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Building the Iron Wall

Not factoring in logistical considerations ( physical and distributive limitations ) is the wishful thinking of which falsehoods are built on.
The carrying capacity of the planet has been swamped by the population overload, pretty much. Well, I guess Wyoming could use more.
You obviously have never raised large numbers of animal stock. Even having 150% of the items necessary to sustain life for a herd of 200 goats, if apportioned incorrectly or made available in the wrong places, threatens the entire herd eventually through all sorts of physical maladies and diseases. Unless, of course, people are forced to live a life of confinement similar to chickens or pigs. And, that is destructive, as well.
The rise of supplements, antibiotic abuse and growth hormones, etc. is an example of what life would look like for 70% of humans under your fairy tale. Which falls apart eventually, too.
In the movie Chinatown, Noah Cross tells Jake, " you either bring the water to the people or the people to the water ". While his chosen strategy involved murders and other crimes, it also made LA. But, even that geo-engineering feat won’t save all of S. California, it just changed their newer maladies to other forms of environmental degradation and distortions ( fyi- while the PTB just became richer and more controlling ). Or, maybe you see the problems being experienced by Durban, S. Afica, presently?
Suggesting someone kill themselves and their loved ones, because you’re a pro-life advocate, really cheeses up your argument. And, simply shows how little you have thought through your position.

I am making note of the addiction to the gargantuan - the I-am-God narcissism that is incapable of recognizing the treasure of diversity, the variety and flexibility that it represents … can you say m.e.t.h.a.n.e.?

People really might want to choose to exercise the mind-bend of ju jitsu against the megagargantuan toppling that is commencing and learn to duck, get out of the way, choose something entirely different. Here is a starter kit calling for an April launch to explore the documented alternatives. It has reached the point where the environmental IS the political…


Caitlin Johnstone writes about evidence Twitter Is unfollowing people from anti-establishment accounts:

:slight_smile: Many, do you really have to ask why? :slight_smile: The smart German’s got out just in time. My hope is there are smart people here, now, as well.

People " replicating " now instead of having normal and, not so mainstream, healthy and enjoyable sex lives. Without reproducing another offspring, too. Unbelievable!
That thumb of yours should be washed with soap and water before it touches any buttons. If it’s like your mind, there’s no telling where it has been.
Enjoy your confinement, I guess.

You have misunderstood the “Half-Earth” idea of Edward O. Wilson amd of the author of the link provided. No one, not E.O. Wilson, not the author of the piece, nor myself, are even remotely suggesting anyone reduce human numbers by any other than consensual means.

The whole idea is to set aside half the Earth for wildlife and natural landscapes. This is grounded in the evolutionary biologist E. O .Wilson’s life’s work - to wit:

“Wilson has been called “the father of sociobiology” and “the father of biodiversity”,[4] his environmental advocacy, and his secular-humanist and deist ideas pertaining to religious and ethical matters.[5] Among his greatest contributions to ecological theory is the theory of island biogeography, which he developed in collaboration with the mathematical ecologist Robert MacArthur, which was the foundation of the development of conservation area design, as well as the unified neutral theory of biodiversity of Stephen Hubbell.”(Wikipedia)

I recommend you read the article again (the original link).

Then I recommend you go out and buy the book by E.O. Wilson, “Half-Earth”:

Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life (The Anthropocene Epoch #3) by Edward O. Wilson

Very, very true! Another perspicacious thought from one of the best, Chris Hedges. Chris gets it!

I recommend that everyone should read Milton Mayer’s book: They Thought They Were Free.

“…guys like Cruz will protect your right to bear arms so you can defend your rights.”

I guess that would be our right to mumble and grunt incoherently into the void while all our other rights are temporarily suspended. You know, just for the duration of the emergency.

Which is eternal.

But don’t worry, our right to bear hand guns against tanks and satellite-aimed cruise missiles will be preserved.

But the thing about form means it wasn’t OK after the war. This country has been infected by Wetiko disease since before it was a country.

www [dot] kosmosjournal [dot] org/article/seeing-wetiko-on-capitalism-mind-viruses-and-antidotes-for-a-world-in-transition/

In fighting a Wetiko-infected society, a healthier society (even a marginally healthier one) has a choice–achieve remarkable maturity in a hurry, lose to the infected outsiders or become infected in order to “win”–which is losing. As hard as it is to believe, despite a history of genocide, slavery and oppression we caught an even more serious strain of Wetiko from the Nazis and have been exhibiting its symptoms ever since, spreading it through methods physical, psychological and psychoid.
(For example: Spreading violence, lower IQ, impulsivity, inability to concentrate, and other disabling qualities throughout society via the introduction of toxic lead, mercury, cadmium, endocrine disruptors, and other substances. The irrational zeal with which the spreading of those substances through the burning of coal and oil is now being defended is an indication of the seriousness of the disease.)

But our Wetiko infection goes back way before Carter and we’ve done nothing to cure it, not even recognize its existence. Let’s do that as a first step toward solving the multiple overlapping crises it’s now causing.

Emptying any area of the Earth, no matter now large, would be pointless, since the harmful effects of alleged ‘civilization’ reach far beyond its physical reaches. Completely emptying the Earth of rich people and stopping all their dysfunctional behavior is the only way to save nature, as we eliminate the use of fossil fuels, drastically reduce meat eating, and simplify and equalize our lives at a sustainable level.