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Building "Feminism for the 99 Percent," Women's Strike Will Take Many Forms


Building "Feminism for the 99 Percent," Women's Strike Will Take Many Forms

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Whether by walking off the job or boycotting "unseen" labor, women and allies around the world next week will stand up and speak out to say: Women's rights are human rights.


This article is from 2013 but in light of the upcoming "women's strike" it's a pretty good read.

For whoever doesn't want to go read the whole thing, here's the final paragraph that kinda summarizes it:

"If women took the day off, with the sole exception of NURSES, nothing would happen. No one would die. The world would continue to function. The hair salons and primary schools and retail clothing stores would close, and the male management structure would have to find some way to answer their own phones for a day, but essentially, nothing would happen."

Statistics start about a third of the way down:


Are they serious? Sheesh!


Lamonte 7-The second most stupid thing I've read all week. I was dumb enough to actually read Trump's Address to Congress. My bad, sorry.


Not so stupid if you look at the numbers. I guess we'll find out in a few days.


I've posted links to We Hunted the Mammoth before, and that site has written about Andrea "Judgy Bitch" Hardie. She's an MRA, and here's her archive:


Like all MRAs, she's a loon and can be safely ignored.


Look at your #s. Dipshits are a dime a dozen. Trump followers are worth about .10 cents on the dollar, looking forward. However, they've past the smell test, they stink to high heaven.


Wow....I (as a woman/girl) am so sad to see you all so retarded re: real life.
Disappear for a day or ten, and somehow the world will go on without you! Imagine that!
Yes, girls, we are not as necessary as we like to pretend we are, and have fooled the soft men
to parlay to us.
Get over yourselves, go chop some wood, go fix some engines, build a house, and then, tell me how
much you are so disturbed.
Get over yourselves.
A real woman.


And, seriously, I am so curious what you all have against President Trump? What has he said/done that so offends you? Doesn't make sense?
Just curious.


I don't know. It seems to me that if women didn't do anything for 10 days, there'd be no childcare facilities open and most elementary schools would have to shut down.

That would lead to women just having to stay home to care for their children, which is, I think, the real goal for people like you.


Sexually assaulting women offends me.

Bragging about sexually assaulting women offends me.

VOICE offends me.

The Muslim ban offends me.

Cutting the EPA's climate fund by 70% (proposed) offends me.

Appointing a racist as AG offends me.

Lying to the entire nation repeatedly offends me.

Having a white nationalist as his chief strategist offends me.

Reinstituting the global gag rule offends me.

Decimating our diplomatic corps offends me.

Building a wall along the southern border offends me.

Gorka offends me.

I'm sure there are more things. Those are just off the top of my head.


Fun fact: Women helped bring about the fire exit or unlocked doors during business hours. The Triangle Waist Shirt fire was the key. The owners kept the doors locked to "prevent theft". Building caught on fire and noone could get out, so they jumped from the windows in hopes they might survive. Humans don't do so well when jumping onto sidewalks :frowning: One woman described what she witnessed as hearing thumps as the women and children, mostly girls, hit the sidewalk. Sad that it takes death for these changes to take place. Women are our mothers, daughters, sisters, and carriers of human life. How many people know that men can be a feminist?


I'm sorry not sure i understand what you are trying to say. What do BLS statistics have to do with the resale price of Trump supporters?


Thanks for the reminder of that not-so-fun fact, though it was more than 100 years ago (this month!). And it's Shirtwaist; they made blouses for other women to wear to work in other factories, then mostly over corsets cinched in tight enough to shift their abdominal organs up under their ribcages. And that was aspirational dress code; the really poor women just didn't get the wasp waists. Women became useful in the Industrial Revolution for smaller hands and the desperation that would make them accept lower wages than the men.


OK, let's take the actual stats instead of the cherry-picked interpretation for polemics:


And these as accessed today were last updated 2/7/17. Note that the only place in your cited 2013 article that these stats are referenced is in that closing paragraph. The rest is blather about the blogger's childhood farm chores and how her husband's grandmother died. I was gagging too hard to try to figure out what her point was and skimmed on in search of stats.

So the question isn't what do the men control, but where will women be missed? In today's stats, I see that women are actually a slightly higher percentage of bus drivers (48.7 %) than we are of the labor force as a whole (46.8 %). We're 46.9 % of medical scientists, 67 % of psychologists, 73 % of counselors, and 81.5 % of social workers. I can cherry-pick with the best of them.

And the real question is whether any of the imbalances should be celebrated and considered normative. The real question is what women might contribute with our "mother's ears" on the power-grid controls, what particular women are having to forgo because of glass ceilings, and what our nation is missing by differentiating women's work from men's.


I am red pilled, but gender tribalism gets us to the conversation on this page.
Civilization at its best.


Redpilled? As in r/TheRedPill?


No, it's men's fear of women's power that gets us to this conversation, especially when they can hide behind mysterious pseudonyms.

It's a well-recognized phenomenon of social psychology that those who have experienced re/oppression have an easier time recognizing their experiences as shared and identifying as a group. Those who have enjoyed privilege are much more likely to lay the blame for re/oppression on "bad apples," but when their privilege is threatened, to dismiss the less-privileged group as whiners and tribalists (which of course is a bad thing, uncivilized, which is an attitude of privilege in itself).

We're sorry to have hurt your feelings, but it's high time you got over it.


And seriously--is this sarcasm? or really a question?


Its hard to believe sometimes what has to happen before a change in business. And just think, Trump wants to deregulate...shameful.