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'Bullying of Marginalized Workers': Trump Moves to Slash Pay of Guest Farmworkers Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/11/bullying-marginalized-workers-trump-moves-slash-pay-guest-farmworkers-amid-covid-19


Guess who employs a bunch of guest workers in several states , also Agriculture might want to resubmit their paperwork for our tax money if their labor cost are different ,oh that’s right I almost forgot they run the very Dept. that regulates them.


A massive all-hands-on-deck H-2A walk out is in order.


It’s always interesting when people commenting on the tyranny just don’t understand that societal chaos is part of the plan.


We must remember when the food shortages hit, that it wasn’t the poor folks who raised up the problems, it was the sets of ledger books that the Supreme Court has raised up to a higher status than human citizens.


It is hard to determine facts when it is stated “reportedly” “maybe” “might” “alleged” et al.

“Like other workers protesting and striking across the country,” the group added, "we must use our labor to demand basic dignity and protection we deserve.

Absolutely! Bit by bit the labor movement is reenergized. Then climate justice groups, peace activists, single-payer activists, and all other social justice activists need to join in solidarity.


I searched for capybara. Are you there?


Ever since then Texas Congressman Tom DeLay launched the witch hunt against immigrant workers during the Dubya regime, each year has seen workers more oppressed and the agriculture sector more negatively impacted.

Seeing how most farmers and other agriculture operatives are dyed in the wool Republicans they may be the biggest single demographic of Murkins afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome.


It would be ironic if wages rose for these workers in spite if this change. Trump has successfully limited the number of workers coming into the US. In response, farmers, desperate to harvest their crops, are likely to bid up wages to workers in their fields to avoid economic disaster.

If wages do rise, it will be another case of the Tangerine Twit mastering the art of never understanding the unintended consequences of his own actions.


It might be fun f Trump learned first hand what happens when there are no workers to pick the food. {perhaps students out of school could gather and help pick and then send it to the White House, or hey —make a food caravan and drive it to the White House to fill in for the missing Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. Rotting food on the White House lawn—a symbol for a heartless and rotting elitists in government who care nothing for the workers. : ( Of course caravans rolling from state border to state border would finally make it ti the White House and it would take a while----but when governments diss their workers, sometimes workers have o diss back. We will all be very hungey soon----but so were the patriots way back then. : )

Hi John_ Gaddis:
Capybara I didn’t know people ate them, but aren’t they in South America?

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Yes. Let them eat rot!


How many days each week does tRump need to be a farmworker, to see what they put up with?

Lol … I’m new here and discobot was testing me!


Hi RockyMOuntainView:

LOL, yes that’s a good one,“Let them Eat Rot.” Except, it’s also a sad one because that’s what we’re eating! : )

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This is just trump punishing people or groups that won’t kiss his fat ass.

Stomp the peasants. The age old standby in any emergency. Another ‘opportunity’ for the Trump WH to punish the poor for being poor.

I’ve said it many times in the last three years, nothing will change in America until better than half of us are starving.
That curve is not flattening out any time soon. By late summer we could see vegetable and grain prices skyrocket.