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Bullets to the Head: God's Just Wrath For Tolerating Wickedness In Our Midst Increasingly, and May We Say Dubiously, Being Called Upon To Get Rid of Pesky Gay People


Bullets to the Head: God's Just Wrath For Tolerating Wickedness In Our Midst Increasingly, and May We Say Dubiously, Being Called Upon To Get Rid of Pesky Gay People

Our nation's culture wars lurch on, propped up by ever more implausible calls to "Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty" by bigots clinging to the wrong side of history. Thus do we have Indiana's new “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” a law allowing the pious to discriminate against godless gays, and California's proposed "Sodomite Suppression Act," a ballot initiative whereby "any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method." Plus, in response, an Intolerant Jackass Act. God bless free speech.


That idiot’s a lawyer? Surely proposing such a Gross Violation Of Everything should get him disciplined by the bar association, if not his membership revoked outright. (It should also get him evaluated by a competent psychologist or psychiatrist)


Lord Jesus God, please protect me from your followers. Oh, there’s nobody there to listen. Silly followers.

So, I’m guessing these religious zealots are blaming climate change and species extinction and widening income gaps on society gone anti-bible? Talk about placing the blame on anything but the true source of the problem. I suppose nothing less than grabbing them by the ears and rubbing their face in it will bring them to admission. Some serious thickheaded, stubborn narrowmindedness there. And they try to say they aren’t monkeys. Well, let’s see some inteligence if they claim to have any. I don’t even see common sense!


I understand the sentiment.

However, I suspect your ultimate aim or hope (a tarnished word these days, I know) is to convince the religious supporters of this Evangelical fatwa/papal bull/edict to follow Jesus’ actual teachings and get rid of this draconian “law.” If so, I urge a different strategy.

Mocking their deeply-held beliefs will never work.


Your suspicions are incorrect. I agree that mocking their beliefs won’t work but respecting them doesnt either. In fact, nothing will work with blockheads like them. So, on with the mocking.


Then what will change their minds? If they insist that the Bible is the “truth,” and a credible authority, and if there are numerous clear declarations in the Bible against homosexuality, what would be your argument to them?

Apparently the only “respectful” disagreement with this kind of religious-based homophobia is an equally absurd insistence that they discard 95% of the Bible in favor of a few isolated feel-good verses attributed to Jesus. In that case, why bother with the Bible at all?


It’s true that agreeing with their beliefs won’t work. But I don’t see a mocking them/supporting them dichotomy. I believe most are, in the most literal of Christian traditions, sheep; they follow their pastor or priest without question, accepting his interpretation of the Bible.

It is this interpretation of the Bible that I would force them to question (i.e. by challenging the Evangelicals to provide a Biblical quote of Jesus’ opposition to…whatever it is they claim Jesus was opposed to).

That said, if I’m unsuccessful (which, sadly is most of the time), I have engaged in mocking.



I don’t think it absurd to advocate disregarding large swaths of the Bible…Jesus did!

For Chirstians, the Old Testament’s purpose is to situate Jesus’ lineage as well as the doctrines he rejected. The Old Testament contains the verses against homosexuality. It is not in the Gospels (the basis of Christianity). The other parts of the New Testament, if they contain similar declarations against homosexuality are, in the end, nothing more than interpretations of the message contained in the Gospel by men who lived centuries later.


When ‘zeal’ turns to ‘zealotry’, watch the phk out! Idolatry of ideology might be the most egregious sin.


The main admonition against homosexuality in the New Testament is found in the last few verses of Romans, chapter 1. Of course, there were no chapter divisions in the original document. That being said, one has only to read further into the beginning of chapter 2, which is a continuation of ch.1, where Paul says…and you, oh man, whosoever you are, judge not, for you do it too. But they always skip that part.


Nothing says ‘Euro-Jesus’ like another Inquisition.


There’s actually a petition on Change.org to ask the California Bar Association to disbar that nut job.


That’s good to hear! I hope it succeeds, because he’s dangerous.


Not trying to de-rail the thread, but Mairead, is he more dangerous than a lawyer who taught constitutional law and has over seen detention without representation or trial? Torture? Extra-judicial killing? Otherwise known as “our president”. I’d sign a petition to pull his license, too.

You can always either use a rule structure for good or for your own ends. This Cali lawyer by no means has the corner on the market.


Absolutely, Janet! I too would sign a credible petition to pull Obugger’s licence.

This guy is vicious and nuts, Obastard is vicious and slick. Not much to choose between them, apart from this guy probably being less-predictable, and certainly being less-effective. Both should lose their licence, and Obama should do prison time, right next to W and Slick Willie. Maybe Poppy Bush too.



They tend to skip the ‘most important’ parts: the Beattitudes; the Golden Rule; and the lesson contained in the ‘Good Samaritan’ parable…


You silly goose you.

Don’t you know that if self-proclaimed, but fake, Christians cannot oppress other people, that they themselves are being oppressed.


My best guess is, when a group of pious people have to choose between righteous indignation, or easing the suffering of the unwashed masses, they find it easier to dwell on the former. It’s easier. When said people are admonished for their apathy or disagreed with, they are persecuted. They keep their right to persecute however. They are not being honest with themselves. I am one of those progressive Christians that the fundamentalist call nominal. Sigh…

I think Pence signed this law because he plans on running for president. He wants the fundie’s cool points. He has Koch brother backing and is destroying our public school system with big cuts. You know public schools, the schools that teach tolerance? Oh well, my own experience in South Bend Schools.
Sorry I’m such a snit.


Rastafarians: Indiana wants you and you can go there.

I’m sure those Indiana legislators will agree that the sweet, sweet smell of ganja is a sacred sacrament and blocking it violates the free exercise of religion.

Because they’re very concerned about that.