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But What If He's Not an Idiot?


No, the seething undercurrent of the discontented is rarely reported on in the “news”. Only when it explodes as in Missouri riots or Occupy Wall Street takeovers, does it get coverage which is put down by government forces, either civilian or feds. The Democratic primaries were changed, back in the 70’s I believe, after anti-war candidate McCarthy got the nomination nod. That’s when the super delegates came about, so they had more control of things. Expect the GOP too, to change things to keep future Trumps’ from getting the nod.


Yeah, with him everything is shown in all it’s crass, vulgar, glory. He couldn’t hide his displays of inner emotion if his life depended on it.


I see Atcheson’s point but I think he needs to remember that Trump is a Prince of inherited wealth. Trump may be an idiot (he really did seem more intelligent before he got elected and then we had a good look at him and listened to his sometimes unintelligible speech patterns) but he has always been in a position where he delegated authority to people who got paid to be smarter than he was, so his ‘idiocy’ didn’t show as much.

Trump paid high priced lawyers to arrange his deals. He paid expensive consultants and investment managers and on and on and all of those people were exceptionally intelligent. He paid someone to ghost write his book for him. Trump makes the same mistakes as he was always wont to do but back then they were always covered and massaged for him by his staff! After all… he was the Prince!

The Oval Office is not quite the same as a business conference with his lawyers, assistants, bankers and etc. Thus we see Trump blurting out statements that his advisors pull him back from as soon as they get the chance. Being president means everything you say gets publicized and despite all his billions that was not the case for the Prince back when he was just a wheeler and dealer.

Trump runs without a script too often but who in his entourage will dare tell the Prince that when he speaks (without their permission first) he ends up sounding like an idiot! Trump may be feeling constrained by his need to be less reckless and impulsive.

Trump unfiltered? Yeah well maybe he really is an idiot too!

Trumps just wanna have fun!


I think you need to go back and review the history of Democratic primaries. Until 1972 the candidates were largely chosen in smoke-filled back rooms. George McGovern was instrumental in largely turning the Democratic primaries over to the voters. And that is how he got the nomination. Unfortunately he only won a single state but he was the people’s choice to run. I wouldn’t be concerned about the superdelegates. They always go along with the candidate who got the most pledged delegates. It is unlikely they would ever do otherwise. Unless the people chose a candidate who was really off the charts like Trump. Without superdelegates the Republicans were unable to stop Trump once the RNC backed him. Given what happened to the Republicans a case can be made for the superdelegates. Parties can choose their candidates any way they want. They don’t have to let the people vote. Both parties now do and for the first time that turned into a complete disaster.


Perhaps not brilliant, but the most truthful statement I have ever heard from Trump was when he stated that he could probably make money off the Presidency. Looking good for him so far ain’t it?


Go back and reread my comment – the ‘behind the scenes’ phrase was only about Obama. When it comes to the cheeto what you see is what you get … but isn’t that what you said??? But then again, with the idiocy currently emanating from the WH maybe missing the show isn’t really such a bad thing.


The Comey firing also distracted from the Kushner family peddling visas for real estate deals in China; the Pence-Koback Commission to make voter cross-checking a federal law; and Sessions reinvigorating the war on drugs and legal marijuana to strike more minority voters from the rolls. El Presidente Naranja Mentiroso only cares about playing to his base and his base loves watching Democratic heads explode. As long as his base is happy, and they are happy with his performance, the Reptilians in Congress will be afraid to move against him. I thoroughly believe that the voter suppression moves will win the Reptilians the elections in 2018 and 2020. With their control of gerrymandering for another decade and the paid-to-lose Democrats only concerned about donor money, the Reptilians have clear sailing to gain 38 governorships and the ability to rewrite the constitution in their twisted image.


I agree with you on your points of Trump having smart lawyers, assistants,bankers etc. around him doing the “smart” work, I am sure he allso used other tactics, of itimidation of one kind or another , taking it to the courts, threats of financial ruin, he allso wasnt kidding when he said he "knew’ the system and how it worked, …or rather how to work it, but he didnt do that singlehanded either, and i am sure there are more than one or two politicians at different levels from municipalitys on up, in his pocket and or good graces.

But to think him not an idiot is getting to be a bit of a stretch, does he really believe that he actually came up with the phrase “prime the pump”? I knew he was an idiot years before he made fun of the disabled reporter, but that single act confirmed it for me.

Yeah “prime the pump” what is he going to lay claim to next? “four score and seven years ago” " E=mc2" or how about…“and Trump said…let there be light”… I 'll tell you who else the idiots are…and that is any one taking this guy seriouslly any longer at least in a presidentiall sense,… that is just …idiotic in the extreme.


What If He’s Not an Idiot?
Anyways, most of the American people are idiots … the dark state and the 0.1% mostly aren’t idiots – just psychopaths.


I think it’s more likely that the Democrats are even more moronic than is Drumpf, which is why, as usual, they are serving only to strengthen the GOPhers while pretending they’re defenders of the public. Why do you think that hundred or so Democrats are signed onto John Conyers’ single-payer bill now that Drumpf is in the Oval office and the Republicans hold majorities in both houses of Congress, when they could have done so when Obama was the chief executive and their party controlled Congress including a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, but instead passed a bill that was modeled on the Heritage Foundation’s plan? It’s all so much political theater designed to distract the public from the last great plundering of the nation before it collapses in on itself.


The Republicans used rule-changing, altho not superdelegates, to derail Ron Paul. There is never just one way to subvert truth.


I’m with you. The whole Russian thing is ridiculous. And they’ve never been accused of actually hacking voting machines, just the DNC emails which showed how slimy the DNC is. I have read that Georgia believed someone tried to hack their voting machines and they hired a private firm to investigate. What they found was hacking was attempted the the Dept of Homeland Security.

The simple fact that, after losing in 2000 by voting manipulation and probably via voting machines in 2004, the Dems took over the House in 2007 and 2 years later the Presidency and the Senate, they never, to my knowledge, introduced any legislation to require paper trails in federal elections. As far as I’m concerned that said all one needs to know about the Dems. It would have been a simple one page piece of legislation, Ok, maybe 2 pages.


Factor in his mafia connections here and abroad. To roll around in that slime at the high level he’s in requires cunning to kiss up to the really rich guys who can hurt him and whom, actually, he can hurt. Then he’s learned how to survive while he manipulates. Idiot? Define the term.

Cunning. Sociopathic. Narcissistic needing his constant narcissistic supply (adorers). Blackmailer and probably blackmailed. I gotta get Barrett’s biography of this POS.


Thank you, John. Media is playing along nicely with Trump, following aghast, but yet rhythmically following his every step and misstep. This dance pretends to inform but it is actually leading by means of distractions again and again. By the time he actually falls, all of the steps will be in place for a totally autocratic police state.


You mistake cunning for competency. An abusive person may be cunning in avoiding detection, a thief may be shrewd in avoiding detection, a spy would need to be intelligent to avoid detection and an idiot would make it easy for him to be detected.

Trump just revealed that he shared classified intel with his Russian pals.

Which of the above do you think applies?




Lol…maybe I should go back to “idiot”?
Apart from adjectives and synonyms I’ve posted about him, I need to get some coffee and ponder some more. The Veterans Today article and Zemblan part 1 video had info I don’t know quite how to digest yet. Running with the jet set or rich guys is one thing; being so deeply involved with worldwide mobsters is another, whether they’re from NY, NJ, Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan, or wherever else…somehow, “idiot” doesn’t fill the bill… Bannon wants to deconstruct, essentially, America. That he’s not the focus of any media person doesn’t mean he’s out of the picture and no longer a big influence on Orange.

Wereflea, doesn’t this garbage wear you out?


But What If He’s Not an Idiot?
… well… not to worry … the American people are idiots and their rulers are predatory psychopaths. No less that DT.


I wore out years ago but it just goes on and on! Lol

Actually at this point in time I am very much engaged in this garbage since Trump is stunningly entertaining as a rightwing boob out of his element and unraveling as we speak. Trump’s adventures in incompetency fascinate me. It is just week after week in a steady progression of mistakes, attempted corrections, attempts at re-correcting those corrections that make them even worse and so forth. It would make for an interesting TV show (sort of like the ‘apprentice got himself fired’) except that this gross and often crude person can trigger a nuclear war on a whim which puts a damper on the pleasures of watching him deconstruct in front of our eyes.

Nevertheless, it is without doubt the most unexpected presidency of my life. Watergate was a comeuppance but Trump is bizzaro world in action.

Btw… Trump inherited great wealth. He learned one big lesson in life early on. Hire competent people and they will save your ass when you make a blunder. Trump’s one skill is as a promoter of Trump. He was never a big brain and up until recently, he never pretended to be. He is rich and loves being the center of attention. However his being rich is often at the expense of others. You assume that because Trump has long had shady connections that he must be an intellect to survive the association. Not really. Trump makes sure that he is profitable for them and they have no problem with that. It isn’t genius on his part. It is always having his projects go way over budget. He guarantees them the cream and they ‘have an arrangement’.

Prior to becoming president, Trump’s associates, advisors, lawyers and accountants kept Trump making money and that made them money.

Trump is truly like the medieval Prince who lives in a sumptuous palace but who needs his Grand Vizier to actually run things in the country. Keep your eye on Kushner who has become the architect of oligarchy by being the real deal maker (he has the intellect) that Trump only promotes (he has the ego and the big mouth)!


The really rich guys do not hurt each other. I know things were dicey among the shifting alliances of oligarch/gangsters but Putin stabilized that situation. I think Trump admires that Putin straightened things out and things settled down (Russian style that is). Trump sees the oligarchy that has been created in Russia and would like something similar where billionaires control things.

As we see, Trump has little use for democracy. In America, really rich people cooperate and rarely attempt to hurt each other. Why should they…they are ‘legit’.

Trump believes in oligarchy.