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Building a Bridge to Turtle Island — Dispatch from Standing Rock


Building a Bridge to Turtle Island — Dispatch from Standing Rock

Sarah van Gelder

Standing Rock (Nov. 2) — Drone footage taken of the ridge overlooking the camp showed that the water protecters worst fears had been realized. Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline had reached just a quarter of a mile from the river, plowing through burial grounds and sacred sites of the Sioux people. And the only access to the construction site was via a bridge that has been closed since last Thursday’s confrontation with police.


The Indigo Girls have penned a letter to Kelsey Warren, owner of the company Energy Transfer Partners, which is responsible for the travesty. This in light of Kelsey Warren in a cynicism emblematic of both usurpation of indigenous names and lands, also funds the Cherokee Blugrass festival. The abrogation of indigenous rights, the cost "externalization" of the right to consultation and other abuses, is and will continue to be revealed by the native resistance to this institutionalized engine of legacy genocide embedded in predatory capitalism.

I feel strongly that this must be changed peacefully, with integrity and recognition that resistance to such practices are in fact the cure for destructive insemination of our shared future with a deadly cynical cancer.

A Call to Action from the Indigo Girls #NoDAPL (Op-ed)

Indigo Girls are also interviewed about the letter on Democracy Now! this morning


Just found this - extraordinary look at the collusion between police organizations - and a first hand look at the way the First Amendment is being trashed day after day:

I was just reading the First Amendment in my pocket guide to the US Constitution, with many handy references to the founding fathers of the nation, the Supreme Court, etc... I picked this up in '94 in Washington DC, while on a six month sojourn down the entire east coast of the United States in my half ton Ford truck.

Though I am a Canadian, the USA owns much of my country, and affects virtually everyone on Earth.

So I'm in here like the proverbial dirty shirt, at least until they outlaw the Internet.

What a beautiful country you have. Same for Canada. That is, the landscapes.

Perhaps we could all reconnect with these overpowering landscapes - and doing that, see them accurately reflected in our politics?


Why weren't these paramilitary forces launched against the Talibundies at Malheur, Oregon earlier this year ?


Thanks for posting the video.


Appreciative of the witness of Alder... Rebecca Kemble, but I have to observe that she was much more clear and less inflammatory than the interviewer, and she kept the emphasis on the Water Protectors and not on journalists becoming the news. What she reports is terrible, down to the last bit of the video, when she is allowed to get to the headline about the deputies loaned to ND by the WI sheriff and why they were there. It's very important to remember that she was there as an observer of the law, and not as a journalist.

Yesterday I had some correspondence with Blair Emerson of the Bismarck Tribune, who had written the first report of the confrontation with Water Protectors attempting to cross Cantipeta Creek. She provided me with the Morton Co (ND) Sheriff's press release about that incident, and later with the name of the Army Corps of Engineers Colonel who was said to have requested the Sheriff's assistance in maintaining safety on the ACE-owned bank of the Creek. It's also telling that the Tribune's later update of its story, quoting this Col., was much clearer about how the Water Protectors behaved and how excessive was the police "assistance." The truth is coming out, and looking worse and worse for the defenders of the pipeline. Knowing that UN observers are on the scene, and that the Dept. of Justice is paying attention, gives me hope that this ridiculous abuse of authority will end soon.


"Indeed, I tremble for my country when I consider that God is just." -- Thomas Jefferson