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Burning Down the House: On Democracy and the Post-Trump Democrats


Burning Down the House: On Democracy and the Post-Trump Democrats

Thomas S. Harrington

On November 8th, a puerile con-man named Donald Trump turned widespread economic desperation and the civic ignorance quite purposefully engendered by the US media system over the last three decades into a four-year lease on the White House.

Were the US the pragmatic, “can-do” nation adduced in the homilies its representatives regularly issue to the rest of the world, this turn of events would be perceived, and treated as, an invitation to engage in serious reflection. This would especially be the case within the leadership class of the Democratic Party.


I don't think the Democratic Party or the MSM have learned a damned thing from their horrendous election beat down. I have a hard time understanding how such educated people can be so obtuse and just plain stupid.


The Democratic Party leadership has forgotten the meaning of the word democratic, and for the masses, they destroyed any need for the party they represent. It's time to start organizing around real progressive candidates from any party and deliver the Democratic leadership their comeuppance in 2018.


This country's political system runs on money, not votes and the Democrats' recent selection of Shumer and Pelosi reflects that. It's not that the Democrats have forgotten anything or are blind or are refusing to take responsibility for their defeat, as so many of us progressives like to claim. Rather the party is doing exactly what it needs to do to reassure big money sources that their will be no party reform or pursuit of a populist agenda, Blaming the Russians isn't about reassuring voters, its about reassuring their big money sources that they will still get their money's worth of influence with the party. The doors are still open.

The hard fact is that there hasn't been a party of the people in decades and under this country's money-driven political system, there never will be. The Democrats don't need to change, the system does.


By far the best, most concise description of the Democratic Party, and how it has betrayed and abandoned the American people.
“…Democratic Party of calculating operators who long ago sold their soul to the combined forces of Wall Street, the arms industry and the Israel lobby, and then endeavored to cover this subterfuge over with the oily mask of identity politics.” - as close to a perfect turn of phrase as I’ve yet heard, with the clear ring of Truth.


This article Nails It!!! RIP Democratic Party. You won't be missed.


This man doesn't mince words !

Sounds accurate to me -

What a mess.


Nothing to argue with here...


An enormous BRAVO to Mr Harrington!
His essay and the truths it espouses, should be required reading for all, especially any, especially Dems not in thrall to the Clinton/Obama DLC wing of R'Con lite, corporate/banker/big-money/war-machine servitude!

Those not committed to (essentially) one-party, 1% rule in these United States, political quislings, craven bootlickers, and party hack sell-outs will not see the truths herein or care, but all people of good conscience who thirst for truth, an end to the reign of big-money corrupted politics, wholesale corporate dominance, foreign (Israeli) subversion of our sovereignty, MICC and security-state existential threats, and hoped for -worked-for real change "we can believe-in", only to be repeatedly sold-out, will read this as a person lost in a desert of lies and deceit sees an oasis of truth!

After years of ignored defeats in mid-term & Presidential elections, and self-serving "leadership, the Dems will "finally take a good, long look in the mirror. Right?
"In fact, not only have they not done so, but they have doubled down on their tactic of genuflecting before the powerful on one hand, and creating self-serving narratives to cover their perfidy on the other. Mere days after their stunning defeat at the polls, they named the well-known Wall Street shakedown artist and self-proclaimed “Guardian of Israel”, Chuck Schumer as their new leader in the Senate" and a sell-out party hack Minority Leader in Nancy Pelosi!

The ugly truth is the Dem Party must immediately and utterly change from countless recent betrayals of the Common Good & legacy! The Sanders Wing showed the way forward; actually representing and fighting for working & middle classes, Dem legacy of progressive issues & values, protecting the average guy,gal & family, protecting our natural world's priceless clean air, water, other species critical to our own survival, and a sustainable future, or become totally irrelevant and no "opposition" party at all!

The Dem establishment has indeed sold-out our "country’s most essential democratic institutions—a free press and the promise of cleanly-run elections" to the power of vast wealth in few hands!


The Democrats need a hard lesson. But I don't think it's worth enduring 4 to 30 years of a US "Fourth Reich" to teach it to them. For now, we need to work to prevent the disaster hanging over our heads, then afterwards work to change the Democratic party back into a labor party.

For myself, if Trump or Pence takes office, I'll be looking for temporary job opportunities in the EU or Down Under. IF there are elections in 2018 and 2020, and IF they all turn out to be deep blue, and IF the damage Trump will inevitably do is limited or reversed (including any bad supreme court nominations), then perhaps I and my tax dollars will return, otherwise I'll apply for for foreign citizenship and become one of those America-hating expats you read about in the right wing fake news.


That pretty much sums it up. Couldn't have said it better. Kudos Mr. Harrington.


This article is a good presentation of the Progressive narrative. Establishment Dems are using their considerable media resources to push their own narrative, blaming whoever: male voters, lazy voters, racist voters, James Comey, Vlad Putin, Bernie Sanders, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves........The Establishment narrative won't stick because it is incoherent and transparent. It's unforgivable that they have tried to stoke a new Cold War with Russia to divert attention from their own malevolence and incompetence. Off with their heads!


They just can't face the thought of putting an end to their gravy train legislating and actually working for the people they claim to represent. That will never happen. Voters who want legislators who work for them and the planet need to go third party. I'm for the honest Green Party.


Yes, the Democratic party and many in their base still will not admit to the backlash of neoliberalism (class war) with the election of the vile Trump and the rise of RW parties in Europe and the U.S. installation of RW dictators (regime change) in any country that is a threat to the goals of the elites.



Even most progressive talk radio hosts still blame inequality on Republicans and 36 yrs. of Reagonomics without mentioning Democratic duplicity and want to tell us that Hillary is, and the D platform was, progressive. BS.


Another day, another Common Dreams defense of Trump. And yes, Mr. Harrington, that is what you are doing when you parrot the Putin-Trump line that the charges of Russian intervention are false. While I share your view of the Democrats as self-serving stooges of powerful interests, you fail to u derstandingthatthat that Trump is something far different and far more dangerous than any of the usual political sell-outs. Not only is he personally erratic but he is installing a virtual junta of billionaires and generals in Washinton. The best to be hoped for over the next four years is domestic chaos - the worst a Putinist style state so powerful and stable that it cannot be dislodged in our lifetimes.


Not stupidity, but corporate fealty.


This article today is good as well.



A beautifully done piece from beginning to end. Thank you and bravo to CD and Thomas Harrington.


Since when has the US Regime been a democracy?