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Building a Better World—One without Nuclear Weapons


Building a Better World—One without Nuclear Weapons

Barry Ladendorf

The world is witnessing the unthinkable reemergence of a mini Cold War between nuclear powers: increasingly ominous actions by the United States/NATO and Russia; dangerous tensions between the United States and China; hot spots with nuclear weapons held by North Korea and Israel; and high tensions in Kashmir between nuclear powers Pakistan and India. As this war grows chillier, it is imperative we citizens of the world force our political leaders to abolish nuclear weapons, and stop those countries which possess nuclear weapons from heading in the opposite direction.


Nukes are too dangerous to be in the hands of a few men.

Direct democracy


A nuclear armed mob?
That doesn’t sound like a good idea.


Studies show that decisions made by the public benefit the greater majority and decisions made by politicians mostly benefit a minority.