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Building a New America, With or Without the Democratic Party


Building a New America, With or Without the Democratic Party

Charlie Jiang

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proclaimed, “When we can agree on issues, then we’re going to work with him.” Other leading Democrats echoed his sentiments. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders are seeking to realign the Party to “appeal to white working-class voters.”

Democrats are making a mistake.


Stop even saying her name.


The Democrat Party is not monolithic. It is illogical to talk about the Democrat Party as though it is controlled by Wall Street (this is a fallacy called a category mistake). There are both Democrats like Hillary who got rich becaause of Wall Street and Democrats who support Bernie and want to eviscerate Wall Street.

This debate happened in Obama's administration in 2009. Tim Geithner wanted to work with Wall Street (he came from Wall Street) and Robert Reich wanted to stick it to Wall Street good and hard. Obama listened to Geithner and not Reich and that is why the regulations of Wall Street produced by Congress when Obama was president are toothless.


Since its 1985 formation the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) turned the Party into a billion dollar enterprise so successfully that the DLC was no longer needed and was dissolved in 2011 with its archives now housed at the Clinton Foundation. Keeping the billion corporate dollars flowing in each year is a higher priority for the Party than winning elections.

Please provide a list of billion dollar enterprises that have voluntarily turned down 90% of their revenue, which is precisely what would have happened if Sanders had been nominated.


Just as there are no Eisenhower Republicans remaining in D.C.; the Democratic Party is bereft, of the quality of shared purpose, for creating a better quality of life for the common citizen. They simply 'do not care.' They've become wilful casualties of hubris and their own aggrandizement. Like the Republicans the words 'integrity and patriotism', are only futile utterances from some fairy tale.
The Democrats are responsible for taking this country from the glory of George Washington to the astonishing, incomprehensible and horrifying presidency of Donald Trump. Goddamn it - we must prepare to make these ruthless scumbags understand; we're done with them!


This is very frustrating. Confront racialism, of course, but ignoring the economic forces that give rise to its expression misses the boat. We cannot separate these threads, we must reweave them. We seem to forget the power of propaganda in disinforming the vulnerable. Our way forward is through a confrontation of lies about both race and economic forces. Manufacturing is not coming back any more that lambs will lie down with lions tonight. It will be politically imperative to design policies that serve all constituencies, just as it is imperative to recognize the sarcasm of some progressives against the white working class. There is such a thing as finding common cause without giving up your principles - unless your principles are not so lofty. Let's not pre-interpret what Chuck Schumer says, let's make sure emerging policies have our fingerprints and take us to the next level of our own understanding.


Wall Street was deregulated when Clinton was president. At least in the 1980s when bankers ( savings) committed fraud ( among other acts) they DID go to jail. The neo liberals ( not the older style dems like Bernie who is really an independent) and Warren) want to privatize Wall Street. In fact they were probably part of the crash in 2008. Where was the SEC?


The sarcasm of the progressives against the working class. Finally someone addresses that! That has been going on forever.


I would like to add. According to economists manufacturing is not comiing back unless it is robotized which involves getting a degree. Plus, there are not many of these advanced jobs anyway. So with automation, hi tech, and job shortages where will people work? Not everyone can be an engineer like Obama envisions.


"We need a democracy that represents all of us."

When has representative government ever been a democracy?

Direct Democracy


Actually, a chunk of the population doesn't have time for any of this. We don't just have "income insecurity" out here. We have a poverty crisis, in a nation that decided 20 years ago that only those of are of current use to employers/the corporate state are deserving of the most basic human rights (UDHR) of food and shelter.

I agree that Americans tend to see everything in terms of color today, but basic survival takes top priority for those have essentially been pushed out of the job market. While the great majority of US poor are white, I can guarantee that lack of access to basic human needs is as hellish -- and just as wrong -- regardless of race.


Yes, the Party is over.


Gone Green never to return


Paul Krugman, who it Is excellent at what he does, wrote a column years ago about the beginnings of deregulation. The headline was "Reagan Did It".


You have done a lot of thinking on this, but we have a third and fourth party that are going nowhere. If you don't like Sanders and Warren so much, then who do you have in mind to lead your third party? It sure seems like a fantasy to me. Who will lead it and who will be in it? When does it start? You have a "repeal and replace" idea, but when and how does it come about? I think we'd better work on changing the Democratic Party.



accept no sleazy substitutes


I agree. It has so many advantages, included the need for the required spectacle of the individual, extroverted representative, of which Donald Trump is perhaps the culmination (and death of the representative cycle).

For those unfamiliar with the concept, here is a start. . .


Once again, “what is taking the progressives so long”? Asking the Democratic party to allow them to assume the leadership is not what leaders do! They do not ask permission. They organize and take action. The Dems can lend their brand to the only viable path forward and get on board or be left in the dust, which is where their neoliberal policies belong. It should be up to the old guard Dems to be contrite and ask that their organization to be allowed to become part of the progressive populist movement shaping the future, not the other way around. Such a coalition formed now would provide a political head start. If such leadership does not yet exist, it will have to arise from street-level resistance movements facing down government repression - perhaps an expansion of the Dakota pipeline movement. But for all the energy an ‘in the street’ movement may provide, it cannot replace the strategic positioning of an established political organization. This probably is the last chance the Democratic party has to remain relevant.


Thank you. Good link.


Easy, doable, Step #1:

Allow ALL Presidential candidates who are on the ballots of more
than 15 states to be included in the Presidential debates.