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'Business as Usual Is a Death Sentence': Hundreds of Youth Sit In at DNC Headquarters to Demand 2020 Debate on Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/business-usual-death-sentence-hundreds-youth-sit-dnc-headquarters-demand-2020-debate


‘Business as Usual Is a Death Sentence’:

It could also be stated: STATUS QUO IS A DEATH SENTENCE


Why won’t the DNC allow Governor Jay Inslee to debate climate emergency ? ONE WORD: CORRUPTION!


Yes, yes, yes
Sunrise Movement

Whoever makes the rules, can change the rules. Tell Uncle Perez that if he refuses to listen you will change your party to GREEN Party


A Good Time for the True Candidate of the People to shanghai the Debate

I mean we are used to the Candidates avoiding the Question put to them, so…

Why not skip the dumb questions and take the discourse to the Proper Subjects.

Let’s See Who Really is…‘Status Quo Till We All Die.’


I wonder what the overall carbon footprint of 500 days of Presidential campaigning might amount to… Fly here, fly there, fly today, fly tomorrow…


In answer to EdsNote…About a few hours worth of the methane release happening in the Arctic these days.


Jill Stein tried to enter the presidential debate in 2016 and ended up handcuffed to a chair. No one in the Democratic Party or the media said a damned thing.


Do it anyway! XD

Actually they have had debates on single issues. Foreign policy, for example. I think they’ve also had it on the economy only. This issue is definitely worthy of a focused debate.

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My sense is that the DNC leadership will dismiss these activists as Putin’s pawns.

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Why are we so afraid of the stupid corrupt DNC? It’s like begging a spoiled brat kid to behave by giving it a candy bar. Make that Debate happen!


Jill Stein: The woman who gave us Trump and she was helped by the Russians too.

What a lovely idea!

Stonewalling –

and it can have the opposite effect when people get fed up.

I thought it was the Libertarian guy.

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“Spurning demands from grassroots advocates, leading environmentalists, and presidential candidates, Tom Perez announced earlier this month that there will not be a debate specifically dedicated to the global climate emergency.” So - sod Perez; what’s stopping those presidential candidates just going ahead and HAVING the single issue debate? Is Perez going to try to disqualify everyone taking part from being a ‘Democratic’ Party candidate? Where does the DNC derive its power from? Your DNC seems to be acting like a corporate dictator. It needs to be brought down! There’s this thing called democracy… Power to the demos, not the DNC!!!

Perez’ excuse is BS because if it were true and the DNC didn’t want to sponsor a single topic discussion, they wouldn’t have then prohibited the candidates from having a debate on the subject under other people’s auspices. IOW, they prohibited any debate and you have to ask yourself why.

The obvious reason is that The Chosen One has a decided weak point in climate change. He didn’t have a policy on it until late in the game, and when he was forced to come up with something, he had his team throw together a cut and paste paper that even include fossil fuel positions. Since it wasn’t coherent, there was no way he could justify it or even talk about it rationally. They have to protect him and prohibiting any discussion of the climate crisis is how they are doing it.

Then having only 12 minutes of nothing conversation about the climate crisis showed what they meant when they said they would talk about it as part of the normal debate.