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Bullish on Bernie: Populist Presidential Platform Draws Overflow Crowds


Bullish on Bernie: Populist Presidential Platform Draws Overflow Crowds

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who spoke to overflow crowds in Iowa and Minnesota over the weekend following his official campaign kick-off in Vermont last Tuesday, is gaining traction with both the press and the public.


“Mrs. Clinton’s advisers are most concerned that Mr. Sanders might prove effective, particularly in the Democrats’ televised debates, at painting Mrs. Clinton as squishy or untrustworthy on liberal issues.”…New York Times.

I have said all along, just having Bernie debate Ms. Hillary is a giant step in itself. Ms. Hillary is DLC to the core, debates will make it hard for her to flim flam a faux populism. Like a complicated black and white photo, where subjects are revealed by contrasts, Hillary provides the shadow to Bernie’s stunning highlight.


He has got my vote…Hillary does not impress me…Nor the endless GOP parade of clowns…


Attempts to fuse socialism with the Republican-Democratic party hasn’t worked well in the past, perhaps because candidates like Clinton and Obama were really just sheep dogs for the ruling political and economic elite, but what happens if a principled “democratic socialist” leads a revolt aimed at taking over the Democratic Party? Based on the hours I’ve spent listening to the Brunch with Bernie segment of the Thom Hartmann radio program, I think that’s the plan. Bernie decided that we the people had a better chance of winning that way than running as an independent. Hard to think of Bernie as a corporate lanky or sheep dog, which is how he will be presented by some liberals. Bernie may be flawed, but he’s honest.


America was promised “Hope” and “Change” in 2008. We voted for “Hope” and Change," in 2008. We are still HUNGRY for “Hope” and “Change” in 2016!

Bernie will do much, much better in the Primaries than the pundits think.


I hope Bernie is telling the truth, but after being lied to time and time again, it is really hard for me to trust anyone in our government.


Keep pushing the populist, progressive envelope, Bernie. More people than we realize are yearning for democratizing the power.


Bernie has been authentic for decades.


Instead of calling for higher taxes on the rich, Bernie could be calling for a yearly popular referendum to set a cap on personal wealth. Cap excesses can be distributed electronically to all citizens equally. This is the way to prevent oligarchy while maintaining a healthy economy and environment. Begging the rich that own our government to tax themselves is futile. All taxes go to politicians that kick the money back to the rich anyway.


I am certainly convinced that if Sanders is the chosen candidate for the White House then he will do his best to achieve his platform.
My concern with Sanders though is his willingness to suppory Clinton if she is the one running for President. That would be the worse thing than could happen. Why is Sanders willing to support a person who does not really buy into Sanders platform? If anything is clear about Hillary it is that she loves big money.


I like all the discussion of Bernie and only unfavorable mentions of Hillary, with the Hillary clone from Baltimore not even being mentioned. Why should he? He has nothing alternative to Hillary but his hair. Did he hire John Edwards’s hairdresser?


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Yep, Bernie is the "real McCoy. If you like defense spending and support for apartheid. PEPX2. Progressive Except for Palestine, Populist Except for the Pentagon. I hope all these dreamy-eyed Sanderkins will admit how wrong they have been once he endorses Clinton. Nah. They’ll just move on to support the next lying hypocrite who can tell them what they want to hear.


And this is the message that government had better understand. American citizens no longer trust nor believe the people who hold positions in government. When that happens revolution is close at hand. When people lose the ability to “hope for change” they have nothing to lose by taking on those who have usurped power for their own ends. I learned this from officers training school during the Vietnam age. Obama has, and continues to do more to destroy our belief in the government of the US than any president in history during my lifetime. What promise he held for so many, what a disaster he proved to be for all those who placed their trust in him. I think it is too late for a Bernie to recapture the trust of many Americans in this oligarchic plutocracy we think is a democracy. We have been fooled one too many times.


My suggestion would be to put it in writing and send it to him.

Even if he is fully on board, though, don’t expect him to advocate it publicly during the campaign. The details are way too complicated for Mr. and Ms. Average Voter (older, white, and true believers in the two-party American democratic experiment, predominantly) to want to comprehend at this point. The idea at this time is for him to pique their interests without overburdening them to the extent that they think his ideas are pie-in-the-sky offerings of a liberal nutjob.

That was Kucinich’s failing. Dennis “came out” too early, so to speak, with his (often truly radical) agenda, and never appeared at all mainstream. Voters did not understand him, and thus dismissed him. Bernie is different. He knows that in order to be able affect real change as only the occupant of the White House can, he has to get there first.


And annoying me.


“left-leaning rhetoric about income inequality and money in politics.”

Since when has been telling the truth and showing Christian concern been “left-leaning”?


“Don’t forget, either, what happened to Paul Wellstone”

When Sanders first announced his run I thought of this also, I am sure many have.


No career politician in this Fake Democracy is honest. They do not work for us. Only candidates who kiss the golden ring of the One Percent Dynasty Families and Kings of Wall Street are even vetted for the duopoly ballot. Bernie has wisely side-stepped the pitfall that independents Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and Jill Stein fell into who were all unfairly sabotaged with all manner of foul play by the two party mafia. But maybe Bernie can get us to first base from inside the system and then negotiate a middle ground for all of us, since he’s well known in Washington.

It will come at a high price. We will build war machines and roads (more cars) instead of a green economy, which will probably seal our fate. But Bush is certain death and world war. Clinton is certain death and world war. Bernie has a chance since Lockheed loves him (F-35 pork) and they own much of the outsourced intelligence community. Clinton may get a Closet-Skeleton Surprise (who knows, a trillion dollars in aircraft sales is a powerful chip in the game.) Israel will continue to bribe our government with our own billions of aid given to them and returned via AIPAC.

But all things considered, Bernie is our best progressive gamble, if he is able to at least broach the subject of Citizens United, which he wants to overturn.


Back a short time ago I watched a talk given by professor of economics Richard Wolff and he was talking about what had taken place in Greece with the leftist party Syriza winning by a wide margin.
He spoke of the strong potential of the leftist winning in Spain. He said what was happening in Europe hadn’t happened here “yet, with his emphasis on the word “yet”.
He believed that there is a good possibility that it could happen here…

Who is Bernie’s advisor on fiscal and monetary policy?
I have a couple of suggestions.