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Building Democracy to Fight the Nativist Attack: A Review of 'The People vs. Democracy'


Building Democracy to Fight the Nativist Attack: A Review of 'The People vs. Democracy'

Cynthia Kaufman

As someone who came to politics opposing US government policies, I’ve been surprising myself lately by how much I end up talking about the importance of “rule of law." I'm used to being the one to criticize how bad our laws are, how unfairly they are enforced, and how oppressive government actions are. But there is nothing like a brush with fascism to make liberal democracy look like something worth defending.


When I read the title to this article I thought it was going to be from a colonist perspective. Interesting it has become a left to right or right to left dogma. There is more to life than ideological versions of, is it art imitating life or life imitating art.



FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…

Any questions?

It ain’t rocket science folk’s.


If other countries can have democracy, why can’t US?

2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy: Rome, Italy, Sep 26-29, 2018



Thank you. I agree in that democracy is more than yes/no win/lose. Adjectives in font of democracy are often taken as democracy. Perhaps the reason so few millennials rank living in a democracy as most important is they have mistakenly concluded that representative democracy is democracy; not so.

Yes, the founding fathers used representative democracy as a control tool for budding capitalism to manage the masses, and, it is important to know the writer of the book under review works for Tony Blaire’s foundation; yet these salient points drift by with undeserved courtesy. Now is not the time to hesitate. Representative democracies around the world are pushing the global economy to grow faster by pushing their own economies. Thus, as a doctor examining a sick patient; The disease is a life threatening Earth sickness caused by bad capitalist governments using representative democracy to manage cosmic powered biology manifest as human.

How will we translate distributed intelligence into policies that heal Earth with healthy growth of human rights that in turn accelerate a healing Earth? Humanity is ready for a six branch government with autonomous democracy focusing distributed intelligence from outside of government.


Your critiques of Bernie are off the Mark. Bernie is railing about the military industrial complex at these moments.


True, but staying in the Dem. party he can’t accomplish anything. If he left the party he would have leverage to get something done. Without that move it’s just words.