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Burning Fossil Fuels Made Coronavirus Death Rate Worse, and Kills 200K Americans Per Year, Not to Mention Global Heating

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/12/burning-fossil-fuels-made-coronavirus-death-rate-worse-and-kills-200k-americans


The Time For Sustainable Energy Is Now.


We are off to a bang with the 2020’s as c-virus ravages the world and dense politicians here in the US seem to think of it as a sorta joke instead of triggering a possible collapse of the entire economic order. Global poisoning/warming/‘heating’ continues. Also as industrial pollution slows during the pandemic less aerosols are being spewed into the atmosphere producing McPherson’s paradox. More heating of the atmosphere. The '20’s will define life in the future. No climactic action = a major collapse of economies(regardless of the c-virus), ecosystems, and acceleration of the 6th Mass Extinction Event we’re all immersed in. I didn’t know it might start as early as 2020. Hang on, it’s going to be rough going for a while, or longer. Fossil fuels need to go as soon as possible. By 2050 at the latest. All of them.

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Seeing how “air pollution causes a huge reduction in intelligence” its no wonder that Trump and the GOP have been tripping over each other to sack regulations that have reduced or at least controlled air pollution during the past half century. The GOP has always relied heavily on reduced intelligence for viewership on their fox noose and for winning elections.


Yes, “heating” is a better word than “warming.” That switch only took a decade or so. Kudos to Juan Cole.

“Fox noose.” Perfect.

Good post but fossil fuels need to go much sooner than 2050. We need to steeply ramp down economic activity. We actually can, but it requires organizing the economy based on human need and ecological survival, not around profit and greed and endless growth. Most stuff that is produced is truly not needed. We can do without it, but we can’t do without a healthy ecology.

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Good for Cole to focus on the everyday mass murder embedded in our economy. But electric cars will not save the Earth or humanity.

Obviously petrol cars are worse in many ways!

But the vast industrial infrastructure and energy output required for an automobile economy; the endless impermeable pavement slicing ecosystems into pieces; the massive ramp-up in minerals exploitation for batteries; the billions of gallons of fresh water used every year in the manufacture process; the millions of tons of toxic materials produced and needing “disposal” every year in manufacture and end-of-life for cars; the effects of a social construct of an economy based on humans having vast disposable energy to use for any desire to jump in the car and go wherever; etc. etc. etc., all continue or increase when, in Cole’s dream future, “As huge numbers of new lines of affordable electric cars come online over the next five years, everyone who can afford one should go electric.”

No, everyone in industrialized countries who has access to such profligate energy and transportation should stop driving; drive far less; stay near home; work near home; organize work so it is near home; travel long distances much less; reduce energy use; and similarly, buy and use far less energy-intensive industrial products of all kinds.

Cole is doing a great job at seeing many obvious things that are typically not-seen in everyday society, even though they are right in front of us, we are embedded in them. But he is still living in a dream world of a “new normal” that embraces endless increases in available electricity, with just a bump in the road of the corporate consumer economy.

We need an entirely different economic and social operating system, that prioritizes ecology and humanity above financial profit, consumerism, and economic “growth.” We do not need billions of electric cars swarming the dying Earth.

Totally agree. Trump isn’t going to be able to BS his way out of this one…and neither will his toadies, sycophants, and soulless cult devotees. Climate Change is still accelerating and will continue to accelerate. This is merely the beginning of the birth pangs. Neither the US or World economy will ever truly recover. Life is forever changed now and the end of the human race by our own narcissism, codependency, and selfishness is inevitable.

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If we could replace fossil fuel powered electric generators with solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, and enhanced geothermal systems, that might help some.

“I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.” (August 31)

Need to both get our electric power from renewable energy sources AND run everything else on electric power. Also need to eat mostly fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes instead of animal products, which will be rare treats.