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Building Bridges of Peace Instead of Fear - Citizen Diplomacy with Russia


Building Bridges of Peace Instead of Fear - Citizen Diplomacy with Russia

Ann Wright

I just flew across 11 times zones — from Tokyo, Japan to Moscow, Russia.


Thank you for your work on this effort. The neocons and their wet dream of hegemony in perpetuity is right up there with climate change as the greatest threat to humanity and much of life on the planet. Peace is LIFE's only chance.


In recent months I've heard Professor Stephen Cohen on several occassions mention that Russia has many "talk show" type programs and that this subject is a constant topic of discussion, with many points of view, including anti-Putin points of view, yet in the United States hardly a word is mentioned, while tensions, caused by NATO's expasion to Russia's borders, increase. As the Doomsday Clock ticks a second closer to midnight, Russians are worried, here the talk is of getting the cost straight on Hillary's $12,000 Armani jacket, or was it $7,000, in any event it isn't worn with a babushka.


But wait, the Clinton crowd, where most don't know the term 'neoliberal', tell us that Putin is a Hitler or at least a Kim Jong-un, and a terrorist, and we need to use Clinton's 'smart power' to 'defeat' him, because they are 'cruise-missile liberals', and they are 'smart'.


Thank you for your efforts and wishing you much success. I remember the 50's and 60's along with the fear and believing Russia was the bad guys but also knew the people did not get info from the rest of the world as there was not a free press. I feel we here in the US are 1950's Russia as we do not have a open free press with accurate info of the world. Thank goodness for Common Dreams and the internet.


Our Congress and/or President is Batman crazy sometimes. We might expect that sometimes other governments will be no better. We still need to keep talking and listening.


The USA is the new USSR; at least the mirror image of the old USSR we were taught to fear and hate as we were growing up. US citizens had better wake up from their slumber before it is too late. Another point to make. Who saved the world from nuclear annihilation in the 60's? For those too young to remember, or not yet born, one of the key players besides our own JFK was Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev. And who turned the other cheek when the US was trying hard to challenge Russia both in the Ukraine and in Syria? Again, it was a Russian leader. These times it was President Putin. Was it fear of US power? I think not. Putin has turned the other cheek twice now. Let's not force upon him the decision of doing it a third time. Face it. The US is now the world's aggressor. Thanks to Col. Wright and Ray McGovern for being our diplomats.


Worth a listen. Terrifying.


Gilbert Doctorow, a professional Russia watcher and actor in Russian affairs going back to 1965, discusses the lack of a real debate in Western media on US-Russia relations; and why we are more in danger of nuclear annihilation now than at any point in the Cold War since the Cuban Missile Crisis.


It's my understanding that NATO's reach into Eastern Europe was actually a response to Putin's imperialistic ventures in that section of the world.


Actually, the US has been on its way down for many years now. Following the longest war in US history, we're militarily and economically depleted. The American population has been deeply divided and subdivided, all pitted against each other, black vs. white, middle class vs. poor. Rage against the middle class has only quietly grown, a factor that we don't (or dare not) even consider.

Both internationally and within the US itself, there will be no peace as long as so many people no longer have anything left to lose, anything to hope for. Years of America's war on the poor, both here and internationally, whether by policies, guns and jail cells, or bombs, has built up so much rage as to make growing violence inevitable.


Do you ever get tired of spouting off ridiculous talking points?


Now in my 80's, remembering the 60's brings pleasant memories of hope in spite of current chaos and seeming insanity of what passes for civilization. I am an incurable optimist, I guess. As an avid participant in international folk-dancing I felt more-than-ever the cultures of the wide world. Kruschev was not an enemy nor were my multi-racial inner-city neighbors in Chicago. The present Peace Bridges may seem fragile and require very careful balance, but they endure because of the weavers (hemp rope?) on both sides of the abyss of fear, hatred and war, tossing the truths to the other side to make firm connections for passage of those who love our humanity. Thanks to Wright, McGovern, etc. and CD, of course. HOPA!


Whilst Putin may be carrying out imperialistic ventures in the eastern Europe, one still has to determine what is actually happening. I suppose he has outsourced the job to the USA, hence the advance of NATO to Russian borders. Maybe the Pentagon is giving him a cut from its budget.