress


This is a great article by a great person.

This is, as well, about just one glaring example of the utter foolishness of allowing
Corporations to “self-regulate”.

There will be more human sacrifice to the false God of Deregulation, I fear.


It is pathetic that the consumers around the world will now have to determine what aircraft will be used for the flights they book, and refuse to fly on any Boeing aircraft. All because Congress wont allow/fund the FAA so they can do their jobs. It’s all too clear now, bribes to Congress are more important than citizen safety. It’s time to get the common citizens out of DC, level the joint, and start over.


All that needs to happen is for people to refuse to fly on the plane.


Another well written analysis by Ralph Nader. Rock the boat, Ralph!


Long time no see nighthawk ?

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I’ve been working more hours, trying to keep head above water. Thank you for noticing.

Your comments are consistently thoughtful and intelligent.

No Problemo nighthawk (just saw Dark Fate with the fam last night).

Gray & rainy here in Calgary today - re-reading “The Shock of the Anthropocene” by two historians at the French center for scientific research (2016). Unusually good - feels like I need to breathe again - so stifling here in the midst of an almost oblivious public. Keep thinking of those Easter Islanders who literally cut down the last tree for religion.

Boeing - man - I’m a pilot - right now I’d like to see Boeing taken over by the government - same for PG & E in Ca - but realistically - are there governments anymore ? Same here in Canada. I remember Colin Powell’s autobiography - very good - but then Powell caved too, didn’t he ? I remember especially his thoughts on Vietnam - how the military had handled the media badly. The Pentagon set out to correct that - now they are masters of spin.

Very discouraging nighthawk, for me. Speaking of the Anthropocene - I’d like your thoughts on when to mark its beginning ?? For me, it would be a moving target - the dawn of homo sapiens sapiens, ca 300,000 years ago. Why ? Because anthropocene comes from the Greek, and means ‘the new human beings’. Yes - us - and it is sobering to think that there were apparently many forms of the genus homo about back then, but one by one they disappeared, until only we were left. The zero sum game methinks, and is this an indication of the way we truly are ?

My only real hope now is that things will get so bad we will finally react. Maybe that is a forlorn hope. Maybe it’s those gray rainy skies - not sure. There are a few who do see what’s up - but really - not many.

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There is no reason why FAA cannot be independently financed through a small fee on passenger and cargo transport, is there?


That sounds good, but I admit, I have no idea if it’s possible, and if funded this way, would they have any legal “teeth” to enforce rules and regulations? Just like the FDA (and other agencies), the FAA has been corrupted by corporate money, at the expense of safety for the public, with little-to-no pushback from congress.

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Also my thoughts. When one reads this and other articles by Mr. Nader, you can see why Mr.Nader will never be allowed anywhere near the U.S. Government.


The transformation of the Boeing Corporation from one that built what deemed the safest planes on Earth for a generation to where it is today started when they shifted from being a company that produced for the Civilian Market to one focused on building for the Military.

Along with this shift came a shift in Culture from making and designing the “safest and the best” to maximizing Shareholder value. The Pentagon demands “fixed costs” when demanding new equipment meaning corners are cut in the design process to ensure the equipment can be produced at that fixed cost while still generating a profit. This mentality carried over to their Civilian Aircraft division where the focus in building aircraft was put onto “Build it at this price or under so we can sell it at a fixed price and maintain the highest margins possible”.

Under such a system the bean counters will overrule the engineers.