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Burn Them at the Stake? Trump Wants 'Punishment’ for Women Who Have Abortions


Burn Them at the Stake? Trump Wants 'Punishment’ for Women Who Have Abortions

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a televised interview with MSNBC on Wednesday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said that for women who would ignore a theoretical ban on abortion there would have to be "some form of punishment, yeah."

"Perhaps burning at the stake?" —Rewire


That was a big mistake. Now Trump is in there with those Southern preacher nitwits. Goodbye Donald. This issue will kill you.


What comes immediately to mind is how unfortunate it is that his mother didn't have an abortion.


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Does this apply to rich Republican women who go off shore for their abortions?


I wonder about the title of the article. at a glance one might easily infer that Trump himself said, "Burn Them at the Stake." (wouldn't be surprising,) there is certainly ample ignorant, injurious fodder to pick from, so I guess I don't see the need to use hype to draw readers' interest. I could get that from the tabloids. it might draw readers, but it also risks losing credibility.


He was purposely pandering to the Christian Fundamentalist voting block. This is THEIR favorite issue.


They have more in common with the Taliban and Muslim Fundamentalists than they care to realize... it's free-minded people with a "live and let live" attitude that they can't abide!

Amy Goodman had a discussion about the Supreme Court's ruling on the case that gives corporations the right NOT to fund birth control in their health plans. But these "Christian Corporations" go a step further. The govt. is willing to step in and do the funding for them--the birth control funding that they object to; but they construe THIS (giving women what they need) as against THEIR freedom.

In other words, for this authoritarian ilk using Jesus as an excuse to control and immiserate others... bypassing their denial of birth control to women so that govt. steps in to provide it... represents an attack on THEIR freedom!


These men are part of the vandals that have destroyed our country. One day the coward that lives in the hearts of good people will be changed to the heart of a hero.


Legality of abortion has NEVER been an issue for those with means.


If the media were objective they would replace the GOP label with the ATP label (American Taliban Party).


Donald Trump is clearly a nut. He has alienated too many kinds of people. He clearly has no chance of being the president of the United States. But let me be a little bit of a devil's advocate here.

If someone breaks a law, he/she should get some kind of a punishment, right? Of course, the severity of the punishment should depend on the severity of the crime. So, the point really is whether abortion should be illegal or legal; not whether if it were illegal should the woman who got the abortion be punished.

Of course, my position is that abortion should be legal, except when the fetus is almost like a baby, and could survive without significant medical life-support if it were delivered at the time of the abortion.


It's only a matter of a little more disgust, George


Absolutely. And I find it amazing to see the left, right, and middle trying to take out Trump when Cruz is far more frightening. Cruz's Christian sharia law theocracy is somehow better than a totally unknown outcome via Trump? At least with Trump we have a much better chance of a total trouncing of the Republican disaster. And with Bernie as the Democratic candidate leading that effort, we could also get a much better chance showing how a broken Democratic Party could be transformed to look more like what FDR envisioned.


Wow the corporate media is in full get Donald mode. I guess Cruz would be a real strong candidate against Clinton?????Is this a joke------People talk about if Sanders can get anything done-----the real point is that Sanders is the only one running who is qualified to be president!

Half way into the 2008 election someone in the press finally asked McCain the same question on abortion-if you make it illegal how do you enforce it?And McCain fumbled the answer-because its a hard question to answer. Maybe the media should have asked this question to all candidates who oppose abortion a while back? Heaven forbid ask real questions????? This is why people in the 1970's realized abortion had to be a personal choice.

I just got done watching the joke interviews of Clinton and Sanders by Rachel Maddow. Clinton looks puzzled at all the stupid simple questions-Sanders to his credit made many comments on the media-but Maddow failed to pick up on the hints.


Trump is not that stupid! Trump can be called a lot of things but stupid does not fit his vernacular. Trump is like Grand master chess player anticipating about ten moves ahead of the MSM.He makes controversial statements to pander as well as play the MSM and pundits like Chris Mathews, for his personal toy!


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Oh, gee I shouldn't laugh at that...


Sometimes, I think the same thing, like how is it that this guy really think like this.... I have thought it is all a ploy to some how throw the election .... toward ....some thing?.....I was thinking it was to make the other repub candidates look more


The BIG STORIES as of this week are:

First --- that Trump has received 1.9 Billion of free Media

Second --- that the Media is not focued on "Issues"

Third --- that all the Media is talking about the above two BIG STORIES.

So, ... now, TODAY, what is the Media doing?


The effing idiot Media is STILL giving Trump MORE FREE MEDIA AND THE MEDIA IS STILL FOCUSING OF THE 'Food Fights' of what TRUMP is doing, and stupidity of what TRUMP (and everyone except Bernie is saying), and the Effing stupid Media is absofrigginlutely STIILL SAYING Nothing about ISSUES.

And this brain-dead MEDIA 'thinks' it is going to escape being flushed down the toilet along with these effing lying old political idiots, and this corrupt old looting economy of billionaire < 0.1% in this Empire only 'posing' as our former country???