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Bulldozer Trump Says Get Rid of NATO


Bulldozer Trump Says Get Rid of NATO

Eric Margolis

Donald Trump has been making many revolutionary proposals. Unfortunately, they have often been obscured by the furor over his fumbled remarks about abortion and the pulsating hatred of America’s Republican ruling class.

The media have attacked Trump like a school of enraged piranhas. A contrived incident mounted by the hard right wing tried to make his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, look like a woman abuser. I met Lewandowski two weeks ago in Palm Beach. He’s a reserved person and certainly no abuser.


Anyone vilified by both sides of the dominant political spectrum sparks my interest.

I do not fear Trump. Though I will not vote for him, his lack of experience and loud mouth did not scare me into voting for Hillary in my state. She has a gory anti democracy history and does not have the ability to stake out the traditional democratic party claim that she is a lesser evil than the other party's candidate.

Oligarchs are passé — Everyone can see through their good breeding and disgusting billions to the rot in public places like freeways, railroads, schools, health and the environment.


"Europe badly needs its own unified armed forces."

Nonsense, sir.

Europe badly needs to eradicate all its armed forces, as does the USA and the rest of the world.

You don't arrive at world peace by increasing armed forces, you do so by eliminating them.


Margolis correctly points out the electoral value of the Trump challenge to NATO. He fails to see the D Party's recent regime change in Ukraine as a distinctly D Party version of what both ruling elites of the two dominant US parties approve of: international regime change through "pre-emptive" wars. He blames that on the GOP. What a pathetic partisan blindness. If the HRC/BHO guided Ukraine "regime change" didn't destabilize US-Russia relations, nothing in the world has. Putin, fortunately for us all, and unfortunately for the pathetic partisan blindnesses, is not so self-deluded. The regime-change bipartisan blindnesses come from another bipartisan blindness: refusing to see how much Wall Street controls both parties. Would Margolis also blame the regime change failures in Egypt, Lybia, Honduras, Yemen, and Iraq on the GOP? Remember that even Obama's Iraq failures have equalled GWB's; that shared failure grows apace daily. The others were entirely Obama's. They all were eagerly rubber-stamped & financed by US Congressional Democrats as well as GOPers.


Trump clearly is an ego-driven, carny-showman, arrogant, ignorant, sexist, bigoted idiot that acts like a privileged 12 year old. His "advisers" are apparently incompetent idiots as well. All that said, like a broken clock, he's "accurate" (sort-of) twice a day, and has said/supported some few things needing change - but they get lost in stupidity, changing positions, and narcissism, and for every half-way reasonable position, 10 times as many are astonishingly destructive, asinine, or show his ignorance.
Eliminating US empire military waste like NATO and military bases/spending around the globe is one good goal - "cut the "defense" budget he has said - it should be cut - drastically -, but is an integral part of US empire and the MICC essential to US hegemony - and domestic political power/influence of both parties.........

Presidential material trump is not, but a few positions he's taken shouldn't be dismissed & thrown out with the bath-tub..........


The PTB have much more in mind than empire (such an outdated term) It's not really about control of some particular land mass. It's more about complete control of you and me, that we will be so distracted by triviality, like Trump, that we won't notice what is really happening. Maybe another "event" like 9/11 will be necessary to increase the fear factor. Global warming? Bring it on. The PTB will live on in their domed enclaves. To hell with the rest of us.


Gradually eliminating armed forces is a good idea. Start with foreign bases in manufactured wars, then move on to closing all foreign bases.


As despicable as I find many of Trump's statements for someone in his position, I'd characterize his overall campaign as hilariously shattering the illusion that establishment politics isn't loaded down with ignorance, supremacy, Fascism, psychopathy, and pandering. And then every once in a while he throws out a gem like this which makes remarkable sense.


I like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' terminology: European nations are vassal states. One must also remember that empires are expensive. The only thing to be extracted from Europe is money. How's that working out for you, Greece? Συγνώμη.


Come on Bernie Sanders. Many people including myself want to know your opinion on Nato. Which is presently building up Nato forces right at Russia's front door. Increasing the chances of a first strike Nuclear attack by either side.. That is making the world a very dangerous place to be living in at this time.


Trump is an oligharch too. And if you were to sit down with a Trump supporter I'd be curious to see how many issues you have in common - global warming, environment, healthcare, worker rights, immigration, most foreign policy. How often does it have to be said that Mussolini - Trumps scary facial expressions and type of delivery strikingly resembles his - had lots of good policy proposals too?

And yes, if you never engage in public actions of dissent such as organized demonstrations, than I wouldn't fear Trump either. Mind you own business and everything will be fine. That was true even in Argentina and Chile in the 1970s-80s - and under Pinochet and the Argentine Junta things did get better for a lot of the working class. With a Trump presidency and the current makeup of the US Congress, we will probably see at least a few Haymarkets before the year is out - and I will probably be one of their victims. But no, you will probably do just fine.


You might like it but it's a load of crap. The US is an increasingly backward country sinking into idiocy and decline, well past its sell-by date, so you all like to believe nonsense like this because it makes you feel you're still important. It's an inverted narccissism. In what way are European countries vassal states? Give me some examples of how the US has controlled their legislation and behaviour rather than have such passed by the various parliaments they've elected themselves. The UK vote not to bomb Assad didn't work out too well for the US, did it? Most parliaments are made up of around 500 representatives, so does, in your world, the US 'own' each of those representatives and tell them what to do? How, for example, is the US going to control the upcoming UK referendum on Brexit? How did it control the referendum in Scotland? You are are deluded. All empires decline eventually, get over yourself and accept it and move on, a bit more grown up than you once were.


"American politicians, Trump included, like to accuse Europe of “not carrying their rightful defense burden.” What they really mean is that Europe is not paying enough to support the American Imperium. The US is not in Europe and Asia for humanitarian reasons; they form the two key spheres of US world power."

Precisely. And the above paragraph's sentiments also showed up when certain right wing voices insisted on Iraq paying for U.S. military protection... without a word mentioned about all that was eviscerated in the way of formerly functioning infrastructure, not to mention the loss of lives.

And while AIPAC is influential, too many people suppose that all the "military aid" to Israel is pure altruism... as opposed to net PAYOUTS to the weapons' firms that are the economic Siamese twin to the Military Industrial Complex. Israel also serves as one of those strategic steppingstones, as do Japan (newly beefing up its military) and South Korea, among other Hot Spots.

Unfortunately, the following quote makes it clear that Margolis may well be a closet fan of Trump's:

"No one in the US has dared question this post-war imperial status quo until the bulldozing Mr. Trump. Small wonder he is so hated and vilified. Trump directly threatens America’s military-industrial-Wall Street complex and its role as a world hegemon. Trump questions carte blanche for Israel, and America’s entire system of government which has been profoundly corrupted by oceans of money."


Whatever ones political opinion of Trump, it has to be acknowledged that since his own party is against him, even though Trump is the front runner Trump must be stepping on some big toes! When the Republican party says: "Trump will destroy their party" I read it to mean that the party bosses have no control over him like they would with Cruz, Rubio or Kasich.

Trump will destroy the Republican party? What could be better!


Errors Fixed.

Notice that the "o" is next to the "i" on a keyboard. We all don't have agile fingers - especially us men. But yes that apostrophe should not have been there.

Thanks for the proofread. You can delete your comment now, and then I'll delete this comment. OK?


Exactly. He makes sense on a (very) few issues, but I still don't want him anywhere near the White House.


Egotistical and fascistic as he is, he's better than Clinton on NATO, Military interventions and Palestine.

NATO, like the CIA and NSA should be abolished.

While Trump is an ignorant, ego-driven fascist. Clinton is a more competent fascist with a degree of finesse.


Yep. You are right. Trump is an oligarch, too. Exactly what I mean. You don't notice your descriptions are the exact cards Hillary dealt to Honduras, the Arab Spring and etc?

Go Bernie!


I was responding to another with the qualifying word, "gradually."

Balance the budget ! US citizens have the constitutional right to pay for endless war out of pocket.


I agree. Between Trump and Clinton, HRC is the more effective evil!