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Bulletproof Never Looked Better, and America Has Lost Its Mind

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/13/bulletproof-never-looked-better-and-america-has-lost-its-mind

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One would think this is satire, if it weren’t true of the dismal state of gun laws in this country.


I’m not paranoid about getting shot. Yet.

However, I do realize I live in what is perceived as a hotbed of liberalism, which undoubtedly increases the likelihood of being attacked by a MAGA-stoked ammosexual on a rampage. Man, WTF?


The US right wing tends to mock Fundamendalist Muslim nations for forcing their women into head to toe burqas. Those Burqas intent is that a male seeing the female form can not help himself and will think impure thoughts that might well lead to rape.

This is along the same lines.

Next up child sized chastity belts.

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What we should so is buy them for black children, in case of police.

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That was my first thought also but the gun loving fanatics take themselves very seriously.

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What’s inevitably next?

Emergency gas masks for the possibility of a poisonous chemical attack.

At what point do we stop treating the symptom and fix the cause?

No gun should be allowed to fire more than 3 shots before reloading is required. NONE. Rifles and pistols.


…Permit and yearly registration on the firearm, training to use, liability insurance, permit to buy ammo, just like a car, period, paragraph…


I suppose that for some parents, that the bullet proof backpack is a great idea, but look at what happens in Israel, those soldiers shoot to maim----and you can see plenty of young Palestinians missing any part of a body that is connected to a joint—arms and legs. A backpack—well what ever is visible will be shot, and with the bullets now used,
bleeding to death by implosion from those awful bullets makes everything useless in defense. : (
It makes more sense to limit number of shots fired , a shooting test like a drivers test required and lots of GUN insurance, because the maimed need a lot of rehabilitation.


While it does sound as if the two programs of thought behind the “protective” clothing are similar, I don’t agree. Keeping male lust under wraps under the guise of religion is an excuse to control women. With long term education cultural “norms” can be changed, for example the world is becoming aware of the dangerous practice of female genital mutilation and actively working to stop the practice with programs of education and protection for females who desperately need help.

Promotion of protective clothing for school children is a NEW phenomena supported by NEW groups of extremist radical some under the guise of religion others not. Some of the far right extremist radical fanatics are organized by allegiance to political theories and others defy government control. But in the oosa the main power base aims to gain absolute power with the sole purpose of financial gains and allowing the free-for-all use of guns is helping to distract us from their insidious rise. Fear is a tool used in the promotion of discord. Plus those who are true believers in The Supremacy of Whiteness are handmaidens of the PRAYER BREAKFAST groupies.

Guns are a means of control over women as well. There are millions of women afraid to leave their men because of what he might do with his guns.

The issue here with bullet proof backpacks as it was with the Chastity belt is that they treat the symptom rather then the problem. It putting the onus on the CHILDREN to defend themsleves with bullet proof backpacks when the need to defend themselves against a person with a gun when the issue is with the person with that gun.

Just as a woman not wearing a Burqa does not give men the right to commit violence upon them because they can not control their own lust , a man with a gun has no right to exercise violence on another because he can not control his own desire to kill.

Invest times and money in reeducate that male into thinking outside the urge to commit violence and control another person. That is learned behaviour that needs to be unlearned.


Truly, I live in an insane asylum run by the inmates.


I live in AZ and used to talk politics with some of my neighbors, but now many are trump supporters with very narrow conservative views. I keep my mouth shut and hope they don’t remember I once had a Bernie sticker on my car. Is that being paranoid? I don’t know, but I don’t trust them.


Understandable. Paranoid? Maybe, but who’s to say none of these idiots would do something to you or your property? Just like in Germany, just like in Rev. Niemöller’s famous poem, each of us has to decide beyond what line we would not back up. My car has been viciously keyed…and that was before Dump or any bumper sticker. Good luck. It’s hard.

I do speak out. Maybe you could research talking points and/or the Socratic method for talking with Dumpists. In my limited experience, there’s always one, maybe tiny, point in which the Dumpist won’t agree with this miscreant un-president. I use that point to explore why s/he felt s/he could break with the “party line” and see if there’s any recognition of the mindset, skills and strength required to do so…and maybe more. One teensy step at a time. Does this make sense?

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I very nearly started crying at work when I saw the last picture in this article.


In a court of law judgement is made with consideration of INTENT the difference between first and second degree manslaughter. This is just an aside.

Women have been controlled since forever.

Those who promote lawless purchase, ownership and sometimes use of guns favor the use of weapons of massive killing (mass destruction) because they want to control everyone not only women. We are living in a police state now and promotion of bulletproof backpacks for school children is an obvious sign of losing our minds because it is an acceptance of the police state. But you already know this.

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It’s about INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-------People have a right to walk in public without the fear of being shot------there should be NO guns out in public areas and this includes the POLICE—And KILLING by the STATE needs to be addressed-------STOP SENDING THE MESSAGE THAT IT IS OK TO USE VIOLENCE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS.


Amen to that.
Of the two people that I know who love their guns and collect them both approve of the ogre who occupies the wh