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'Bush No Better' Than Trump: Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan Decries Whitewashing of Warmonger


'Bush No Better' Than Trump: Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan Decries Whitewashing of Warmonger

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Where is the movement to oppose U.S. wars, instead of liberal handwringing over botched messages of condolence?"


Many of the living Ex-Presidents should have been charged with War Crimes.

W. has the record for being responsible for killing the greatest number of humans.

Hell awaits them all.


I’m so glad Ms. Sheehan is reminding everyone of Bush’s disingenuous chastisements. A few pointed remarks decrying the current “state-of-affairs” cannot exonerate his earlier crimes. This also goes for the two parties’ duplicity in All of this.
It is time for all of us to begin standing up against all the wars the parties are supporting and get people elected that give a damn about what’s best for the people in this country.


“instead of liberal handwringing”

Sorry Cindy, that’s “neoliberal handwringing”. Liberals have always opposed Bush and U.S. wars. Neoliberal Democrats are trying to shift the blame about why they lost the election by changing the conversation.

The DNC sellouts must get their corporate bribes.

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Thanks so much, Cindy, for speaking for so many of us. Wonder what our numbers really are?


Cindy Sheehan: " Why are there special ops forces in Niger"?

That is the question that needs to be addressed.
And my question: why does the US military have forces in over a hundred reported countries?




There is no hell except what we can create for them.


I continue to agree with Trump on one issue…keeping Guantanamo open…so we can bring the DC politicians to justice and fill those empty cells with Trump and his four predecessor POTUS, and 90% of the US Congresscritters.

Recall that 89 US Senators earlier this month voted to increase the US military budget 13% ? The media barely addressed that event.


Notice during the “you get 5, count them 5 presidents on one stage” at
hurricane “relief” benefit (one wonders regarding how much “relief” will be forthcoming, as Bushie baby and Billy boy teamed up to help
Haiti after the Earthquake and no one knows where that money went)
did you notice Billy Boy shake Georgie Porgie’s hand …oh and did you see
Obomber crack up over some joke Georgie whispered???
#1 all of them are responsible for the global warming caused hurricanes with their
kowtowing and complicity to fossil fuel magnates & their crimes
#2 all of them are responsible for countless number of innocent deaths…
and the mainstream media
kisses all of their buttocks == sickening isn’t it?
I agree with Cindy Sheehan, and thank God she’s back…
I have been asking where the hell is the anitwar movement???
we have multiple wars, as in 1984 by Orwell, and no one seems to give a damn


Glad you’re back, Cindy,
I have been saying the same thing…
dropping the “mother of all bombs” just a few months ago, seems to all have been
forgotten, like it never happened…
Where is the fight back???
complaining and whining ain’t going to do it!!!


No one is as bad as Trump. Bush allowed himself to be led by a group of testosterone junkies like Cheney.


Bill Clinton was no better than Trump – and I mean his policies, not his sexual foibles.


The sick bowing before mass murderers is totally evil! They should all be in prison, not free do anything!


I really truly have missed Ms. Sherman’s direct call it like it is anti war, but she was not just an anti war critic but a dead on the point social activist as well
When she first came out against the War Hogs not just Bush Cheney Repubs but the weak ineffectual Democrats the Democrats that “managed” their own war critics shunned her like the plague.
The Demos let the War lovers try to destroy her reputation and made snide remarks even over her appearance and reasons for her outspokeness as just being an opportunist.
IT was only after she began gathering a large number of the grass roots people’s who liked her direct plain spoken honesty and actually became a movement that the Democrats feeling THREATENED as more and more of their paid handwringers began joining Sheehan then all of a sudden they sent their party faithfully to attempt to take over the movement; And sadly they did.
When Sheehan ran for public office against a two faced closet war supporter the Democrats damn near turned into Republicans and gave no support
I was wondering what became of her and hoping she did not feel a failure in that Bush and DC establishment more or less closed down and out her voice of sanity during a flag waving orgy of nationalist stupidity.
No apology by any of those political hacks have come forth even after that whole Presidency and 80% of flag waving US now know just how criminal an action and person alities they supported.
Great that her voice can still be heard, but sad that most Americans sit like the three monkeys who do not see, hear or speak out against the way this country is today.


The media (MSM) is the propaganda machine which dumbs down US citizens to accept the criminal acts of war perpetrated on most of the rest of the world by our government. It is up to us to bring a halt to these atrocities and put those responsible on trial for their crimes. We are, undoubtably, a banana republic.


so when do we learn that America has their nose in everyones business? Cindy says for all of us that war is not the only answer. enough of our soldiers dying for decisions made behind the scenes.