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Buttigieg Confirms Status as 'Austerity Candidate' With Call for Democrats to Prioritize Reducing Deficit

I am not so sure this is a misstep by Mayor Pete.

He knows that the voters of New Hampshire are basically Fiscal Conservatives and want their Politicians to be Parsimonious with their Tax Dollars and Balance the Federal Budget.

He is trying to show the voters of NH that he will be cautious with their Money, while trying to paint Bernie as a “typical” reckless out of control Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat.

While we Progressives think that Austerity Pete is sending a signal to his Big Donors that he would be open to cutting vital Social Programs if it will help to Balance the Budget.

This is not a mistake on Mayor Pete’s part but a deliberate attempt to placate the Conservative Voters of NH and his Billionaire Donors by showing them that he is not a Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat.

Of course we Progressives know that Republicans and the Elite Class think it is okay to put the Nation into debt if the money is going to Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and being spent on profitable Wars that enrich Stock Holders invested in the Military Industrial Complex.

Obviously Mayor Pete is a Phony and already a Puppet for his Bribers, this is apparent when you realize that a short time ago he supported Medicare For All and the elimination of For Profit Private Health Care Insurance Companies, until they started Bribing him to be against Medicare For All.

This Guy is going to rack up more Lies than the Don before the Primaries are over.



I “used the Google” (quack! quack!) to search for “Buttigieg deficit Democrats”. Several of the hits showed that the Mayo has been talking about the deficit for a few months, and he even used the same words that he’s using now.

Pete has been the austerity candidate for a while, but it got little attention until now.

This may mean only that the headline should say “Re-confirms”.

Yup, and yup.

And it is time to quit paying off the republicans overdrawn credit card.

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Run like hell when he starts saying, “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

I agree that open primaries allow chicanery, but your comment induced me to do some research. New Hampshire has a “semi-open” primary. Party members can vote in only their party’s primary, but unaffiliated voters can vote in either party’s primary. (Source: Wikipedia, “New Hampshire primary”) In addition, unaffiliated voters are 41% of the NH electorate. This suggests that the NH primary will be a good test of the candidates’ ability to attract the unaffiliated and stay-at-homers whose participation level often determines an election’s outcome.

New Hampshire registration as of Feb. 4, 2020 (Source: ~https://sos.nh.gov/NamesHistory.aspx):

D: 276,385
R: 288,464
Undeclared: 415,871
Chicanos: not reported (which makes chicanery harder to detect)

Changes in the past 30 and 90 days were less than 0.5%. Republicans dropped by ~1500, and Undeclared rose by ~2500 since Oct. 31. When Bernie wins by >0.5%, it will be a clear win, not attributable to Republican cross-overs. The last day for changing party registration was Oct. 25, 2019.

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Undeclared or N/A ( Non-Affiliated ) have until when in New Hampshire to re-register as Democrats? Is it a month, a week?

The last day for changing party registration was Oct. 25, 2019. (That’s the last sentence of my comment.) Source: ~https://sos.nh.gov/VotePartyPrimFAQ.aspx

So, the Undeclared have to become Democrats about 95-96 days before the primary to vote for their Democratic POTUS preference. Got it.

Not quite!

Democrats and Undeclared can vote in the Democratic primary tomorrow.

Republicans cannot vote in the Democratic primary tomorrow.

For a Republican to vote in the Democratic primary tomorrow, he or she would have had to re-register as either a Democrat or as an Undeclared by Oct. 25, 2019.

Here’s another way to say it:

  1. Republicans can vote only in the Republican primary.
  2. Democrats can vote only in the Democratic primary.
  3. Undeclared can vote in either primary.
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Sorry about the trick question. I made 2 obvious errors in my reply, since corrected. In Oregon you have to declare 21 days, in advance of the closed primary, a change in your registration to vote.
Unless, you’re a registered Democrat already.
I see a lot of room for shenanigans in the New Hampshire primary when it’s same-day registration.

Same-day registration does make some shenanigans possible, and New Hampshire has same-day registration.

Total voter registration is 980,720, and the voting-age population is about 1,035,684 (Source: ~https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/visualizations/2016/comm/citizen_voting_age_pop/cb160-tps148_nh.jpg) Ninety-five point six percent of the population is registered to vote.

My guess is that the remaining 5.4% are truly uninterested in politics or they are unable to register - nursing home residents, for example. My second guess is that the most devious of the hard-core Republicans, the ones who might like to do shenanigans, are already registered in that party. Republican shenanigans are possible, but not likely to be anywhere near significant.

The only group left to blame for shenanigans will be the DP establishment.

Trump knows that his re-election chances increase if the economy grows, and the economy can grow only if the money supply grows.

That’s the reason why Trump pushes record federal deficits.

Butt should know this and he’s fooling himself and the USA population if he believes austerity is the answer.

Reduced federal debt growth leads to recessions. Increased federal debt growth cures recessions. Depressions come on the heels of federal surpluses, because federal surpluses take growth dollars out of the economy. A growing economy requires a growing supply of money. Federal deficits grow the money supply and the economy.

The federal government, being Monetarily Sovereign has the unlimited ability to create dollars.The government never unintentionally can run short of dollars. Printing money does not cause inflations. The reverse is true. The printing of money results from inflations.
The cause of inflations — a general increase in prices — is shortages, generally scarcities of energy and/or food. Scarcity causes prices to rise, and widespread scarcities of food and/or oil, cause widespread price increases. Federal deficit spending actually can prevent or cure inflations, if the spending cures the shortages.

The purpose of federal debt (US Treasury Securities) is not to obtain spending dollars for the federal government (which has unlimited access to dollars) but rather to:

  1. Provide a safe place to stash unused dollars, which helps stabilize the dollar, and
  2. To assist the Fed in controlling interest rates.

These T-securities are paid off every day simply by returning the dollars that were deposited in the accounts. This is no burden on the government or on future taxpayers.

Steve –

You’re saying that the DEBT is no burden on the public?

There is no “stabilizing” the dollar which is a 100% fantasy now as it is backed by NOTHING.

Additionally, the Congress – USHR and Senate – continue to surrender their responsibilities
to private interests like the FED – as they do not want to debate setting interest rates on
the floor of the House or Senate and be held responsible for their positions.

The Fed is a private Bank – the third one – the previous two overturned.
It’s enslaving us a to debt and has reduced the value of the dollar from the time it was
created (1913) to 19 cents.

The Fed has also taken on another responsibility that is the responsibility of our Congress –
deciding on employment rates in the US. The Federal Reserve has not supported full
employment in the US for decades.

Citizens create our economies which are then manipulated by our banks, financial institutions
and international financial institutions for the benefit of Elites/wealthy.

STEALING from the public is easy when our institutions are shams and aiding the thieves.

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We have spent the better part of the last 40 years with austerity, aka Neo-liberal economics. This does for me with Buttigieg. He is establishment light, and I am done with the “moderates”. Bernie or Bust!

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We DO need to reduce our debt. But there’s a right way and a wrong way.

First, the problem. Every dollar spent paying interest on the debt is a dollar not spent on the American people.

Having this over $20 trillion debt, growing by more than a trillion every year, is a way to guarantee Republican priorities of HAVING to slash spending on social programs.

We need to reduce the debt with two key approaches: by cutting the massive corrupt waste of military contractor spending, and by taxing the rich people and corporations a lot more.

That’s why every year, the Progressive Caucus budget balances the budget faster than either the Democrats’ or Republicans’ budgets. We don’t need Pete’s way, we need Bernie’s.