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Building on Progress in 2018, Second Trump-Kim Summit Is Timely


Building on Progress in 2018, Second Trump-Kim Summit Is Timely

Kevin Martin

The announcement of a second summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, set for February 27-28 in Vietnam, comes after a year of astonishing steps toward reconciliation between South and North Korea led steadfastly by South Korean President Moon Jae-in. This second summit offers hope for further progress toward peace.


Given the ignorance and narcissism of the US summiter, the one important point Martin makes is the need for Congress to step up and support the efforts of the united Korean people to establish peace. Their leaders have brilliantly played to djt’s ego and need for some real accomplishment to claim, but it’s they who have advanced the peace, and it is theirs to make.


That tough-talkin’ Liz, staying within the neocon guardrails, as usual.

And she’s one of the ‘progressives’ in the d-party race. Trump’ll mop the floor with her.


Is there no one out there that can match Trump word for word, with as much ego-power, and raw disrespect when needed, to put him away. Somebody has to be willing to stuff a cork where ever, and when ever one is needed.
Someone to twist his nose or tug on his ear? If you do I guarantee he will sit in his own puddle and cry.


Warren was already dumb enough to take Trump’s bait and have a DNA test that showed she had Native American blood. Your party is so imprisoned by identity politics, it’s almost sad.


They have been staring at one another for 60 years. How much more peaceful do we need them?


I don’t subscribe to a party. I have my beliefs and practice them whether a party identifies or not. We don’t have registered party affiliation in my state.


Whether or not you subscribe to a party, you actively advocate for LOTE voting, which is essentially promoting Democrats.


I once had a college professor serving as a department chair who one day remarked to me “Bill, the primary function of a university is to make money…and any learning that takes place is merely a coincidence.”

That’s the way I feel about any overtures that trump makes with North Korea. Any good that should come out of it won’t be because that was what trump was intending to do, but simply because of happenstance. Anyone who still thinks that trump is capable of serious thought processes is living in la-la land. This fool is only capable of thinking about how to enrich himself, and has been remarkable incompetent at even that in spite of all of the advantages that his father gave him in life. If trump had been born poor, he would be homeless right now…and the world would be a much safer place.


Mysteriously it would seem the US and China both benefit from maintaining the interrupted state of war in Korea and have very little interest in peace and reconciliation–The Korean standoff is too useful to the major powers, too bad for the Koreans!