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But It Has Been Happening Here: A Response to Salman Rushdie

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/10/it-has-been-happening-here-response-salman-rushdie


If you throw a frog in a pot of boiling water it jumps out and survives. The same frog will cook if the water starts out cold and is slowly heated up.

The GOP started applying the boiling frog strategy by installing Ronnie Raygun and his soft sell. The dimcritters became enablers subsequent to their 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation.
With Trump the frog is being boiled and the mask is indeed off, the only thing missing is the goose stepping that will surely appear during Trump’s second term.

If Trump wins in November, the dimcritter party will become 100% irrelevant…it will be full one party rule. and 2020 will be go down as the final election in US history.

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I would argue that we have been living in a neofascist state for the 50 yrs since Nixon with some relaxing during the Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations. Believe me, I AM NOT relieving ANY of those administrations for their lack of doing much needed reforms in a multitude of problems our country is and was facing and doing things such as the crime bill, deregulation and targeted killing of American citizens during their administrations. I know Biden will pretty much be the same as the others mentioned unless, maybe the pressure is kept on him and his picks for admin posts. He is the type of guy that seems to easily bend to public pressure if kept up on him. May we all hope he is better than his previous Dems and at the very least we are rid of the POS in the White House now. I’m 73 yrs old and at this point believe we have gone past the “point of no return” in this country and we will never attain what some of the Democratic Socialist countries of Europe have.

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American author Sinclair Lewis wrote “It Can’t Happen Here”, published in 1935 about a fascist takeover in the USA. And it’s still happening in various forms highlighted by the fascist cops and their extra juridical killings of citizens, especially folks of color at alarming rates brought out with the fact that there are now so many cameras to capture fascist behavior by the cops. It was happening back then and it still happens today. We just get to see its ugliness now on the TV news. STOP. Start funding other social programs to help with social issues instead of being that law enforcement does it all. Like school kid’s behavior issues, mentally ill, homelessness. Things would be far less violent,

I think it matters of what is meant by “Democratic Socialist”. Socialism nowadays even has different meanings today that it did even 20 yrs ago. My “meaning” is what countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and a few others have as their base social programs compared to what measly programs we have here. We can’t even get universal health coverage here where Germany has had it even before WWII and the UK passed it in 1948, hell even Canada passed it in 1960.

First of all, I wasn’t advocating Socialism. I pointed that we, unlike a lot of European countries have shitty, skimpy social programs when you consider in the GDP’s of all those countries compared to the US.