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Burning Our Bridges: Failing Infrastrutcure in the Age of Corporate Tax-Dodging


Burning Our Bridges: Failing Infrastrutcure in the Age of Corporate Tax-Dodging

Sarah Anderson, Scott Klinger

To generate funds to shore up our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, the U.S. Congress is considering giving corporations large tax cuts on their offshore profits. Under current law, corporations can defer U.S. tax payments on overseas earnings until they bring the profits to the United States. The proposed “tax holidays” would generate a relatively small, one-time revenue bump while allowing large corporations to avoid much larger amounts of tax owed over the longer term.


Empire flexes its tentacles even as its body is wracked with the decay of physical infrastructure, educational abandonment, fiscal tomfoolery, and perpetual cultural disintegration. This does not end well, folks.


It didn’t end well for Rome either nor did the French aristocracy end well. What happend to France, as a result of the aristocracy not paying taxes but reaping the benefits of the social order at the expense of everyone else, is a great example of exactly why the wealthiest also need to pay taxes.


To add further insult to immeasurable injuries is the FACT that many of these same tax-dodgers fund entities like ALEC. Through their lobbyists along with the political puppets they fund INTO office, these same entities push mantras that blame the poor for being poor while financing think tank policies designed to take yet more bread away from the hungry. Their moral bankruptcy competes with their financial dishonesty and both cause HARM to thousands if not millions of people (not to mention the ecosystems many of these corporations also directly harm).


And an example of what happens can be seen in the French Revolution. The French aristocracy were the only ones who could vote. So, they of course voted that they didn’t have to pay taxes and yet they saw to it that only they received the benefits from government revenue. And look at what happened after that went on for too long… How hard is it for these corporations to pay their taxes instead of paying into think tanks and lobbyists to exempt themselves from paying taxes? Either way, their profits are being cut into. Perhaps, revocation of corporate charters should be considered for these tax dodgers and their assets frozen.


Ten year Ten Trillion Dollars on Infrastructure. This will be enough to update our crumbling infrastructure, harden existing utilities from climate change, convert to a green economy AND build the necessary infrastructure for our expanding population.


Added to that ALEC is considered a Charity and has a tax exempt status. Contributions to ALEC are tax deductible. In other words ALEC sees itself as very much like the Red cross.

ALEC claims it does not do any political lobbying. In order to maintain that tax exempt status ALEC can spend no more then 20 percent of its time/monies lobbying Government. ALEC officers claim they do no lobbying at all when filling out tax forms.


In addition to funding ALEC these corporations have purchased the politicians who are approving the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP will enable corporations to sue governments whenever those corporations allege that regulations and laws impact profits, thereby forcing the governments to spend what little infrastructure money exists to be spend on lawsuits and penalties.