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 Bureau of Sex Slavery


 Bureau of Sex Slavery

Eve Ensler

am thinking of the price list leaked out from the ISIS Sex Slave Market that included women and girls on the same list as cattle. ISIS needed to impose price controls as they were worried about a downturn in their market.


The horror, the horror......


Thank you, Eve.

This subject--the very core of ritualized brutality--is one that a great many men, ones who self-identify as progressive (or Leftist) disregard. And in the complacent way that this topic is disregarded, frequently trivialized as "mere identity politics," these males unconsciously keep the rape culture of patriarchal capitalism in place. THEY are its passive enablers!

Back in the 1980s when the planet Jupiter was hit by asteroids, a phenomenon noticed by the astronomers Shumaker and Levy, I began a screenplay using this event as its inception point. Personifying the planet Jupiter as its mythological counterpart, Zeus, I had him waking up in bed to the sound of those asteroids hitting his home. He turns to his wife, Hera (a/k/a Juno) to ask if there might be a mutiny afoot? Showing rare vulnerability, he asks his wife if his performance--as head of Olympus--might have its critics.

Hera reminds Zeus that he's primarily concerned with stock averages and sports scores and that he's largely disregarded the piss poor state of Woman. She mentions the dowry murders in India, honor crimes across the Arab world, and a variety of ritualistic assaults aimed exclusively at women.

It was my hope that Hollywood might have seen merit in this script based on a male god, conceived by Aphrodite and taught TO LOVE AND RESPECT women... who came to earth as a very different kind of savior and liberator. (I saw Robin Williams playing this part... and tried for years to get this script to him before his unfortunate demise.) Although largely presented as a dark comedy, this work like 7 other scripts never made it passed the gatekeepers... the ones who make sure that 90% of what Hollywood does produce reflects the old roles of woman as cheerleader/sex object/or femme fatal who ends up mutilated, and male as hero.

One thing missing from this essay is the important role played by the Roman Catholic Church in the torture, murder, and burning of women who in any way challenged patriarchy and its strident rules. IF the Catholic Church were to own its own crimes against the Feminine half of humanity, that would prove a HUGE start in the way of global catharsis.

To those C.D. forum dwellers who are impatient with my Feminist commentary, perhaps in reading Ms. Ensler's account of the profound levels of depravity shown to women across the globe they will appreciate WHY it is that I take issue with Robert Koehler and even Father John Dear, and yes, this otherwise highly enlightened Pope for leaving THE GENDER item entirely out of the discussion. As a result, I find that I am a minority in speaking up about a CRIME against the female half of humanity that otherwise goes without mention.

Until patriarchy is understood AS the genesis of inequality and the SIN upon which all other injustices are built, NOTHING will change.

To those who are only willing to grasp the world's inequities through the prism of capitalism, I challenge you to confront your own unexamined sexism.


Bravo, Siouxrose. Don't give up on the screenplay.


The issues with Capitalism and the Religions of the book , Militarism and the like is they are the cement that holds the patriarchy together.

Yes people must understand the genesis of these various systems but for those that do and that wish to move towards a world of true equality and justice and rid this world of the dominator model the structures that hold it in place have to be dismantled.

Capitalism , Militarism and those patriarchal based religions have to go. Strip those away and that entrenched patriarchy is weakened. Those are the tools used to build the patriarchy up and they are the ones that must be removed to tear it down.


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"A love that would burn so bright it would permeate our deadness and melt
our walls, ignite our imaginations, and inspire us to finally break out
of this story of death."


Thank you. Given my budget, I might end up with a small indpt. Taiwanese ensemble. Actually, it would be pretty hilarious to do Western mythology via an Oriental cast!


Naturally, I agree. But as is true of many difficult things, the question is HOW. You may recall that I use the phrase, "Watch for falling debris."

It's my view that the following three factors will be helped along by the lords of karma and the natural transition of Ages that is now asserting. No human power can turn back the hands of time. Time, that is, as composed of central cosmic clockworks that maintain specific planetary spheres in orderly orbits... and as is known to practitioners in my field, these spheres emit very real properties that manifest what might be termed "the celestial agenda."

On mundane levels, collapse is virtually assured by:

  1. The State of nature as a build-up of poisons and pollutants, a global rise in temperature, and overlapping feedback loops borne of loss of forests, water sources, and BALANCE... drive ecosystems increasingly towards collapse

  2. The fall-out, or should I say blowback of an established banking network that traffics in weapons of financial mass/global destruction. I'm talking about the trillions upon trillions of bets and other felonious practices--attributed GENUINE financial value--in a Wall St. meets Monte Carlo casino scam of impossible proportions... these bets made against real peoples' lives, incomes, and natural resource needs

  3. Fallout from the spread of wars and global trafficking in weaponry.

These suicidal protocols added to rising levels of human misery, anger, betrayal and angst... ensure that the existing paradigm is destined for the universal junk heap.

Watch for falling debris!


Selling and buying women needs to be stopped if women are to be free. Women's armed self defense neighborhood protection units preferable to ISIS control, and more women might prefer that option. We need to protect women's health centers against right wing terrorism right now.