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Buttigieg Goes for Big Bucks as NYT Oversells His Small-Donor Support

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/03/buttigieg-goes-big-bucks-nyt-oversells-his-small-donor-support

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If the right wind Democrat political power brokers can’t get Biden, they’ll settle for Buttigieg. Buttigieg has already made clear that he is a proud capitalist, loyal to US imperialist war mongering, is unwilling to stand up to racist police, and will promote an ‘opt in’ medical for all program which will ensure private insurance and pharmaceutical companies can maintain high profits.


Buttigieg is every bit the corporate tool as Biden and Booker and Klobuchar.

And the entire d-party is controlled by phony progressives – or those who don’t even hide the fact that they’re DINOs – like Mayor Pete.


Or Klobuchar, Gillibrand, Booker … Name any other one in the 25? person field. The only two I trust are Sanders and Warren.

War-Warren? No way.

She is sitting on a war chest of corporate money and is clear she’ll take as much as they”ll shovel her way if she’s the nominee.

Gabbard is the other candidate besides Bernie not taking any corporate money.


See the video to Jimmy Dore and his conclusions on Elizabeth Warren. He concludes that if Ms Warren elected President you are NOT getting Medicare for all. I agree with his take on this.


There something more than a little obvious that goes on with how Tulsi Gabbard being ignored by the media.

The Media feels it can attack Bernie Sanders on a number of issues. They use his age against him. They use the fact he is white and a male against him. They link him continuously to Socialism which still has negative connotations among many in the electorate of the USA. They feel by attacking him from these angles they can discredit his policies.

Tulsi is a different story. She is young. She is obviously a woman. She is a person representing a minority group. She served in the Military which is still a sacred cow. They can not find enough in the way of traction to malign her character thus discrediting her message so have chosen to ignore her completely. It is as if she does not exist.

They give much more exposure to Warren and Kamala Harris and it tends to be positive exposure. That should be the signal to the American people that these two Candidates are to be avoided given the Media is firmly on board with Militarism , The Corporations and the interests of the 1 percent.


Another example of the corpress abetting the climate for democratic diminution, then reporting as though that mise en scène was the natural order.

And just what does “educated” mean, and is its opposite “ignorant”?

…and I hate to say it, but…

The job of smearing Tulsi has been left to faux-progressives like The Young Turks and those who want to be part of The Young Turks.

The result is that even one of the commenters here thinks they can’t trust Tulsi. I don’t understand. Why anyone would trust War-Warren but not Tulsi. War-Warren was the one not supporting Bernie in 2016 while Tulsi was the one who quit the DNC to call them out on their bias and so she could support Bernie.


I hope you aren’t thinking of me. I trust her even though I wanted a different defense of Medicare for All in the debate. I’ve probably heard more hours of her talking (Rogan, Dore, her youtube channel) than any other candidate and I think she would be an amazing president and I buy the argument that in some ways she has a better chance of winning in the general than Bernie does. I don’t see her winning the primary just yet - but maybe things will change. That #1 google search fact was kind of interesting. And several conservatives at my work like her.

I wasn’t thinking of you. This person didn’t imply it. He or she just out and out said, “I don’t trust Tulsi.” It was someone whose screen name didn’t ring a bell with me.

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Tulsi Gabbard has my support and my limited dollars.

It is not to early for a yard sign to give her some name recognition in my neck of the desert.

ie the neighborhood kids sometimes ask me who that is and so I give my take and try to get them to think.

I think he is simply desperate. You can’t win without the big money. Many candidates started without much lead time to set up a donation base. Mayor Pete is just getting it where he can.

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The game is rigged.
They won’t give Bernie a chance.