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Bust the Budget then Vote to Balance It: GOP's Shameless Bid to Shred Safety Net

Bust the Budget then Vote to Balance It: GOP's Shameless Bid to Shred Safety Net

Karen Hobert Flynn

Americans expect their representatives in Congress to look after the interests of all Americans, not just the privileged few.

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Greedy Old Pricks.


I congratulate the author for avoiding calling Social Security an “entitlement program,” as all too many commentators do. Whether they’re trying to conflate an insurance program—into which we’ve paid premiums every day of our working lives—with hard-won health benefit programs, depends on whether the individual writer’s agenda is shaped by a sincere concern for justice, or simply for personal enrichment.


Someone, anyone, please: The D-party has been sucked into this balanced budget bullshit for years now.

They can’t effectively run on this issue because they’re no different from the R-Party on this issue.

Catfood commission? Grand bargain? Are those ringing a bell?


The GOP didn’t sign off on Obama’s grand bargain because they didn’t want him getting credit for the earned benefit cuts. The GOP wanted to make sure they get full credit from the 1% for screwing the 99%. Sick !

Its no coincidence that Ryan announcing he won’t run in November is concurrent with the balance budget legislation.

Its mission accomplished for Ryan !


Ah, under the OhBummer Adm. the Debt went from $10 Trillion to $20 Trillion and he finally raised taxes. The same 8 years saw the deficit finally shrinking.
Hardly heroic or even great, OhBummer and the Dims, were better than the competition.
" Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts. " You consistently make false statements about the Dims. You pushed Trump " as the lesser of two evils ", etc. The broken clock theory needs to step in and get you an intervention, the quicker the better before we all join the departed.

The problem is that SS and Medicare are really entitlement programs, it is money that a person is entitled to after paying into during their life time. What republicans try to do is throw in Snaps and other welfare programs as entitlement programs when they are not at all entitlement programs.
When you lump all the programs together, the republicans get to do their usual thing, the poor don’t deserve any help. They confiscated the word to make it sound like people are not entitled to SS and Medicare when actually people pay into them and are entitled to that money.


I never pushed anyone to vote for Trump. Saying that I did is utter and complete horseshit.

I voted for Stein and pushed others to join me. Period.


Obama did try to raise taxes earlier, but republicans refused to consider the idea. It was only when Obama had a carrot the republicans wanted, that the republicans agreed with a tax increase. And as soon as possible, the republicans cut taxes after Obama was gone.

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True. I’m as p’od as anyone with the lost opportunities of the OhBummer Adm. However, that’s more about foreign than domestic policy.
Though both need lots of improvement.

Yes, and many who are on social security never paid into it at all so the rethugs get to enjoy their day in the sun when calling social security welfare.

Constantly damning with faint praise and lefthanded compliments. At least try to be clever and ambidextrous.
Only 8 House Dims voted for this monstrosity. And, we need their damn names.

What a ridiculous and misleading comment! The debt increased because we had the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and automatic payments to those out of work increased strongly.

Nothing to do with the 3-4 military interventions we kept borrowing to fund?
R U saying it was Unemployment Insurance that caused the debt to go up?

It was unemployment insurance, more food stamps, increased claims for SS disability, and less income for folks meant less tax revenue for the government. It was not only less revenue for the federal government, but also for the states. So, states clambered for more help from the feds. It is absolutely foolish to raise taxes during a recession. Obama did push through a stimulus bill that also increased the deficit. The stimulus bill should have been twice as large, but republicans would never go for such a huge spending increase. Of course a few democrats always think the same way as republicans when it comes to massive deficit spending. What many do not understand is that stimulus spending is very important in times of high unemployment. Get people back to work and the economy will improve much faster. In times of low unemployment, such as now, there should be no deficit spending. Obama did not start any major wars, thank goodness.

He kicked progressive economists, like Krugman, Stiglitz, et al. out of the room, and stuck with his Chicago Boys. He broke Truman’s cardinal rule: " he comforted the comfortable " at worker’s expense. He never raised minimum wages at the Federal level and so much more. He’s a moderate Republican very much at home in the Ripon Society School. What a disappointment to about 65%-70% of the people who supported him.

Yeah, we want pie in the sky, but it truly is not that easy. Obama did a decent job with so much arrayed against him. I know it seemed like he always started bargaining from a weak point, but he got a fair bit done in the face of high opposition. Obamacare was the best POSSIBILE of his Presidency. Hopefully, now that people have finally got to somewhat like it, we can expand upon it.

Being a moderate Democrat/liberal Republican is not pie in the sky. And, OhBummer started this whole Syrian disaster in 2011. He allowed the worst parts of The Dims to muck up the Honduras, Libya and cause much trouble in our Southern Hemisphere. Banksters loved him, too.
He’s a tepid technocratic turd and a lackey for the MIC; not surprisingly, his constant PR campaign to save his mediocre legacy is unrelenting. In the end I hope no one buys his b.s.

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More than anyone else, the Bush pair caused the Syria problem. The first Iraq war led to the second. That led to an increasing mess pouring through the Iraq border into Syria. BTW, the pie in the sky is wanting things that are politically unavailable at the time. Obama’s Western Hemisphere policies were at least a step up from practically any President in modern history.

You’re nuts.