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Buried in Comey Memo Report: Trump Asked FBI Chief to Jail Journalists


Buried in Comey Memo Report: Trump Asked FBI Chief to Jail Journalists

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Press freedom advocates on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump over revelations that he had asked former FBI director James Comey to consider putting journalists in jail—a startling detail that was buried inside Tuesday's bombshell New York Times report that Trump had asked Comey to


consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information
OMG how shocking, asking Comey to enforce the law; every day I seem to have less respect for the bulk of Homo sapiens.


This is what happens when an unfit, insane, woefully unqualified, narcissistic criminal becomes President. DJT is a shell of a human being who thinks that being president is akin to being crowned like King Henry VIII or Nero or Caligula (all embodied evil and uncontrolled hubris). In his mind, his is an “imperial” presidency where his word is the “law” and the Constitution is just a piece of paper that he has NEVER read (nor never will unless he needs something to read while sitting in prison).

Keep those tweets a-comin’, payaso.


Hail to King Donald! It’s more like laugh and ridicule, at least as long as it’s still legal.


All I can hope for is that Truth wins out in the end. Crumpus does not stand for anything decent or fair. It’s all about “what’s in it for me?” He can go straight to Hell… but hopefully not before spending time in prison first! It all hinges on what the investigations find out as to what he’s done.


And another thing. Am I the only one that noticed Donald and Lavrov (during the infamous visit to the Oval Office) had the same exact spray-on tan color? Their faces were an identical reddish hue… probably sprayed blood from human sacrifices behind the rotating wall. Anyhow, I just found that to be a bid odd. They must’ve gone in tandem together to have a orange/red “facial” done.


High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

Hell Yeah!

How much more do we need to Deep Six this MoFo?


The Tweeter:

Comey’s “a showboat. He’s a grandstander, the FBI has been in turmoil.” [sic]

Is that not the pot calling the kettle black? A poor attempt at gaslighting?

Am I cynical? Yes, but I call it “realism”. We have a voters who actually elected:

-----a f*&^ing Alternate Reality TV star, pageant owner, landlord supremo, and probable child rapist

– a ‘president’ who openly not only rejects scientific facts, but mocks science itself and says global warming is no threat, and to hell with NASA research, the entire EPA, anti-climate warming regs . . .

– a bully who can only throw innuendo and ad hominem, ad populum illogical fallacies–and this is what he uses instead of logic, because the mass of voters must think “Who needs logic in order to function as president?” How else to explain this? Logic is the science of language, so at least he is consistent in denying both of these.

– a ‘president’ who openly attacks women, non-whites, LGBT, immigrants, and dreamers, Muslims, Mexicans, Mexican Americans, South American- Americans, just for starters, and has even increased the number and hatefulness/anger of personal attacks in grade schools, for god’s sake

I still ask myself, “Who could vote for this excuse of a president? a non-normally functioning person engorged with self-aggrandizement who can spend +$200,000 for self portrait painting?” not to mention–HAS NO EFFING PUBLIC SERVICE EXPERIENCE and is like the oldest fart ever in office.

Ok, I’ve depressed myself enough for the day . . .


haha, “jail journalists.” I agree for entirely different reasons. Jail 'em for breach of contract, false advertising, impersonating journalists, and so on. They’re worthless. Most are not “journalists” anymore – they are network personalities or celebrities. MSNBC pays Maddow $7 million a year. She “earns” more than the politicians she reports on.

CNN had hour-long specials on each of their network personalities (reporters) last year. Newsflash: Anderson Cooper is not the news.

Trump is just the offspring of a country that worships the $$$ more than the truth and can’t tell the difference between either. And yes, Trump will go down – probably sometime this year.


DJT’s is sprayed on and Lavrov’s is the hue that is an attribute of inveterate, practicing hard-core alcoholics (or fueled by copious hourly doses of Russian vodka, perhaps). I could always tell what passengers on my flights (when I was an FA) were the alcoholics by their trademark reddish, flushed hue with blue/red lips…who would invariably order no less than three to four mini’s with an equal amount of set ups…and the wheels were barely off the runway! In addition, they were usually already tanked when they boarded the aircraft. Many times the flight attendants refused to serve them any more due to their already being intoxicated, which did not always go smoothly requiring a uniformed member of the cockpit crew coming back to enforce the ban.


So you think that reporters who published revelations of war crimes and NSA mass surveillance belong in prison?

You think Trump gives a flying cluck about rule of law? Trump? Except of course when the rule of law can be enforced against poor people. He of course appointed a racist redneck to lead that charge.


Hmmm, Trump could be Stalin reincarnated. :open_mouth:


I agree. We have not had a free press in decades. What we have now is a fraud, a corporate owned fraud. The news media today is a propaganda outlet for the PTB. The only real journlists in America will only be found on the intertubes. And that is about to be usurped soon by the FCC. This issue is just a big nothingbuger.


Did it ever occur to you that some people are deathly afraid of flying? The alcohol helps them through the liftoff, the turbulence, and sometimes the slam down on the runway. Or have you possibly just become jaded? And don’t get me started on drunken pilots.


Considering Hitler died in 1945 and Trump was born in 1946 there is merit to the hypothesis that Trump is a reincarnated tyrant.


I needed that laugh.


Check it out. They both like their ‘Bangs.’


No way. Hitler was far more intelligent. He only exhibited Trump’s gaffes his last few months as Germany was about to fall.


You might enjoy following Lavrov for a bit. The guy is actually quite a humorous wit.


According to Norman Ohler author of, “Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich”, as the war dragged on Hitler was consuming cocaine, and opiates injections from his doctor. The gaffes towards the end of the war were mainly because the drugs were mostly impossible to come by, mainly due to the Merck Co. in Darmstadt being destroyed by British air raids, and Hitler was in heavy drug use withdrawals due to no cocaine and, or opiates available. What is Trumps excuse? Maybe, it is all in the grand plan, that Trump is just the set-up guy, for Pence, or Ryan to move in for the kill.