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"Business as Usual! Business as Usual!" Chants the Oligarchy as the World Burns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/28/business-usual-business-usual-chants-oligarchy-world-burns


Holy wow! Am I glad I read this novel. Incredible. Write the book, take the money. Make the movie. Hello Michael Moore/Steven Spielberg. Dr Seuss. So much covered, so much explained.

Thank You


A true FURY taIe----PeopIe wiII say, " If you can----- take the heat stay out of the kitchen. : But—the kitchen was aIready burning long before-----with the Iiving room and the bathroom too------
The oldest born of brain dead contestants won----but we are stiII Iiving out in what’s Ieft of the woods when that big fire raced across the nation. As communications were burned out as were aII businesses— we did what any red bIooded American would do. Each of our states succeeded—and things worked better in a small way----perhaps someday there wiII be an America-----maybe Iike AtIantis------ in the meantime we are aII Iearning to carry water and chop what wood we may find…: ) FREED|OM’s just another word for nothing Ieft to Iose—and in a very nice way—peopIe are so much happier. : ) The COMMONS has returned, and the library had one book that didn’t burn----a book by a man named Tom Paine. : )


I understand the oligarchs, the CEO’s, the politicians, motivated by greed, personal success over all else, selfish disregard for all but themselves.

I do not understand those Trump supporters not members of the oligarchy, not at all. These people, as much a victim as the rest of us, as much pawns to be used and discarded as are we all. Yet they blindly line up to support those who care not a damn about them. Who use them and lose them, motivate them by appealing to racism and a false national pride , telling them, in effect, that you do not have it as bad as the blacks, the immigrants, that as long as you can look down on others, that you are better than them , we can keep you without decent health care, without union protection, without an honest election, without basic human rights, without educating your children, without any hope for a future for those children.
This nation is sinking into third world status helped by people who avoid looking at their own plight by looking with hatred and fear at others.


Yes, it’s hard to get one’s mind around the fact that people will vote against their own interests. If you read and comprehend the essay, you’d have to say that this doesn’t apply just to Trump supporters. We’re all disposable and irrelevant to the oligarchy, at least those of us not invited to $10,000-a plate fundraisers; regardless of which color banner we wave.


Felt good to read that since it captures how horrible the situation is. In an effort to understand Trump voters, I am listening to “Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers”. Also, I keep reading what scientists say about problems and solutions to the environmental crisis. It’s rather depressing. We are on course to extinction.


I was forced to do community service for the crime of participating students in a peaceful demonstration. This is some of the types of statements I heard from homeless people while working at a homeless shelter.

‘I’m one of them [the oligarchs]. My next innovation is about to catch on. My YouTube channel is going to take off. I’m going to start a new successful business. I’m going to win the lottery. God is about to bless me and make me wealthy. I’m just a little down on my luck right now.’


It’s amazing how the oligarch class has brainwashed the masses into believing massive wealth is a great thing to aspire to. That is why the masses fight amongst themselves while worshipping the rich fuckers who are the ones screwing them over. There is no shortage of stupidity in the USA, in fact it is its greatest asset as far as the oligarchs are concerned.


That’s very true. I wouldn’t characterize this as stupidity, however. The capitalist paradigm is infused throughout society and alternatives are denigrated. Very rarely do people get exposure to alternatives and, even in those few cases, people are often conditioned to think of any successes as short-lived anomalies that are incapable of scaling up.

To wit: I was just in a meeting with a group of engineers, economists, and policy makers involved with energy planning to address climate change. When I suggested the potential of solar/wind microgrids, and consumption reduction, these were dismissed as quaint notions of idealistic morons. I was schooled that the only possible option to climate change is large scale nuclear generators, that will require tens of billions of dollars and, therefore must be undertaken by for-profit energy companies in which people are motivated by the chance to get rich.


Well, maybe you wouldn’t characterize it as stupidity but I certainly do. What’s that famous quote about the definition of stupidity about doing the same thing over and over and always expecting a different result? Empire building, which Capitalism is just another form of, continues to define the human condition and that IS stupidity when we pay people to sift through the ruins of older empires and don’t apply the same lessons that are found to our current empire.

But then I don’t have a very high opinion of our killer primate species based on the written history we know of (and personal experience for that matte)r. The last 9,000 years of those rising and crashing empires brought about by mass death in both wars and slavery are not exactly a pleasant read for those interested in actual history. Which is probably why History classes in schools won’t really teach it. Why is it that memorizing the Stamp Act to regurgitate on test is supposed to create critical thinking…or is it taught because it does the opposite? Bores children to tears and they never gain an interest in the subject again? Of course that is just ignorance but it leads to stupidity.

Maybe if we lived as long as the desert tortoise we would be able to take a longer view of the consequences of our actions. We’d at least have some long-term experience to form our thoughts with rather than the rushing-towards-death thing these bodies do which forces us to have a very short-term outlooks. After all, we are here such a short time and much of that is spent in extended childhood and failing old age. But our ridiculous birth rate would have to be drastically curtailed in kind. That won’t ever happen, either. We as a species like sex!

But this article did a decent job of parody and analogy trying to explain the errors of our ways. I’m betting that most of those that have read it knew exactly who the characters were. I even caught myself cracking a smile here and there…while shaking my head at the insanity of it all.

So we get to vote for Systemic Fascism/neoliberalism or we get to vote for Dictator Fascism/neoliberalism. The former MAY slow down the rush over the cliff but probably not though we’re pretty sure the latter certainly will. But then we have never exactly been a species that is good at facing reality much, either, or we wouldn’t have invented so many different gods to take the blame. Or we wouldn’t live on earthquake faults. Or build towns and cities on the sides of dormant volcanoes. Or build nuclear reactors for that matter much less on floodplains and in tsunami zones!! Or any number of thing of which voting for lesser evil monsters is the only socially acceptable course of action (from both sides of the corporate duopoly).

Big sigh. No answers forthcoming I’m afraid. See the house of cards? See the big wind coming? Oops.




The former MAY slow down the rush over the cliff but probably not though we’re pretty sure the latter certainly will (cause a quick jump off the ledge).

It didn’t load that for some reason.


Hi SealintheSelkirks.

I find the characterization of plutocrats and their supporters as “stupid” not very helpful. I’ve run into a handful of plutocrats, in the US and elsewhere. What I find in common is a general disregard for much else, other than themselves. And, the folk I’ve met have been old. They only have a short time left, so screwing humanity, and setting it on a course for collapse, is worth it to them, if they can accumulate more wealth in the short term. I have no hope for this group.

The group that I think is more relevant, are the masses of low-wealth individuals who back the plutocrats. I view national elections as, largely, distractions. Regardless of whether the next us president is “nice guy” neoliberal TweedleDee or narcistic neofacist TweedleDumb, there will be around 50 million, mostly low-wealth people, who will be staunch supporters of the right wing plutocrats who act against their own interests. The status quo will be entrenched as long as there people, and liberals, are unwilling to rise against the right-wing power structure. Calling these people stupid doesn’t help. What is necessary, is finding ways to get to some roots of common ground, and learning how to guide these people to a progressive consciousness and a commitment to take action to bring about change.

Then I guess there needs to be a serious effort to finance psychologists and massive ad campaigns that target these low-income low-education uninterested-in-change people because bluntly they don’t want to be guided. Hell, a terrible number of them won’t even wear a damned mask to stop the spread of a deadly Pandemic…until people they know die of it. And not even then so much.That’s…if not stupid at least pretty stubborn-headed wouldn’t you say? Where’s the line between I wonder?

As a nearly 4 decade martial arts practitioner and self defense instructor for the last 3, I’m well aware of the effects of the amygdala on human behavior. And finding common ground with those that have been taught since babyhood (brainwashed) to fear and hate you is one hell of an uphill vicious catfight against the little piece of brain that, so far, hasn’t ever worked out well. There is no counteracting force that has been discovered by scientists that I’ve ever read about EXCEPTING early childhoods raised in sane environments. Not much of that going on in this country.

Wish us all luck ya think? Big sigh.



Remember to vote for Biden though! Fuck them all.

I agree. The prospects for humanity are dim, there is no clear path forward, and any actions we undertake are fraught with difficulties. But we don’t have much other options, except giving up - but I find that unacceptable.

I think there are some good things that this group is doing: _https://www.lifeafterhate.org/about-us-page

I told people 15 years ago they would turn this country into a 3rd world hell hole, by stripping it clean then they would fly off to their private islands, in their private jets, protected by their private security forces, and wave as they fly away saying, bye, bye suckers!

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Just wanted to give you my Sealofapproval for your thoughts!


In all fairness, many homeless are mentally unstable.

Many of those ( I volunteer in a food bank ) are mentally challenged remember…