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Burn Down the 'Boys Will Be Boys' Club


Burn Down the 'Boys Will Be Boys' Club

Patti Solis Doyle

One morning, when I was in my early twenties, I left my apartment for the bus stop. I was living on Chicago's North Side, headed to a temp job downtown. A block and a half from my bus stop, a man approached me from behind and tapped me on the shoulder.


“Is there any man… who wouldn’t be affected by these allegations?” Yeah, me, and any other guy who was brought up to be decent and respectful of women. Something these uncaring, unfeeling, misogynist knuckle-dragging chimps pretending to be men can’t seem to comprehend. I guess with great power comes great irresponsibility - at least in Washington!


When Obama was running for President, conservatives tried to use his use of marijuana as a reason to disqualify him from being President. However, the difference between Obama and Kavanaugh is that Obama was honest about it and admitted to it. Kavanaugh is trying to cover it up. That should be the real reason he should not be allowed on the Supreme Court. We don’t need dishonest people on the Supreme Court.



Clarence “Uncle” Thomas.


As a man, I will say:

All men are pigs. It is how we deal with our porcine nature that differentiates us.

(With great apologies to the saints, with whom I have not had the privilege of meeting.)


Ah, the Republican pencilnecked, pantwaist, pipsqueak misogynist cowards. Bring’em on, 3 or 4 of we old cowardly white guy Republicans. including fat watery Trump, will beat the living crap out of just about any woman alone and if they turn on us we’ll call the capitol police to save us and boy will she be in trouble.


You do know that this [misspelled] bit of your tirade is a misogynist belittlement of a man as effeminate? No, it flows out freely from your unrecognized assumptions and privilege. It is part of the “club” this topic is about.

I appreciate Solis Doyle’s main point, and I hope she’s right that the day of ‘boys will be’ is over. I love the corrected sign in the accompanying photo. But she has indeed overstated the case. as @Mossonarock observes. We needn’t lose a whole generation of men in high office, but we need men (and women) with the moral honesty to step up and say ‘I was young and stupid. I apologize for the things I did that hurt others.’ Can we remember Al Franken, indeed a fine Senator, driven from office even though he said ‘I was a different person then, but I’m sorry for my inappropriate and hurtful behavior’? I wish we had him in the Senate today to address this insanity.

I do think we’re starting to see the matches lit today. I see Kavanaugh on Fox saying ‘people do stupid things in high school’ and ‘people do stupid things when they’re drunk.’ I’m hoping the specter of categorically denying under oath and the questioning of women like Maizie Hirono and Kamala Harris is starting to get to him. But he will have to come all the way clean within two days, and I’m afraid there’s no out for him at this point but to withdraw. And hope they don’t come after his current seat for those other lies.

Btw, I did report, at a very small educational institution 44 years ago. We (in the women’s dorm where it happened) phoned the (male) president of the institution, who was at a dinner party. He offered, in a nasty tone, to “come hold [my] hand.” I declined, and because I didn’t want to ruin the summer program for myself, I refused my sisters’ encouragement to call the police. I saw the perpetrator going into the president’s office the next day, but I also saw him at lunch. He was not sent home. I was told it was just part of his Latino culture. I was told his dad was a diplomat, so he was under different controls than we would be in the countries we were going to. I was left to worry about the US family and neighborhood in which he would be spending the rest of the summer. I was watched with a certain stinkeye the rest of the summer by the very women who had finally come to the door of my room to ask “What’s going on in there?”

I have granddaughters now. I can’t wait to see the Club burned down. I will pee on its ashes.


"Women across America will be watching on Thursday, and, in just a few weeks, they’ll be voting."

I certainly hope this happens. That women turn out in substantial enough numbers to carry the day, given that our rigged electoral process does not undermine their attempts to be heard in our society’s democratic process . . . what little seems to be left of it.

As an elder male, I, like others speaking out here on CD, do not identify nor take any pride or fraternity with the likes of those exploiting the ‘boys will be boys’ con of their self-perceived entitled lives.

Coincidentally I have just started reading a book, ‘The Truth About Stories’, by one of my favorite authors, Thomas King. The very first story he tells is about his mother, and I recommend it to others, as sadly poignant as it may be. But I may be biased, having grown up in an extended family with such pronounced female (going back four living generations) influences.

In general I hope the upcoming election, and those that follow, will bring about some significant changes in our society’s workings, which feel as those they’re completely coming off the proverbial rails.


HRC stood by her man… I don’t think this is an R or D issue as it relates to women. I think it probably relates to status, power, wealth and the debased “culture” in our society.


One afternoon when I was twelve, the boy who lived upstairs from me–the one who I grew up with–chased me into the alley (in Chicago) and he and two other boys from the neighborhood held me against the brick wall of a building as they shouted: Let’s take her pants off! They laughed as I struggled. I was scared to death. I wasn’t sure why, but I was. I felt betrayed by my friend who I thought I could trust. They let me go when I scratched at them and kicked one of them in the nuts…and what happened when I got home? My father yelled at ME for playing with the boys. I’m 71 now, but I never forgot that incident. These kinds of things are seared into our memory bank like a laser. I forgave my friend long ago. He’s dead now. But still, one never forgets a trauma. That is why I believe women when they report sexual abuse. “Boys will be boys” is no excuse for bad behavior.


Winnie the Pooh: “Piglet, what kind of a day is it today?”
Piglet: “This is the day that we burn the motherfucker to the ground.”
Winnie the Pooh: “I like this day”


Its OK some men are coming forward now and they will be believed. When will WOMEN take the power that they have to make real change. This is all about elitist white male power-----this is the club------and many men are not in the club.

These elitist white males on the judiciary committee refuse to have an investigation—they refuse to put witnesses under oath-----leaders of the republican party have accused these women of a smear campaign----in effect telling every women in the country to just shut up. And this coming from a party that has a serial abuser as its leader. When will women stand up and say NO MORE!

Here is a question to all those women who blindly follow Trump----why not appoint a right wing women( I was going to say conservative but these people are not conservative) . At least someone besides this repetitive mold of elitist white males.


It’s been proposed that Dr. Blasey simply decline to answer any question not posed by a senator. Boom.


The standards have changed –

but unless we understand that this attack on female equality and justice is coming from
“Christianity” and organized patriarchal religion which underpins Elite-Patriarchy then we
are not capable of a well-directed response …

Who would profit more from the overturning of Roe v Wade than the Vatican/Catholic Church?

Who would profit more from a renewal of the oppression of women in US and worldwide than Vatican?

And, clearly, oppression of females is kept in place by male violence and sexual assault.

The majority of members of Congress are white males and 90% “Christian.”

A large number of Catholics, incidentally - one third of the House and one-quarter of Senate.

As I write this, a second woman, Deborah Ramirez, has come forward.
She has accused Kavanaugh of inappropriate sexual behavior in college.

From what I’ve heard reported tonight, the JC is not acknowledging any further accusers and will close
down the Hearings after Dr. Christine Blasey testifies.

And in regard to that testimony, it will be made to look more like a cross examination by a prosecutor.

If Democratic lawmakers really wanted to stop Kavanaugh, they would not have passed Trump’s budget bills without a fight. Then, the Republicans would need to scramble to avert a government shutdown instead of putting women who are sexual assault victims on the defense.


The notion that the kind of awful, even criminal, acts described here and attributed to Kavanaugh are unfortunate but should not stand in the way of his appointment to the Supreme Court is of course a disgrace. But the mere fact that someone steps forward and makes a claim against someone in Kavanaugh’s situation is obviously not enough in and of itself to merit scrapping the proposed appointment. It does merit an investigation, however, and of course a proper one at that. Hearing Christine Blasey Ford’s description of what happened to her will result in people forming an opinion, or even having a “belief” about what she said and what happened, and those opinions and beliefs may be right, or they may be wrong, but beliefs and opinions are not enough to force events wider than, for example, a proper investigation. This should be obvious. I hope anyone reading this realizes that this should not have to be said, because it is so clearly true…


The real disgrace is the nominee’s, and his supporters’, response to the complaints. And those responses, in the absence of real investigation, are what have cut the legs out of Kavanaugh’s credibility. He clearly has a background of youthful excess. If this was not uncovered in his prior FBI background checks, that alone is a disgrace of another kind.

Both of these issues — Kavanaugh’s youthful exercise of male, wealthy privilege and the political majority’s brushing it off — are exactly what this topic is about.


As a man, I can say this.

I am married to a strong independent woman, and if I had a nickel for every time she reminded me of, white male privilege, I’d have a lot of nickels.


Thanks Barbara for telling your Truth.

There is only one place for entitlement that shows it’s evil head.

To jail with the rest of the scum that knows not how to respect others.


You have a treasure so much more valuable than any pile of nickels. You, sir, are a winner!


My wife says in response to your response:

aw-w-w, I love him. (you WiseOwl )