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Burning the World's Fossil Fuels Would Melt Antarctica Into the Sea: Study



The Antarctic icecap is 35 to 40 million years old - dating to the cooling (but still quite warm compare to today) period after the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum. So what is this tens of thousands of years stuff? This is a tens-of-millions year change...


Maybe "Noah" will miss the boat this next time, and the whole world will breathe easier.


I thought it was hotter out today. I know, I shouldn't say that one day's weather is a sign of a warming world.

But I've lived nearly 50 years in Alberta, and have never seen it get this hot in September. This is after one hell of a scorching summer too.


People I hope you all realize that this is an optimist projection. I'm not kidding. It mentions that the rate of melting has tripled in the last ten years. It doesn't mention what are the projections for the next ten years.

AT this point in time - this rate of melting - this temperature - will result in 10 ft of sea level rise in two centuries. Hansen says one century BTW. He even warns that it could be much faster as feedback loops kick in.

I can't tell you whether Hansen is right when he says it could even happen in 50 years or less. 10 feet of sea level rise may even be enough to convince a republican that global warming may need further study? 10 feet? In 50 years? A hundred? Two hundred?

Hello? Um... about that >>> eleven feet that follows that 10 ft. rise?

They were still telling us in the 1990's and early 2000's that it would be a thousand years before global warming would affect Antarctica. Seems they were off by a couple of years but let's not quibble.

Scientists have had such a hard time getting their findings into publication in the MSM that they generally play it safe and shoot for the conservative mark. This has started to get embarrassing because they keep having to report that they were wrong and it is all much worse than they reported it was a few years ago.

Keep this in mind >>> Surface water - I.E. melt water is found on the surface of the Antarctic Ice cap in summer. Not only is this way beyond scientific expectations that even scientists were claiming it was an outrageous exaggeration until the satellite (the one Bush postponed if you remember) went up and took readings of the surface melting by using laser measurements and everybody got scared silly. That year they meekly announced that it was far worse than they had ever expected possible.

BTW... those claims of additional ice forming in East Antarctic seas? It's true. Sound good? Uh...not a chance! That new ice is because so much surface water is pouring off the ice cap and flowing into the ocean that the water is less salty and that allows more ice to form temporarily. What does all this mean?

Don't buy any beachfront property is what it means!

This article is a snapshot in time and based on studies and measurements that are somewhat out of date btw. It is actually much worse and getting um... double plus worse fast... double plus fast !!!

None of this should be happening according to the science of ten years ago btw. Our scientists lag behind events because it takes time to collate the data - to assess the data - to check the results etc...

So read the article... and remember... it is optimistic. Can you remember how global warming was still being debated as to its being real or not even 10 years ago? Look how that has changed in a decade.

Ten years from now ...you will see...

Good luck


The collateral damage from the climate changes locally, regionally, nationally are/will be so devastating that Pope Francis the IV will demand Catholics, Jews and Muslims have no more than 4 children every decade. The Mormons will then see his 4 and raise him 1. The Evangelicals will then say, " I'll raise you 2 and call you both. " :wink:


Some very powerful people would like to see this come about, sooner than later.
They've already started ops in the Arctic, so Antarctica would logically be next.


Yesterday on enenews it was reported by many news outlets that the typhoon that just hit Japan has caused the nuke waste that had been recovered from the nuke plant over the last 4 1/2 years to wash out to sea. With that and all of the nuke materials still leaking after those 4+ years combined I'm not too worried about the ice sheets. With the coming quote unquote mega-el nino coming this fall and winter it's just best to stay outta the rain and snow. We will be glowing in the dark way before we see a dramatic sea-level rise. Don't get me wrong GW/CC is something to be very worried about because it's already here but so is all the radiation from Japan.


Dudes get your board surfs up.


I guess I just can't count us out all the way. It may happen but I doubt it. Yes we can mess up our world and turn paradise (what could have been) into a f'n hell on Earth (all too typical IMO) but as bad as it gets, I figure we'll make it worse with GMO foods that can grow in F'n concrete (a slight exaggeration there) and insanely desperate geoengineering schemes (which seriously scare me) and we will live in an overpopulated parking lot with dead oceans and poisoned air ... but we will live.

Madam I have spent too many decades being the arch doom and gloomer and it is very disconcerting to listen to someone sound worse than me ...lol. In the words of Batman when Catwoman disappears as soon as his head is turned >>>

"So that's what that feels like!"

I hope the ship doesn't sink ... we are the primates who invented rock n roll... that has to count for something in the universe?

We showed such promise? Jelly donuts for example... My Gosh we are worth keeping around just for that alone!!! Cheesecake! The achievements of humanity are many!!!

Seriously... I figure that as it gets real bad the maniacs will try some insane geoengineering scheme which won't work but almost worked and which let's us have the time to figure out a way to scrub the CO2 from the air and start over in the glorious anthropocene!!!

Lions, Tigers and Bears? Um not really. Roaches, Rats and Pigeons... Oh my!!!


Not only are you right as rain... well right about the rain but I also worry that small bits of heavily irradiated material will be ingested by sea life which will then be eaten by other sea life which will then be eaten by bigger sea life which we will catch and eat.

How insane we are to build nuclear plants at all when a solar furnace would be as efficient and absolutely safer. The wages of greed become as death ... these days.


Hey, think of the opportunity for conquering Antarctica when the ice has melted; think of a new continent-load of resources; why, there may be oil under the ice-cap..........Of course we can cope with 65m rise in sea-level........we would have a new continent to populate............Better start getting some nukes down there to keep the Russkies from taking it over............


The Titanic broke in two before it sank. Evident in a survivor's sketch. Too much buoyancy in the bows.


Hansen said that we will get 10 ft by 2065 ... so, why is this article saying 10 ft in a century or two.?


Hansen is just one scientist and his team reflect a possible outcome that may happen if certain feedback loops occur that would speed up Ice cap melting. If they don't happen then it would take longer. These scientists are not willing to speculate or make a reasoned projection of possible outcomes. They are saying based on what we have measured now, if everything stays the same it will take a certain amount of time to happen. If you change things which are sure to happen since they are happening now (like the rate of melt being 3 times faster than it was ten years ago.) then it would happen faster just as Hansen says.

They are staying with only the currently known measurements and not extrapolating changes in those measurements which is unrealistic.

BTW did you know Bernie introduced a bill in congress today that seeks to bring solar power within reach of low income families ($200 million dollars in aid to help poor and low income, women and small businesses to put up solar.) Thought you might be interested.


Yes, but, I will say this... I read an article a couple of months ago, in which a CEO of a major international company (for got which one, Ingersoll Rand?).... said that no company would be undertakng this CCS any tie soon....cause, there has been no understanding as to who would have the responsibility of taking care of the underground Co2 after say 50 years... there are so many things to consider and that can go wrong. ... if it leaks, that means who ever 'owns" it is liable for deaths etc. ...most people do not even know that if a huge bubble of Co2 breaks open out of the ground, that many people would die... this is because of the co2 bubble, which, would push out any oxygen... so, no oxygen, no breathing..


But at least there's a bright side: "Florida would disappear entirely."

(I know it's in bad taste and I shouldn't have but I just had to anyway.)


Turn to most of the hundreds of channels on that TV and someone will tell you to pray to God because He always takes care of everything...wars, natural disasters, environmental destruction...oh, wait...


Thanks for that. It matters :smile:


About that new continent down there, remember, surveys show that a lot of it is below sea level. Unless it does a real "bouncy bouncy" when the weight of the ice is gone, it will still be below sea level, and that's the current sea level, not the level after the ice melts.