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Burt’s Bees, Neonics and Poisoning Our Food


Burt’s Bees, Neonics and Poisoning Our Food

Katherine Paul

On August 27 (2015), we published an action alert asking consumers to ask Burt’s Bees to cut ties with the corporations that make neonicotinoid pesticides. Neonics are a class of pesticides implicated in the mass die-off of honeybees.


Excellent, informative article.

This is one key paragraph:

"Labeling a poison doesn’t make the poison okay. It doesn’t matter if neonics are only part of the problem—the fact that they are part of the problem means their liberal use shouldn’t be allowed in the food production system. Science is leading the discussion, and yes we do know enough yet, even the EPA’s own scientists, according to internal documents, believe neonics are toxic to bees. And even if we’re still waiting for “new” science, we ought to be following the precautionary principle, which roughly translated means “better safe than sorry.” And that means halting the use of neonics."

In my own way, I've been stating this for years: that a climate of trespassers makes it very difficult to establish the legal burden of proof for direct culpability through a singular causative agent:

"Neonicotinoids come with a bee hazard statement on the label as they have been determined to have the potential to harm bees; but the question is, to what extent are these substances alone responsible for CCD? CCD has been shown to be the result of multiple factors, as detailed by the recent EPA-USDA report issued last week. CCD, however, is just one of the many problems that have beset honey bees; and there are considerably more issues that face the rest of the pollinating community including other bees, bats, birds, butterflies, flies and more."


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:worried: as discouraged as you must feel, cookies, I hope the lesson learned includes the concept of NEVER GIVE UP. You did the right thing. Gauge? The opposition and criticism you faced. Kids need teachers like you, desperately. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!


This is good reporting and good advocacy by Organic Consumers Association. Folks should study this key factor:

"In its 2014 Follow the Honey Report, Friends of the Earth documented how companies like Bayer have copied tobacco industry public relations tactics in an effort to manufacture doubt about the role neonics have played in decimating honeybee colonies."

Here's a link to an outline of how the PR firms and the tobacco corporations developed this method of subverting science and confusing the public debate.

And here's a link to a summary of the Follow the Honey report, with links to the full report.


Why is there such a total disconnect between what is good for the planet and all its denizens and what is profitable yet lethal? Money and the push for profit are blinding and all life pays the price...and the profiteers are not immune to or protected from the disastrous results of their actions.


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Geez, that is awful! Did your principal cave? If you know longer have his/her backing, then, sad to say, you have to watch your own back. If it was just flak from the bullies, then I'd encourage you to hold your ground as much as possible. Again, teachers like you can make a huuuuge difference in kids' development.


I just checked, and Frontier Natural Products Coop distributes Burt's Bees products. Frontier Coop, if you don't know, is both a coop and also the main supplier of organic spices/herbs to organic food stores, including Whole Foods. I have looked up their contact information:

Phone: 800-669-3275
Fax: 800-717-4372

Please call them and tell them that this is unacceptable.


Thanks for the info, i'll follow up.


So Clorox owns Burt's Bees now? 'Nuff said.