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Bullying Fueled Overly-Optimistic ISIS Intel, Analysts Charge


Bullying Fueled Overly-Optimistic ISIS Intel, Analysts Charge

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Intelligence reports that questioned the efficacy of U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State fighters were reportedly questioned, watered-down, or distorted, in order to present a more "glass half full" view of the bombing campaign, new reporting reveals.


Afganistan,iraq,& iran ((next)US government has lied the entire war!----Lies & more lies.Are we to expect anything other than lies? Oh yeah---a hell of lot more killing to come.


You took the words I am feeling from me. Just extend your time line back to Vietnam. The military, especially the higher ranks, is full of "Yes Men" (unfortunately, this is no comedy) (even the once respected Colin Powell was an a.. kisser - cost him his reputation; cost Iraq millions of broken lives; cost the middle eastern countries ongoing unfathomable misery). We have become, due to half a century of citizen tolerance, a nation of b...sh.t. it's getting hard to even read this stuff anymore.


Yeah...the Pentagon papers were filled with lies, distortions, and inflated kill numbers to bolster a war effort doomed to fail and based on ideological premises. Seems nothing has changed, the lessons of history are not being learned.


Shades of Vietnam. I remember the same thing was going on in the 1960's. They will do anything to keep the money flowing. Lives and families and hopes and dreams don't count.