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'Building Walls' Will Worsen Coming Climate Crisis, Top General Warns


'Building Walls' Will Worsen Coming Climate Crisis, Top General Warns

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Global warming has the potential to "completely destabilize" the planet, cautioned a top military leader, as nations increasingly respond by erecting "walls and fences" rather than seek out a "global solution" to address the coming tide of climate refugees.


Good advice. It appears sea level rise could be anywhere from 3 to 10 feet this century and many millions of people could be displaced. Increased drought might also lead to large migrations of people. This is a very difficult problem to solve because of efforts required not only at the national level but also at the local level as well. Getting many thousands of communities all over the world to take action is an unbelievable challenge but that is what is required. Big cities usually have adequate resources but smaller communities usually do not and typically rely a lot on volunteers.


The only way we will ever have leaders with vision is to stop allowing the wealthy elite to monopolize politics, and to actually punish their zombie-sycophants, who are only too willing to turn on their fellows if it means putting a few bucks in their pockets, for supporting their sociopathic behaviors.


We all need to act now to start reversing the effect of climate change. A great way to start is here http://www.viridianenergyaustralia.org/2016/10/27/climate-change/


The power elites risk catastrophic climate change in the quest for profits and whether a college professor flies too often or not, what is needed is a fundamental change from a fossil fuel dependent technology to an alternative one. Plastic made from fossil fuel is ubiquitous however there are alternatives available for example. Imagine our civilization without plastic!

Until we seek the alternative technology solution for our civilization, even if all the college profs stayed home and you let the grass grow wild etc...none of it would really make much difference.

It is about time that a political solution (governments prohibiting or restricting the use of fossil fuels) set the course for a sustainable future for our world wide civilization. Mowing lawns less and so forth will not save us.