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Building the Iron Wall


Building the Iron Wall

Chris Hedges

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, along with 18 members of the House of Representatives—15 Republicans and three Democrats—has sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that the Qatari-run Al-Jazeera television network register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The letter was issued after Al-Jazeera said it planned to air a documentary by a reporter who went undercover to look into the Israel lobby in the United States.


LOL at this. Does this mean Fox New will be taken off the air, too?

Yep, sounds like Fox News to me.


Honestly, it also sounds like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. They all push the Russia stole our election lie.


Thank you, Chris! Excellent article!


Sleepwalking toward a nightmare


Cruz and Sessions both in the opening sentence of this superb essay! Two of the most dangerous threats to our Constitution.

Hedges is obviously very concerned about this creeping censorship, as we all should be.

“The Iron Wall” is a good metaphor. It seems that we have entered an era of walls, both
literally and figuratively. Walls to keep people out. Walls to keep people in. Walls to keep out inconvenient truth. Walls to keep misinformation, lies and propaganda safe. Walls to keep us separated from each other. Walls to give us the illusion of safety. Walls to keep us
afraid. Our goal must be fewer walls not more of them.


It all ok. Sure they want to take away your Free Speech rights in the way of Censoring News so that you only read what the Government wants you to read, but guys like Cruz will protect your right to bear arms so you can defend your rights.


That hits close to home.

Then US was OK after the war. The vets had been and had seen and were welcomed home. Things were OK for awhile.

The came Dallas, then Martin and Bobby - Jimmy Carter was OK.

Then everything changed, and not only incrementally.

Even the music changed.

So it’s all true, what Chris says.

And consistent with the final stage of empire.

Maybe there’s hope elsewhere - but right now the fog is impenetrable.


Keep shouting. Against proxy wars without end, ending with wars upon their own peoples. Here, there and everywhere. Until they have to shoot us all down.


Consistent with the end of the republic, empire follows republic.


I just feel like talking -

Trying not to give in to pessimism.

We haven’t hit rock bottom yet, and I have a strange feeling that’s the only way out.

Maybe the climate crisis will save the day type thing, and all of the other crises that accompany it ?

There has never been seven plus billion people on the planet, armed with the Internet.

On the other hand - there are now donut proposals appearing in the prestigious journal ‘Nature’, just to bring one back to reality.

If ‘we’ are stupid enough to be where we are now - maybe we’re stupid enough to follow through on this plan linked to below ?

Geoengineer polar glaciers to slow sea-level rise Stalling the fastest flows of ice into the oceans would buy us a few centuries to deal with climate change and protect coasts, argue John C. Moore and colleagues.

  • Nature: COMMENT 14 MARCH 2018


Splitting hairs I think.

My view - the US is just a continuation of the British empire - bigger, badder, more reach.

I too had hopes, especially when I was young, the Kennedy years,

So did JFK - so did his brother. They constituted real threats - you know the rest of the story, and here we are.

Not to say that a republic, something emergent from the Declaration, isn’t worth fighting for.

But right now we are losing badly, everywhere, and I have the ugly feeling this is just the beginning of the dark ages.

The Scientific Revolution followed the historical Dark Ages - and that is no coincidence. Just as the aftermath of WWII saw real men coming home - hardened and much much wiser than when they left, so the Scientific Revolution and later The Enlightenment were powered by the memory of the Dark Age.

We are soft - spoiled - or in the case of the volunteer military - disillusioned.

Not ready for what is right now - no backbone.

That will come, but only after a time - when we get tired of the boot on our neck.

We have a singer here in Alberta, Ian Tyson:

“Sometimes I think he’s like America - only see him in my dreams”


I think turnabout is fair play. They want Al-Jazeera registered as a foreign agent, I want AIPAC registered as a foreign lobby.


Carry on citizen troops for justice. I wish I had carried through on what I learned in 10th grade print shop, letterpress printing. A business that will print any message on a bumper sticker. Freedom of speech right


For the moment, I would shift away from Google, which is obviously severely corrupt. I am for the moment getting straighter results from duckduckgo, though I have no way of verifying or guaranteeing in what ways these may or may not be representative.

I would also counsel archiving information that may be worth that. The odds are very good that this gets worse before it gets better. Archives should be hardware separated from the Net, and not on wifi-capable or bluetooth-capable hardware. There are already considerable bodies of data and text that I accessed before 2010 that can no longer be found, at least from where I usually am.

I found out not too long ago that my ISP out in the California desert actively censors my content–not for government purposes, for all I know, but certainly in response to corporate pressure.

There are a lot of people working to shut down information and communication. Governments (who would hide activities), companies (who would hide activities and work towards monopolies), media, and quasi-governmental actors. It’s a nasty list.


Ian Tyson…Ian and Sylvia…Four Strong Winds :-)))


Get out, leave, move, flee, this is no place for sane humans and other living things. If you have funds, please move away.


I take in a Chris Hedges article the way a man dying of thirst takes in a drink of cool water. He is the only one who gets it, and has the balls to print it. He is our prophet…and as is fitting for our modern day prophet, most have never even heard of him. In a world seemingly devoid of heroes, he is mine.

“The corporate oligarchs, lacking a valid response to the discrediting of their policies of economic pillage and endless war, have turned to the blunt instrument of censorship and to a new version of red baiting. They do not intend to institute reforms or restore an open society. They do not intend to address the social inequality behind the political insurgencies in the two major political parties and the hatred of the corporate state that spans the political spectrum. They intend to impose a cone of silence and the state-sanctioned uniformity of opinion that characterizes all totalitarian regimes.”

There it is plain as day. Could it be any more obvious? Who else is willing to actually say it. It strikes me every day just how few there are of us who actually see what is right in front of us. Chris points it out in Technicolor.


Nobody can put into words the conditions of our bondage better then Chris Hedges.


Sadly it doesn’t work that way. They will get what they want, you my friend will not.