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Bush Lapdog Blair can’t Even Apologize Correctly for Destabilizing the Middle East


Bush Lapdog Blair can’t Even Apologize Correctly for Destabilizing the Middle East

Juan Cole

Former British PM Tony Blair reiterated on Sunday some of his previous half-hearted “apologies” for illegally launching a war of aggression on Iraq in 2003.

Blair’s “apologies” always take the form of the little boy who, when instructed to apologize for calling a lady fat, says, “Lady, I’m sorry you’re fat.”

Blair has never apologized for increasing Iraqi mortality or death rates, leaving hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead.


"Blair’s smarmy Christian crusaderism and hatred of Islam drove him to justify the wicked means by what he saw as noble ends."

This factor should never be under-rated. For while certainly the U.S military industrial complex's need for enemies (in order to "move weapons inventory" in order to justify gargantuan payments into the next set of same) played into the calculus, as did the vampire-like bloodlust of the oil men, the religious component is all too real. Of course, the P.N.A.C. and its members' strategic interests, added to those of Israel and Saudi Arabia, added to bankers licking their chops over blood profits also figured into this diabolical debacle.

Bush's use of the term Crusades was done on purpose. And all of the following salute that premise:

General Boykin sounding like a petulant 12 year old insisted publicly that "he knew his god was bigger than their (Islam) god."

The love child of the Deep State, Erik Prince, an avowed Christian, took pride, pleasure, and profit from extrajudicial killing of countless "enemy Islamists."

Hundreds of U.S. Fundamentalist Christian churches went to work insisting that this war was a holy war.

And in my view, the most ungodly act of all (as documented by a number of journalists) was the use of Christian chaplains with the U.S. Air Force to counsel young drone pilots on the religious "righteousness" of dropping lethal ordnance on everyday citizens, the designated enemies of the New Crusades make-war state.

Since it is the conscience that stops persons from acts of violence... and most people respond to the conscience and through it, find their worst impulses curtailed; when religious authorities stand in to override that conscience by asserting a moral right TO kill, then religion becomes a tool of the anti-Christ. It serves evil. For what is more evil than what the Geneva Conventions properly cite as Crimes Against Humanity in the form of naked wars of aggression?

Blair (and Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Yoo, Gonzales, Tenet, et al) may not publicly admit to their dark deeds, but there is a higher system of universal Justice that indeed keeps a record. And all misdeeds will be paid back... in time.


Well said, bravo SiouxRose!


Tony Blair's perfunctory apologies are not apologies but rationalizations like: we removed that thug Saddam and that was a good thing.

So let me write an apology for him:
Let me start out by saying that I broke international law and apologize for being complicit in causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths and that will be on my conscience for the rest of my life.

My condoning the invasion of Iraq was illegal and I deceived the people by deception and lies even though I should have known this decision made me a war criminal.


This is all old news.

I want to hear Bernie Sanders' plan to get all US troops, CIA spooks and so-called 'contractors' out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

I'm sure he has an AWESOME plan and he's just keeping it SECRET because it's so COOL.


That may be a comforting thought, but is there any evidence of this "higher system of universal justice" actually operating?

When will the misdeeds of Winston Churchill, Curtis LeMay, Harry Truman. Lt. Calley, Augusto Pinochet, etc. etc. be paid back?



Bible thumping, so-called christian, chaplains have to be the most evil and hypocritical people in the military, as they are complicit in so many murderous and heinous acts and condone wars of aggression for the industrial greed of the Amerikan Empire. These chaplains are nothing but fawning parasites! Who are obsequious for the MIC. They are devils garbed in holy clothing and holy books.


Thank you. Check out the Intercept article (published on C.D. today) that cites how Christian AID organizations are also being used by the Pentagon for spying (and God knows what other) purposes; and it's that genius, Boykin behind this Crusades charade, too!


Do your own research. Over a billion people in the world believe in Hinduism and Buddhism and both Eastern religions totally acknowledge the law of karma. It operates through the continuum of rebirth. Just because you were born to Western Materialism where science can only believe in what it can touch, score, or measure... hardly means that so limited a context speaks to all that is.


As you know, I've had many heated debates with posters on this idea of personal responsibility.

Where most people who challenge me come from a polarized perspective based on "either-or," I patiently explain levels of power, influence, access, intelligence, resources, etc. In other words, each is accountable (and spiritually held to account) at a different level of engagement, awareness, and intent.

Since almost everything in our world is based on hierarchical displays of power and authority, it stands to reason that those wielding the greater authority carry the greater responsibility.

That's why the spiritual bankruptcy shown by would-be spiritual/religious leaders who INCITE callous, bloodthirsty responses in less mature human beings makes my blood boil.

This is such a betrayal of Christ's own teachings... that is truly signifies blasphemy of the highest order.

So long as patriarchy sets up pecking orders where men with less status feel compelled to win the approval (if not affection and respect) of men with more power, idiots will kill for others' causes. And unfortunately, some women conditioned by Hollywood play cheerleader to these heinous acts.

BTW: Those Bible thumpers now run mega-churches with thousands of attendees. And as you may recall, when Bush defined the Christian Coalition (and/or Christian Conservatives) as his base, it led me to presume that Pat Robertson IS a CIA plant. What better way to win people over to the cause of false war than to have a charismatic religious figure given a major TV platform from which to play the great bamboozle upon the masses?


Netanyahu's lap-dogs can't even apologize for supporting, funding, and arming Israeli terrorism and warmongering destabilizing the Middle East either!

Decades of craven Israeli sycophants & co-conspirators including Congress, Bush, Obama, the Neo-Con swine, numerous talking-heads, unelected politicians, and the corrupt MSM (including many other media outlets also in thrall to Israeli propaganda or in-need of funding) are ALL complicit to Israeli maneuvering and scheeming to get and keep the ME in conflict. The Israeli MO is to mask and deflect attention and criticism (including even the few courageous enough to buck Israeli/Israeli agents vindictive attacks) from Israeli war crimes against civilians and illegal colonization of occupied territory!

The most destabilizing force (Daesh and other terrorist extremists, while destabilizing themselves, are the result of prior Israeli/US destabilizations) in the ME is Israeli/Zionist (and their lap-dog proxy US) tribal mythology and racist hegemony!

"The Palestinians are irrelevant. Peace, here, means being left at peace to keep doing business with the last apartheid state of the modern world"

‘Most-read’ article at Washington Post calls Israel ‘savage, unrepairable society’ - http://mondoweiss.net/2015/10/washington-unrepairable-society


Excellent reply thank you.

Like I have posted before, facetiously, maybe why Jesus does not come back is because he knows Christian acolytes would crucify him again!


Yes, and another thought about karma is that the Eastern religions say that karma does not necessarily work in one lifetime but works through out eternity. For instance: when Jesus said that " all who live by the sword ( violence )shall die by the sword" makes no sense because many do not die by violence that have murdered others by violence. The only way it makes sense to me is if they meet that fate in some future incarnation.


Collective belief is not evidence of truth. In fact this mass belief in the so-called law of karma and the doctrine of rebirth has been and is quite useful to the ruling classes in the land of Hinduism. The Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the messiah prophesied in the Bible and the Jews don't. Both can't be true, just as you can't be both for Patriarchy and against Patriarchy. Or perhaps, you need to stop thinking in either/or frames and start accepting the belief of a large number of people in the Patriarchy, in the US/Israeli/Western exceptionalism, in Mars rules etc etc.? After all, if the only criterion for accepting something as true is that some people believe it, then anything and everything could be true!

This type of (postmodern ?) thinking is completely useless.

You do not know my background. You are presuming things without any evidence. The fact that Science does not answer some questions at present and may never conclusively answer all questions about "life, the universe, and everything" does not mean that the answer is forty two. And it does not matter whether the putative answer is proclaimed by the satirist Adams or the Quran, or Bible, or Buddha, or the Vedas or how many people believe it.

If you want to oppose injustice in this world, then the "law of karma" is not your friend.



Yes; it's all the men, the violent bastards!


Blair and Bush and all neocon co-conspirators take orders from afar. Ariel Sharon stated publicly that "....we control America". Arrangements ,were made to begin this crusade and until we out the true perpetrators of ' the event',we will continue on this cycle of endless conflict.


Agreed,but that would be hanged by the neck.


lol, you get 'em Tex. Not enough western flics on the AMC channel anymore.