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Buttigieg's Small-Dollar Contest Seen as 'Cynical Ploy' to Lower Average Donation Amount

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/26/buttigiegs-small-dollar-contest-seen-cynical-ploy-lower-average-donation-amount

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I agree with Jordan Uhl, “what a fu$king Joke”. Over and over again, this guy pulls this crap. Discusting.



Oh Booty, you came and they gave and you’ve taken, now please go away.
(with apologies to Barry Manilow)


From the article:

“It’s just kind of mind-blowing that they would be this dishonest.”
–Jeff Hauser, A Guy Who Needs to Get Out More.


Petey is a Judas Goat. End of story

A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.


The only thing transparent here is that Buttigieg cut his teeth at McKinsey.


The definition of a flim flam man.


No one who understands math gives a fuck about average donation amount. I blame the Sanders campaign for pushing this math illiteracy as well - trumpeting how many unique donations instead of the number of unique donors. A bunch of small donations is also a dumb way to give to a campaign (it’s fine to spread to multiple campaigns and I encourage people to give to many promising progressive candidates for the house). But for Bernie try to figure out what you are comfortable giving over multiple months if not the entire primary and send him a check - that will result in the lowest amount of money sucked away by leeches.

All I care about donations is the histogram of people and how much each has donated in total - anything else is useless distraction.


Me too. I also need to get out more. But nobody (not even legendary Lily) can keep up with this stuff. I think we need to start tracking brazen incidents to evaluate nominees for the Bad Optics (brass) oscar. My personal favorite, so far, is Bloomberg contracting with prison slave labor for campaign calls (I hope those calls were monitored).


Dont you wonder how they are going to fake the number of ‘donations’

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Look at it this way. Small amount donations are the closet thing to the ballot box. Stop looking at surveys and polls. People who send money have taken a tangible and concrete action and the practice of doing many times will make it easier to mark the ballot in November.


What really counts is that Sanders is THE ONLY declared candidate for POTUS (so far, the Greens and other third parties are yet to be heard from) who has taken NO donations from billionaires, period. Even Warren has taken money from at least one or two.


I am complaining about the fact that Joe sending $5 in October and $20 in November isn’t just treated as one donor at $25. If you don’t see the issue, you are demonstrating why I’m so frustrated. Mathematical literacy is the most important literacy and the US ranking on this is not so great. Bernie should never have trumpeted number of donations - only number of donors (and I’m very pro Bernie overall).


The guy is pure greasy political SCUM and anyone supporting him is bottom-line STOOPID!


I agree with your histogram idea.

The criterion for winning is unclear. The campaign’s tweet says that the contest ends when “we find an amount donated exactly once, and that’s our winner.” I read that as meaning one donation, regardless of any other donations made by that donor. Bill Yunnaire could donate 57 cents today and $2,799.33 tomorrow, and if no one else made a single donation of 57 cents, Bill would win. Mayo Pete could then make the utterly meaningless boast that the lowest donation to his campaign was 57 cents.

If they mean “the smallest total amount donated by one person”, they should have used those words, but they didn’t.

Maybe the Mayo’s campaign is as bad at writing as they are at arithmetic.

MY preference: Bad optics (TURD) Oscar.

man, this guy really is crap


OR a classic, cookie-cutter politician.


Sorry, dara, but I just don’t see your point as that important.
I do understand what you are saying but numbers are important; how they are USED is even MORE important. (See “spin” in the political dictionary.)


You are being VERY kind, joes2011.

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