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Build, Bernie, Build!


Build, Bernie, Build!

Les Leopold

The Sanders campaign compiled an email list with 130 million names, a donor list that produced over $200 million in contributions, and a volunteer army of millions of enthusiastic supporters. The Democratic Party wants these lists, that money and those supporters. Good luck.

The establishment Democrats still don’t get it. Bernie’s passionate supporters actually believe in his agenda, and they view the Democrat Party as deeply entangled with Wall Street and the top 1 percent. They are not going to volunteer for Hillary no matter what Sanders says.


Not too bad except for the part about electing Hillary (!!!) which is a total contradiction to the rest of it. In my view, the Bernie Revolution as I call it will in all probability wither and die unless, UNLESS somehow we get Bernie to lead it by running as an independent or Green. This is not a slide into a "cult of personality". Bernie is the key individual AT THIS JUNCTURE; he is the Spark that Ignited the Prairie Fire and would be the unifying force that would continue to galvanize and fire up the "Revolution" he started. No debates about "where do we go from here?" or what the program issues should be would arise. AFTER THE ELECTION, there will be ample time to make future plans, possibly form a new party, etc. etc. with or without Bernie.

I haven't parsed the numbers but I think as a Green, combined with a united write-in campaign in those states the Greens aren't on the ballot, Bernie could win. (Hillary is facing some serious problems down the road, i.e. the imminent WikiLeaks email dump and eventual leak of her GS speeches.)


Yes, but... What everyone forgets is that Hillary will be as bad as Trump. She won't change and neither will the DNC. We have no choice but to vote for the Green Party if we ever expect to break up the DNC party, we cannot be afraid of Trump to the extent we fall back into the fear tactic they always use.
I hope Bernie will be heading the group that is coming together as in the Peoples Summit. But if not, we have to do what the revolution requires and stop letting fear run our lives and votes.
There will be thousands, maybe millions at the convention. There is a law suit being filed next week against the DNC for election fraud. The revolution will go on with or without Bernie but Bernie may be the only one left after the Red Queen is indicted.
Never Hillary


What I just sent to my representatives and governor (aka super-delegates). We MUST keep fighting.

I am deeply concerned with the direction of the Democratic Party and ask that you use whatever energy you can to reshape its direction.

Recent polls show Bernie Sanders leading Donald Trump by double digits, while Hillary Clinton is down to about four or five percentage points – numbers close to the margin of error of the polls themselves. Despite such evidence of candidate vulnerability and a stronger draw among independents and young people by Bernie Sanders, the party seems focused on nominating the most vulnerable candidate!

Although I have been a registered Democrat for many years, I cannot bring myself to support a candidate who is deeply financially and politically indebted to corporate groups that oppose the well being of the people-- not even to oppose a demagogue. This corporate indebtedness includes: international oil companies, the military-industrial complex, big banks, large pharmaceutical firms and insurance companies, private prisons and others.

I supported Bernie Sanders, not because of his glowing personality – though I deeply appreciate his integrity – but because his ideals are the ideals of the people.

I am not willing to discard these ideals in the name of party unity. I canvassed for Sanders, made hours of phone calls and donated a significant amount of money for a retired elderly female. I would gladly vote for Bernie Sanders in November, but will not even consider voting for Hillary Clinton unless there is a strong progressive platform and a strong progressive vice presidential candidate. Vice presidential candidates I consider sufficiently progressive would include: Jeff Merkley, Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, Tulsi Gabbard and possibly Elizabeth Warren.

Since the Democratic Party seems to be ignoring the very real concerns of the people, I just volunteered to help the Green Party collect enough signatures to get on the ballot in my state. Should Bernie Sanders be the Democratic nominee, I would strongly support him, but if Democrats support the neoliberal elite status quo and ignore the will of the people, I will support third party candidates that challenge that.

Should Donald Trump become president, with all the threats to our democracy and social structure that implies, I will consider it the responsibility of the Democratic Party and its failure to listen to the people – not that of those who continued to seek their own ideals.


My guess is that now that Bernie has said he will vote for Hillary his movement will begin to split. For the next several months most of the energy will be directed toward defeating Trump. Probably next year would be a better time for movement building.


Movement building "next year" will be akin to beating a dead horse.

Krugman's assertion that Clinton won minority voters because she gets racism and Bernie doesn't is baloney.

Clinton won minority voters because she accused Sanders of disrespecting Obama whenever he mentioned TPP, ACA and anything else that happened on Obama's watch.

In our world of identity politics her strategy was a clever deployment of the race card to turn minority voters against Sanders even though he, not Hillary marched with MLK, and has a much longer record of supporting civil rights than Hillary will even if she lives to be 100.

Clinton's application of that race card in the general election will be tantamount to her handing Trump a stockpile of ammo to fire back at her.


Yes and the DNC is being sued. A lawsuit is being filed next week against the DNC for election fraud. It is a class action suit and you can sign on, on usuncut.com. There are big problems coming for Hill and the DNC. It ain't over yet.


Patience, patience. If we trusted Bernie's leadership this far, and we truly wanted him to be our leader for the next 4 years, we should trust his leadership through the convention and past it. Yes, build Bernie build. Don't abandon his wisdom at this crucial point.


To ask for more information about the lawsuit and/or for forms to join the class-action suit --

or to express your support (and maybe your reasons why), you can email Beck & Lee at --


Thanks again, Dede.


I meant to post this info here:

To ask for more information about the lawsuit and/or for forms to join the class-action suit --

or to express your support (and maybe your reasons why), you can email Beck & Lee at --


Thanks again, Dede.


The DNC wants Sanders' base to donate money and campaign for Clinton. They don't want our ideas and if yesterday's meeting in New York was any indication we will be caned by Clinton curmudgeons if we attempt to present our ideas.


Let "NOW is the time!" be the motto for our Bernie for President push and for our permanent movement for true democracy!

I can see "NOW is the time!" on millions of bumper stickers, T shirts, coffee mugs, etc. It could be our movement's slogan and brand.

Maybe some leftist person or organization should secure the Trademark and Copyright for "NOW is the time!"-- so some right-wing corporation cannot.


Pearl, my pal, I think you omitted the word "not" from the fourth sentence (on the second line) of this comment.

You can still add it, if that's what you meant to say.



This may seem ironic, but:

as Trump’s campaign fails (or his administration flops), there
will be an opportunity to attract the disaffected anti-establish followers of
his campaign.

Progressive issues are popular. The very existence of a viable opposition to
the establishment status quo could allow a people-centered movement to grow.


Thank you, I already did.


Sorry, you've missed the point and the mechanism of Bernie's revolution: There is no need for parties any more. We're ready to elect individuals because of their willingness to serve us, directly, to represent us rather than owing first loyalty to a party. The aisle must be closed in.


Hi Pearl, thanks for your reply 20 minutes ago.

This is still how your statement reads as of right now:

"The civil rights movement would have been strong without King."

Do you mean to say "would not have been strong without King"?

Or do you mean to say that the civil rights movement would have been strong even without King?


Duly elected, indeed. But with the Internet we no longer need parties to organize that for us. Look at California's party-free primaries. Both of those who wind up on the general-election ballot may be backed by the same party, but the electorate is more concerned with what they have done as incumbents or in other offices and what their policies are going forward. Period.

That's who Bernie is in the Democratic presidential process this year: still independent, using the party's process to break it up. Just wait and watch.


I am posting what I posted on another CD article:

I agree with you. Bernie is holding his cards close. He didn't say, "I will vote for HRC." He always outsmarts the media questions of "will you be voting for Hillary" or "will you unite behind Hillary" by always re-stating his issues (he stops them without answering their stupid questions). Why would he concede, tell the media he's going independent or has talked to Jill Stein before the convention? This is another corporate/cable propaganda media dump on a Friday competing with Brexit. Sorry, he will not fold right now and as I've said before, he and his confidants are smarter than me or you. Anything can happen...my gut is telling me me neither Hillary or Trump will be the nominees because they are eating each other alive and have both done a great job of bringing out each others negatives including what's wrong with both parties. It could even happen after the conventions...


I agree, but before we can really effectively build a Left alternative to the centrist Democrats, we have to change the electoral system that only allows room enough for one big party at either "end" of the political spectrum, forcing voters to vote their fear of a vote split and resulting disaster for their general position rather than their hopes and their true mix of political priorities. Fear of being splitters and thereby handing the election off to the Republicans, whom we hate even more than the waffling, corporate shills in the Democratic middle has hobbled the Left for a long time, politically. We can shout in the streets, but we're kept safely away from the levers of political decision-making. We can't keep the same two-party system and hope to build a successful movement involved in a constant tug-of-war over liberal-Left voters with the Democrats. A critical precondition for any successful movement will be to end our undemocratic winner-take-all electoral system, which is the foundation of the two-party straitjacket. We need ranked-choice or instant run-off voting for the senates, governorships, and presidency, and proportional representation with state-wide overlapping districts (only district boundaries between the various representatives of parties with multiple seats in a given state). That way, every vote goes toward securing some representation, and everyone has someone pushing his or her particular mix of political preferences at the table in the house of representatives in Washington or in their state house. We can get to a real Socialist politics, a Green politics, but we need an electoral system that doesn't freeze us out by forcing us to chose a reform party when what we need is a revolutionary party. As Daniel De Leon said, there needs to be a mutually reinforcing push by both the working-class movement in the streets and workplaces and by the political Left in government.