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Building On The Keystone Victory


Building On The Keystone Victory

Bill Scher

President Obama’s decision to reject the permit for the Keystone oil pipeline is a major victory for the environmental movement, but as activist leaders fully recognize, killing one project is not enough to save the climate. Now is the time to use the momentum from the Keystone decision, and mobilize for a broad cap on carbon emissions and a massive investment in clean energy jobs.


Language does evolve. New trends create words and those words end up in modern dictionaries.

A new language term is required that signifies the political (or politician's) form of schizophrenia. For it is NOT possible that a President can mean what he herewith states and simultaneously push for fast-tracking the most insidious trade agreements possible... ones that will nullify any protections to sacred ecosystems and other environmental treasures, as well as necessities:

"Because environmental activists made Keystone a symbol of the climate crisis, Obama was able to use its rejection as a way to gain leverage for the talks. Having previously unveiled a set of regulations to limit carbon emissions from America’s power plants, Obama can now go to Paris with harder proof that America is leading, and press for reciprocal commitments from other nations."

Of course the Native Americans also had a term for this: "speaking with forked tongue." Amazing how long that infirmity has lasted!


A "War on Global Warming" makes a hell of a lot more sense than a "War on Terror" and a "War on Drugs". Lots of opportunities there for capitalists.


The next steps are not clear at all. Compared with getting Congress to act defeating Keystone was easy. The main political objective was to get a Democratic president who is clearly a climate hawk to reject a pipeline that was mainly going to be routed through the US to reach refineries located at a port making shipping the oil easy and the refineries are near capacity that the moment anyway. How is building on the Keystone victory supposed to get the Republican controlled House of Representatives to put a cap on carbon emissions from all sources? Whatever the next step is won't be getting Congress to do anything to address the problem of climate change.