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Bush-Era Foreign Policy Delusions Are Alive and Well in 2017


Bush-Era Foreign Policy Delusions Are Alive and Well in 2017

Conn Hallinan

In trying to unravel the debates over U.S. foreign policy currently being fought out in the editorial pages of the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the magazine Foreign Policy, one might consider starting in late December on a bitter cold ridge in northern Wyoming, where 81 men of the U.S. Army’s 18th Infantry Regiment were pursuing some Indians over a rocky ridge.


One excellent, informative, insightful article.


The capitalists' inquisition lives on--heretics must be expunged in Mammon's name.


"It was a stunning blow in the only war against the U.S. that Native Americans won."

The Seminoles, who never were militarily defeated by the US, would take issue with that statement. The US army with its superior numbers, technology and training, couldn't function in the swamps of southern Florida.


Sure functions well in the Washington DC swamp though ?


I really appreciate that the history of american imperial expansion was mentioned here. That it has its roots in the Indian Wars and in particular the Spanish-American War. A lot of people really have forgotten what the Spanish-American War was all about. My mother who is a rump supporting tea bagger, asked "when did america ever start meddling the affairs of other nations?" Well mom, it was a long time ago and it sure wasn't started by Obama. We also forget about the Banana Republics that the US meddled with way back when. The term Banana Republic isn't a derogatory term for developing countries. Its actually a black stain in american history and a major reason why so many Latinos hate the US. They didn't forget. They are still suffering for it. So, I really appreciate these historical reminders. They become useful ammunition when those on the right make such questions such as my mother did.


this is the sort of article is helpful as it trashes all of the ruling elite. Until the realization takes hold that the duopoly must be dismantled and the American democracy was hijacked - not in 2017 but for decades can any progress be made.


All empires ultimately crumble

This one may leave nothing in its train


Exceptionalism did not start with the US. It is the government form of dealing with the other. Religions do it. Most groups do it. Cliques in schools do it. Brands do it. Gangs do it. It takes conscientious, honest, scrupulous effort to counteract groupie forces, to be inclusive, welcoming, open-hearted.


I totally agree HowlingCoyote, this is one of the best framed and presented essays on the total picture we're currently confronted with. The Neocons have joined the so called liberal interventionists and now anything is possible. It's quite a fix we're in...


A wonderfully clear and concise article, in which lie the reasons why we are hated and feared worldwide! If we aren't sure what a terrorist looks like, we only have to look in a mirror.


"maybe it’s time to look at real estate in New Zealand, like a number of billionaires — 40 percent of whom are Americans — are already doing.

They will be competing for real estate with the Chinese billionaires who have already bought the place.

By the way, the Australians have leased its northernmost port, the the Port of Darwin, to the Chinese for 99 years. Shades of Hong Kong?


The narrative that America spends more on defense than most of the rest of the combined world has to be changed to: America spends more on offensive wars, to protect it's MIC, hegemony, hubris and world wide vested interests, than most of the rest of the world spends on defense.

The Department of Defense is a misnomer; it is really the Offensive, War Department. It has nothing to do with protecting the average American citizen; bringing them freedom and democracy; stopping the terrorists over there, before they can get here; and all the BS propaganda that Americans have been fed for so many years.

Good article.