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Buried in the Fine Print, Trump Rule Would Give $2.5 Billion Tax Cut to Big Bank Fat Cats


Buried in the Fine Print, Trump Rule Would Give $2.5 Billion Tax Cut to Big Bank Fat Cats

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Wall Street banks continue to enjoy record profits thanks to President Donald Trump's $1.5 trillion tax scam, Trump's Treasury Department—headed by former Goldman Sachs executive Steve Mnuchin—quietly moved to hand big banks yet another major gift on Wednesday by hiding a $2.5 billion tax cut in the fine print of an "


Wow. Once again, Trump betrays his base. Wonder if they’ll get it this time? Nah. Fox News (and MSM) won’t be reporting it, so how could they know? They’ll just keep supporting him as he drags the entire country into even more horrific debt, saddling everybody except the 1% with the bill.


Our local Trumpbots predictably respond that “Hillary would be worse” or “haven’t you ever done anything wrong ?” whenever they are questioned about Trump serially screwing them.


We probably will not be here long enough to pay the debt.


I believe this is their response.


Again, they steal from all of us.

When will we bury them in the fine print?


From the article:

But, at the direction of bank lobbyists, the Trump administration’s new rule asserts that “‘financial services’ don’t include banking,”

Who writes their material? George Orwell?? Lewis Carroll???


The Basket of Decievables is too busy thinking that they’re winning to notice they’re losing.


Just fertilizing his swamp


The Trump family has been and continue to be second to none in benefitting from swamp culture, making the “drain the swamp” chants we hear from Trump and cult45 the height of hypocrisy.


From the party “offended” by breastfeeding, unless it is itself sucking on the taxpayers’ teats.


All Trump has to do is declare this “fake news” and his supporters will follow.

Direct Democracy



Federico Fellini


In the last meltdown the banks won and the homeowners lost. and Obama did that—so I see no party differences in thieving of the public. I just read that even all that long time ago, now Wells Fargo Bank is saying those problems with people losing their homes were computer glitches…" maybe they meant computer GRINCHES.

WHAT? Banks are not “financial services?” so what are they—the mafia? Although when China calls in its loans, does the Treasury pay up, or do the taxpayers then lose everything and anything?